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Friday Nights at Growler Guys


Whoever the hell made this is one fantastic homebrewer. This is the best homebrew I’ve ever had.


de Garde Bu Rice: Still tasty, but I think it’s falling off right now purely due to how sour this beer has gotten since it was released.


de Garde 3rd Anniversary: While Bu Rice deteriorated over time, this beer is getting better. Mmmm.


Upright Heart’s Beat: Here’s another beer that’s improving! Before it wasn’t sour or funky enough, but now the huge cherry bomb is starting to develop some other characteristics. This could easily go a few more years.


Sante Adairius Southern Sunrise: My favorite beer of the evening, and while I think apricots are a better fruit to use in beer than peaches, this beer is easily better than West Ashley in my opinion.


Alesmith Barrel Aged Vietnamese Coffee Speedway: God damn that’s a long name to type out. Whatever, this beer is fantastic. On the other hand, I still think my favorite Speedway variant is just normal Vietnamese Coffee.


Also, don’t spill beer. You might just have to zamboni it.

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Block 15 Super Nebula Breakfast with Woodford & Double Chocolate Vanilla Bean: Woodford is way better. The end.

Free Solo


I think that’s what you call drinking a big beer by yourself? That whole climbing thing without a rope isn’t nearly as interesting or impressive right? Anyways, de Garde Bu Rice is a great beer and still tastes like a diet version of Special Herbs with a bit more acidity.

Wrapping up the weekend

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de Garde lightning strike

Made a quick trip to de Garde to try and get some magnums. This was a while back, I’ve been a bad person, and I feel bad.


de Garde Bu Rice: This tastes like a thinner, more acidic version of Upright’s Special Herbs. Really freaking good.


de Garde The Purple: Also very tasty, but I think this beer pales in comparison to The Peach. This beer needs time to gain complexity, a lot of time.