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Captain Beefheart


This is a collaboration brew between Upright and Burnside Brewing. It’s a scotch ale that has been made with basil leaves and grilled beef hearts. I personally can’t taste any heart in the beer, but it does smell awesome and has a slightly mineraly taste to it. Pretty good considering that this beer is essentially carbonated soup! B

Guest Review – Burnside Sweet Heat

I sent my buddy over in dirty jerz some beer to help him recover from Sandy and the jerz in general. He’s much more enthusiastic about beer reviewing than I am, and isn’t the jaded beer asshole that cushy Portland living turned me into.


I opened my own bottle of Sweet Heat, so this is my photo…

Burnside Brewing Sweet Heat Review: 1pint, 6 fl. Ounce bottle—served in a tulip
A: Hazy orange color, light lacing on the edges and a fat orange head that dissipates quickly into a thin circle in the center of the glass.

S: At first it smells like a wheaty fruity beer, then a nose full of rich spicy pepper is the first sign that something different is going on here. Smell is mostly of the apricot and pepper which it is named for.

T: Apricot right up front, not overpowering, but the clear first flavor. The heat sets in slowly, at first just a little pepper flavor on the tip of my tongue then spreading throughout after I swallow. Another sip and I appreciate the apricot even more. Then comes the pepper, giving me a slight burning on my lips and throat I associate with spicy food.

M: A thin beer, with high carbonation that is necessary to lift the fruit flavors and dull the pepper burn in a well balanced way.

O: Not like anything I have had before. The more I drink of it the more the pepper flavor builds. The beer is almost a paradox of flavors: As my mouth burns, I take another sip. The new sip dulls the burn with the sweet and rich fruit flavor and for a second I forget about the pepper. Then the pepper sets in, deliciously hot after the fruit. This pepper burn then causes me to take another sip to be relieved with the sweet apricot flavor. I have never had a beer that was so well balanced for having such opposing flavors. You definitely have to be in the mood for this beer, and be aware of what you are getting yourself into, but if you like spicy foods, this beer is perfect for you. I personally like spicy food and therefore could drink a lot of this.

Neptune’s Wrath…comes with alcohol

I went over to Burnside Brewing to try Neptune’s Wrath after work today to see if an oyster strong ale would taste more like oysters than some of the oyster stouts I’ve had.

Short answer: Yes. This beer tastes a bit like oysters and the ocean. Very boozy, but it is 10.8%, with some nice belgian yeast and malt notes. But you can get those flavors elsewhere with no problem. People are going to try this beer because they want some mollusc in their tasty beer. So in that regard, people that like oyster stouts should try this one if they can get the chance.

Cat-sitting is dangerous.

My friend recently went on a business trip, leaving me in charge of feeding her cat. Sure, why not, how hard can it possibly be? You walk in, feed the cat, clean the litter box, and pet it a few times before retreating to the comfort of my apartment.

Miss kitty had different ideas.

I sat down to pick up some puzzle pieces that this cat had decided to scatter around the room, and while doing so, the cat ran up to me, jumped on my lap, and bit me in the face. Naturally, I was kind of shocked at this unwarranted act of aggression. To make this better, while I was probably making a shocked/confused face, miss kitty decided to bite me on the nose again just to drive the point home that she was boss.

I got the hell out there and promptly had a beer. You would too if you just got your ass handed to you by a 7 pound cat.


Beer, better than neosporin.

Description: Burnside India Pale Ale has plenty of malt body and is thoroughly hopped with 6 varieties of the herbaceous perennial. Expect to taste notes of pine and grapefruit.

Beer: India Pale Ale

Brewery: Burnside Brewing

Style: IPA

ABV: 6.6%

Location: Portland, OR

Appearance: Amber/orange, I can’t really decide which one it is, but it is pretty extreme. Zero head.

Aroma: Hops with just a little malt.

Taste: Hops, not much else.

Mouthfeel: Medium-bodied with high carbonation

Drinkability: I want the oatmeal pale. Want.

Beer Advocate Grade: N/A

My Grade: B

Oatmeal in a non-stout beer?!

Sure. Fuck it. Why not?

Also, watching Moneyball as I write this review. Really, really good movie.

Unfiltered. Good start.

Description: Burnside Oatmeal Pale Ale is brewed with copious amounts of Crystal, Galena, and Fuggle hop varietals. This is a clean dry Pale Ale with low bitterness and lots of hop flavor. We have chosen to add 75 pounds of locally rolled oats to increase body and give our Pale a sweet creamy finish.

Beer: Oatmeal Pale Ale

Brewery: Burnside Brewing

Style: American Pale Ale

ABV: 5.6%

Location: Portland, OR

Appearance: Reddish amber with a half finger of head. Opaque due to the unfiltered nature of the beer.

Aroma: nice and piney. Little bit of citrus as well, but I don’t really notice it unless I think about it really hard while I smell it.

Taste: Really tasty. Nice hop profile, with some sweetness and roasted flavors provided by the malts.

Mouthfeel: Medium bodied with moderate carbonation. The oats used in the brewing process really give this beer a smoothness not typically seen in a pale ale.

Drinkability: Almost a perfect session beer in my opinion. Lots of flavor to keep things interesting, but not too much that it would destroy your taste buds. Refreshing and moderate alcohol content make it easy to drain a few bombers. I can’t wait to have this during the summer.

Beer Advocate Grade: N/A

My Grade: A-