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Before Jetting Off Again

I have been extremely bad at staying in Portland over the last few weeks, and it isn’t going to improve. Since I hadn’t seen so many of my friends lately I had people over so we could hang out and catch up before I fly away again.


Hill Farmstead Brother Soigne: This bottle is a year and a half old, and I think it’s in its prime right now. Super clean, but the tartness has developed a little bit more. One of my favorites from HF.


Upright Old Tom Blend: Only 1 of 60ish bottles, and it is absolutely fantastic. Like Special Herbs without the spice, but with the gin finish turned up to 11. I’m a huge fan of this beer and it was definitely one of the best beers of the night.


Fanta Flora Blen F’n Diculous #3: Pretty good, maybe a little too sour, but good effort from Fanta Flora. Note: improve your damn spelling next time.


Central Waters Eighteen: This beer is really good. Boozy as is typical with Central Waters’ big stouts, but it isn’t thin like their beers. IT HAS VISCOSITY! YESSSSSS. Chocolate, coffee, and barrel.


Dark Horse Bourbon Barrel Plead the 5th: REALLY GOOD MMMM ROASTY!


Drie Fonteinen Straffe Winter: I don’t like faro beers, but this was actually decent. That being said, a regular lambic this old would have been out of this world, whereas this one was merely moderately tasty. Listen Drie Fonteinen, I’m really happy you stopped bottling faro beers.


de Garde Imperial Apricot Bu b1: One of the big boys, batch 1 Imperial Apricot Bu. At this age, it tastes like straight fou foune (a fresh bottle). Tons of apricots are still present here, and the funk that has developed over the last three years has kind of brought this in line with a super fresh bottle of lambic. So what I said about stone fruit beers from de Garde and how they don’t age? This is the big exception to the rule.

Timbers win the MLS championship! Also known as the day my liver died.

IMAG1540 IMAG1541 IMG_2522

Yep, celebration beer! 6L St. Bernardus Abt 12, there was also a 3L Chimay Blue floating around somewhere….Doesn’t matter, it could have been horse piss and I still would have been happy. WE FUCKING WON THE CUP!

But that’s not all. We had to do this in classic beer geek fashion, by opening all the beer.


Dangerously tasty and light for 10.4%…..this must be a sign of things to come.


Cloudberry lambic? Yep, I’ll take one of those please.


Let’s just cradle all the things, because no fucks are given.


Ah, the classic standby


Wut, getting really eccentric with this beer right here. Brekeriet Rye Whiskey Sour. It was really good, reminded me of the peated lambic from h.ertie.


Just a summary of things that have happened.


BABY CRADLE! Also, did not read this Walt Whitman book.


Regular BCBS infused with coffee or legit BCBCS? BCBS, almost unanimously.


Something lambic cherries.


Batch 5 Flora, absolutely killing it right now. I should have drank more of that fizzy water in the upper left hand corner. Things are getting kind of grey around the edges.


So I’ll just keep going, I like the slow increase in the number of glasses hanging out on the table.


Not sure when I migrated over to the coffee table….but the beer was still good.



We also opened these, and a few other beers that I forgot to photograph… the most important ones. Whoops!

IMAG1555 IMAG1560 IMAG1558 IMAG1557 IMAG1556


Final damage, my cat did not approve of our antics.

Tigard Boulder Rally

Had some climbing friends over to watch the Tigard Boulder Rally. It was easier to see the actual climbing by watching the livestream of the event instead of going there to watch it in person. Also, beer is waaaaaaaay better at my place.


But first, gotta build a drinking substrate. Cellarman is doing well, definitely got drier and more bitter since I had a fresh bottle.


Other Half Brewing Amarillo: Still just as tasty as ever, and it was my last can 😦


Block 15 Sticky Hands: Cans come out this week! That meant I could kill the crowler with no remorse, only happy thoughts.


de Garde Belle Ensemble: Really, really tasty. It’s only improving with age, with a nice funk backing up the bright tartness that was present way back in the day.


Russian River Beatification b5: Best batch of Beatification is no slouch, and while it’s cleaner and brighter than Belle Ensemble, I prefer the heavier malt backbone of Belle Ensemble more. We were split 50/50 on the issue.


It is impossible to have too much Brother Soigne, impossible.



Timbers vs Sounders

We won 4-1!!!! Fuck Seattle!


Pre-game beers don’t really get any better than this. Perfect for the really, really hot weather.


Hill Farmstead Daybreak: This beer is only getting better, I’m really sad this is gone. The Grand Mariner barrels have really started to shine through, and this beer finishes super dry with some slight bitterness. Pretty much perfect.


Drie Fonteinen Armand & Tommy: This beer is extraordinary, but I still don’t see how this beer is considered to be more desirable than the Armand ‘4 Seasons. This might be as good or slightly better than Winter, but the other 3 Seasons crush it. Opens bright and tart, followed by grassy, musky earthiness, like walking among a bunch of hay bales. A++

Binge weekend

There was a lot of drinking this weekend. Here’s some stuff that happened:


Hill Farmstead Brother Soigne: Very delicious, but that batch 1 bottle still lingers at the back of my mind.


Cantillon Lou Pepe Kriek: 2014 cork date bottles are ridiculously fruity. Everyone else preferred the fresh bottle to older bottles that we’ve had in the past, but I’m a big fan of this beer with a few years on it.

An excuse to drink? Okay!

My friend is getting married soon, and most of his friends aren’t beer geeks/kind of suck, so we drank without them 🙂



Hill Farmstead Brother Soigne b1: So this beer is a couple years old now, and it’s the best bottle I’ve ever had. As much as I like Brother Soigne fresh, it might just be better with more age to it. More tart, and more lingering sweetness on the end, with some nicely developed funk as well. A+


We may have played this Neutral Milk Hotel song a few times while drinking this beer.


Cantillon 5oN4E: This beer is aging really well too. Nice cantillon classic gueuze flavors up front, with some really delicate barrel and sweetness on the finish. One of the more nuanced beers from Cantillon that I’ve had. One thing to note though, carbonation was pretty low on my bottle, but I’ve experienced more carbonation in other bottles in the past. Good thing the carbonation level didn’t bother me at all! A+


De Garde Petit Lee: Insert joke about how I’m a short Asian here.


Block 15 Sticky Hands: Great beer as always, and as always I’m still waiting for Sticky Cans.


Hill Farmstead Flora b5: My favorite batch of Flora, but as Flora tends to fall off as it gets older, I better start drinking my bottles quickly! This bottle was still great, and would have been the best beer of the night if 50N4E wasn’t there to rain on its parade! A+


Why do we always open high ABV beers towards the end?! WHY?!!!!!


De Garde Citra Hose: This beer tastes like mangosteens. WHICH IS AMAZING.


FUUUUUUUCK. Marshmallows.


De Garde Cherry Rum Bu: I had this beer when it first came out, and there was no rum to be found. However, I’m happy to say that a year later there is rum! A gentle rum-flavored sweetness is hanging out on the finish of this beer. This beer matched our unnaturally warm weather really well. A

Movie Night

Watched Interstellar and Dark Knight the other day while crushing some delicious beers.


Lawson’s Sip of Sunshine: Very tasty, with lots of citrus up front.


Hill Farmstead Flora Blue/Black: Apparently this beer suffers from some bottle variation, which has resulted in some bottles being really not good. Luckily for me, my bottle was tasty! Fruit presence is mild, but I think that is a by-product of just drinking a lot of De Garde. Finish is a little goofy, but overall a great beer. That being said, regular Flora is way better.


This Treehouse beer was delicious.


IPA beer is IPA-ey.


Apparently I can’t take photos in focus.


Central Waters Bourbon Barrel Barleywine: A little boozy, but very tasty with lots of caramel and toffee.


Troegs Barrel Aged Flying Mouflan: This is one of the best smelling beers in existence. It is also a really good barleywine, I would place it just behind Bourbon County Barleywine in terms of deliciousness.


Hill Farmstead Brother Soigne: Palate Cleanser!


Pelican Mother of All Storms: This beer is really underrated. It’s one of the best barleywines being made today.


Goose Island King Henry: Well, shit. Really fantastic beer, but Mother of All Storms was just a tad bit better than this particular bottle of King Henry. This was a recent acquisition by a buddy, so we really don’t know how this bottle was stored for the last 4 years. My guess is someone’s smelly closet.


Best beer of the night. Also crushed my liver.

Oh hey there.

Two box day, all from the same brewery!


Cute little box of tasty things, can’t wait to have this year’s version.


Da fuq.

That’s it for Oregon

Last night was Oregon’s best chance at a winning a title game for years. Unfortunately, they had to play against a team that looked like a bunch of Uruk-Hai led by an enormous quarterback, who, after shrugging of Oregon linebackers over and over again, started to remind me a lot of this guy:


Anyways, a bunch of beer was consumed, some of it in happiness when Oregon scored, and most of it in sadness and Elliot and Jones proceeded to march through the Oregon defense.

New Glarus Cranbic: Way sweeter than I expected. Want moar sour.


De Garde Currant Gin Bu: Moar sourness achieved!


Hill Farmstead Brother Soigne: Still one of HF’s best saisons, regardless of price.


Surly Pentagram: 6.66% ABV? They totally didn’t water down this beer to get to that ABV.


Sante Adairius Cask 200: I would say this beer is better than Arthur by a hair, but Brother Soigne takes it. I’ll just have to get more bottles of this to really decide.


De Garde The Boysen: Stupid good. Jammy and funky. I look forward to more De Garde sours that have spent more time in the barrels than their berliners.


Commons Creme de Peche: Less peach than I anticipated, but my mouth is also ruined at this point. Also, my happiness and hopes of Oregon winning against OSU were also ruined at this point.


Lost Abbey Duck Duck Gooze: Defeat beer.


Upright Fantasia: One defeat beer wasn’t enough, we needed two.


Bed time.

Bachelor Party Bottleshare

My friend’s bachelor party included a small bottleshare before doing the rest of our shenanigans that I will not post photos of…mainly because I was apocalyptically drunk.


De Garde Black Raz Bu: ON DRAFT BITCHES!!!!! I drank about 48oz of this sucker. A+


Cantillon Fou Foune 2011: So much better than 2013. Just as fruity, but way more sour and more funk! A+


De Garde Cran Bu: This is batch 1, and it go way more delicate than when it first came out. Makes me sad that all my bottles are gone. A


Cantillon Rose de Gambrinus 2011: This was really good too. Much less sour than other bottles I’ve drank in the past, and with way more fruit presence. A+


Drie Fonteinen Oude Geuze Vintage 2006 and 2007: Left was OGV 2006 and OGV 2007 was on the right. 2006 was awful, something must have happened to the cork at some point. 2007 was really good though!


Hill Farmstead Brother Soigne: Soooo gooood!


Sante Adairius Cask Cherry: This is very good, but not as much cherries as I was expecting. A