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Pre-De Garde Bottleshare

Yep, we do this because we are crazy.


And because some friends flew/drove into town for the release.


I showed up late, but there was still plenty to drink!

Upright Blend Love: This was the newest batch, and was pretty impressive. Less sour than I remember, but more jammy. A-


Block 15 Petite Verdot: I had no idea that people still had these! The grape juice quality that this beer had is fading, but it is picking up some nice funk in exchange. Still fantastic, but I would have drank this one sooner rather than later. A-


Upright 5th Anniversary Saison: Not as sour as I was expecting, but there is some nice gin character here. Too bad I can’t taste the apricot that’s supposed to be in this beer. This is kind of like a very light Special Herbs. Good, but could be better. B+/A-


Upright Barrel Aged Seven: God this beer is delicious, and smells like cheese. Mild tartness with grassy, bretty, cheesiness. A


Ithaca Brute: I think this is the best beer that Ithaca makes. Beautiful carbonation with a light sourness that finishes bone dry. This is the champagne of beers, not god damn Miller Lite. A-/A


Ale Apothecary El Cuatro: Okay, so this one is very champagne-like as well….but way overcarbed in my opinion. I think the new batch of El Cuatro is better surprisingly, mainly due to carbonation levels. A-


Rare Barrel Happy Place: Happy indeed! This beer is good! Reminds me a lot of Common’s Eidolon, which is a great thing. My first Rare Barrel experience….Solid! A-


De Garde Blu Bu: Yep, still my favorite blueberry sour, excluding that freak show of a beer that was 2009 Blabaer. A+


Drie Fonteinen Oude Geuze Vintage St. Valentijn Cuvee: Synthetic cork?! WHAAAAAA? No matter, this beer is still really delicious, with some mushrooms, cheese rind, and traditional Drie Fonteinen funk. Definitely lighter in carbonation than I’m used to, but that’s okay. Excellent example of a Geuze. A+

Then I went home.


Drank this fucker as well. Still the best Upright beer ever made!

Wait, we’re opening bottles again?!

So after one bottle share we went to go check out a friend’s cellar that was just finished and to watch the Ravens/Pats game. Moar bottles were opened. God I live a healthy lifestyle!


I want that in my life. One day….


Cigar City Double Barrel Zhukov: Very low in carbonation, but really damn good nonetheless. A


It’s a shitty barrel aged lager. Fuckin’ lager! D+


Upright Blend Love: Fruit is faded a bit, but still there while the tartness had been kicked up 3 notches. Might only be $12 a bottle, but was still one of the best bottles of the day. A


Ithaca Lebleu 2010 and 2012: I preferred the original bottle, which is the one that has a blue smurf dildo in front of it. Both tasty, but I think Cascade Blueberry is superior. B/B+


Russian River Temptation batch #4: Whoever says this beer is bad is an idiot. A


Honestly I don’t remember what I thought of this one…must have poured it out.


Dieu du Ciel: Equinoxe du Printemps: Carbonated alcoholic maple syrup. Recommended with breakfast. B+


Ithaca Brute: Tasty, a little overcarbed, but nothing a little swirl of the glass can’t fix! B+/A-


Mystic Vinland: NOPE. C-


Dark Horse Monster 29 and Barrel Aged Monster 29: Very similar, but the regular Monster has this weird metallic aftertaste that the barrel version doesn’t have. Note: Stick with BA Monster.

More tastings!

The beer geeks assembled for another tasting earlier on Sunday. No theme was really going, so people just brought some stuff they wanted to try while we relaxed and watched the Timbers game at BeerMongers.

We weren’t in full force today, but still a pretty lineup!

Three Floyds Zombie Dust: Always a delicious beer. Low alcohol, nice hop presence, and super crisp and refreshing. Everything a person could want out of a session beer!

Weyerbacher Rapture: A sour beer that comes with absolutely no information on the bottle. All it says is “American Wild Ale”. Okay, but what the hell does that mean?! What style of beer was this before it was soured? What was it soured on or in? How long did it sit in said barrels? I’m just going to make it up. It was originally a hefeweizen that was back fermented on lacto in macaroni and cheese barrels for 2 months.

In all seriousness though, not a bad sour at all. I went to school in PA and really didn’t like anything the Pennsylvanian brewery had to offer. Now I come back to the west coast and I find something I like. Awesome.

Ithaca Brute: Really tasty sour, I understand where all the hype comes from now. Nice level of sourness, and you can tell that champagne yeast was used due to the mouthfeel and the fine level of carbonation.

Mystic Saison with Sauvignon Blanc: Really damn good. Nice and light like a saison, with huge white wine grape notes without being overly fruity. I don’t usually like white wine ingredients in beer, but this is the exception to the rule. One of the best beers of the day I think. A-

Mystic Saison (winter?): This beer wasn’t nearly as good, I don’t think we finished this bottle at the end of the day. Just paled in comparison to its brother. B-

New England Imperial Stout Trooper: Okay, this beer is really good, very similar to Cigar City’s Marshal Zhukov. A- beer. BUT. This label is amazing! I don’t buy beer according to label art, because that’s just asking to get screwed. However, this beer’s label is so amazing that I would probably buy 6 bombers purely based on how epic the label is. Oh yeah, it’s chocolatey and roasted with a bit of coffee on the finish. 🙂

Highwater Old & in the Way Buffalo Trace: This barleywine had some notes of caramel and malts typical of a barleywine, but the whole experience was dominated by the strength of the bourbon in this beer. Super boozy with tons of bourbon presence. This beer was an aspiring bourbon in high school, but dropped out and decided to try its hand at beer instead. B-

Bruery Black Tuesday: This beer is huge. 18.3% huge. It is a sweet, chocolatey, boozy mess, and it’s delicious. I think this is good for a 9% stout, but considering the strength of this beer, it’s absolutely ridiculous. A

Deschutes Dissident 2010: This beer was pretty good before, and now it’s really awesome. Tart and funky with a dry finish. Quite complex to boot with the little bits of cherry flavor that makes itself known towards the end. A-/A

Foothills Barrel-Aged Sexual Chocolate: Might be my favorite beer of the day, just the right amount of wood, smoke, and bourbon from the barrels to go along with the huge chocolate flavor in the beer. Not really complex, but the flavors here all hit the right note.

Once again, fantastic tasting. I love hanging out with the guys while simply enjoying a bunch of brews from across the country and just shooting the breeze. Can’t wait for the next tasting. Theme will be “maple beers”!.