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I’m getting pretty behind on these posts….

But anyways, one of my favorite beer bars, Tin Bucket, celebrated their anniversary a while back. Here are some photos!

Yep, that is an ice…..bucket.

Wait, what’s being poured through it?!

Cantillon magnums and orange juice. Geuzemosas, I should have known.

I am a happy boy. Not sure what I’m doing with my left hand, but just go with it.

And that’s about all I remember.

Arch Harder

Two weeks ago was Arch Bridge Taphouse’s 2nd anniversary, and it was a good one. Being located out in Oregon City makes it a bit of a hike from Portland, but the delicious beers at Arch Bridge tend to stay on draft for much longer than the higher trafficked bars in town.

Case in point: Fou Foune was on draft all day.

Fou Foune next to Fremont Rusty Nail. Saturdays are rough.

Really, really old de Garde! Trevor would be pissed if I had untappd and gave this a negative review. Honestly though, it’s still pretty good.

Wait, is that a de Garde magnum of The Purple?!

Aww yiss. Beer was absolutely fantastic too, getting nice and funky right now.

Geuze and Oysters – 4 years running

The gang gets together every year to do a big lambic tasting paired with an absurd amount of oysters. This year, 12 dozen oysters sacrificed themselves for our gluttony. If this was American Gods we would all be all-powerful right now.

Our basket game is pretty fucking strong right now.

Was not good.

This beer has aged really nicely, but I’m a little sad it doesn’t look hot pink anymore.

Barrel aged baltic porters are fantastic, breweries should do this more often.

Don’t put stupid fucking raspberries in beer….unless you’re Goose Island, then go ahead.

This was pretty good, but not nearly as epic as the name 🙂

Been a couple years since I’ve had Vera Mae, but it’s definitely one of the better Hill Farmstead’s saisons.

de Garde The Broken Truck No. 2: Very, very good, but lacks a little bit of complexity compared to the lambics that we had that day.

Cantillon Grand Cru Brucscella 2006: 2010 cork date? God damn Cantillon is weird with its naming schemes. It was the best Grand Cru bottle I’ve had, but I still don’t understand why some people rave about this beer when it is older.

A vertical of Cantillon Lou Pepe Kriek. The beers were surprisingly different year to year. I would rank the best ones as 2009, 2004, and 2011. 2009 was funky, tons of cherries, and a cherry pie character that the other bottles lacked. 2004 was incredibly funking but still had some fruit going on and had the best mouthfeel of the bunch. Then 2011 was delicious as always, but I’m not sure it’s worth aging at this point, it’s already so good!

Whew, seafood boil as a food break. My stomach greatly appreciated this.

Sooooo, all of these beers are absolutely absurd. In terms of rarer lambic, the Armand Seasons are some of the best, and are not actually that hard to trade for! I was the outlier in our group, but I ranked these four beers from best to least best: Lente, Herfst, Winter, and Zomer. It was all extremely close though, closer than the ranking has been in the past.


What a treat. Also, my friend’s face in the background is simply perfect.

Farewell Lambic

A close friend moved to the Bay Area recently, and it was only proper to send him off right.

Cantillon Lou Pepe Kriek 2012 & Drie Fonteinen Hommage 2013: These beers are actually the same age, being bottled in 2013. Hommage is all jam and funk, no bandaids to be found here like some unlucky bottles. Tons of raspberries too, especially for a beer that’s 4 years old. That being said, Lou Pepe Kriek is the better beer tonight. Not as much fruit, but way more funk and barrel while balancing those flavors with deep cherries and a cinnamon-esque finish. I really like Lou Pepe Kriek, but I’m not convinced that it’s a bottle you should drink fresh.

Chilling at de garde

20170115_124240 20170115_121717

Lucked into the 50N batch 3! Sadly, very little cognac.

Long Live the Mustache.



This mustache was 3 years old, so we had to celebrate its passing with a beer that was the same age. I guess 3 year old Cantillon Classic Gueuze is really tasty, but that’s not what this is about.


Rest in peace my friend.

Zwanze Day

I arrived at de Garde from Les Caves at about 12:30 to see a full parking lot full of bearded beer geeks. I should really try and grow a beard myself, but then I’d just look like a 15 year old opium dealer.


Oh, well that looks very tasty.


Cantillon Iris Grand Cru: First time having this beer, and I think I like regular Iris more?


de Garde Imperial Blu Bu: God damn this is tasty. Like pie.


Cantillon Zwanze 2016: I don’t get any vanilla in this beer, but it is very tasty nonetheless. Not as funky as I would have thought, might improve with some time.


de Garde Nectarine Premiere: Straight delicious, alcoholic, fruit juice. I may have blended some Classic Geuze into this… was awesome.


Cantillon Mammouche: I like this beer a lot, but it also meant that I had to walk around with this beer for an hour before drinking it so it could breathe and not taste like rotten leaves.


Shit, SCIENCE!!!!!


Cantillon Kriek: Absolutely fried palate at this point, so it tasted like beer. MMMMMM beer.


Look! It’s TREVOR!!!!!!!!! The man himself, and some Japanese tourist who looks very lost. I think he just wanted to ask for directions to Voodoo Donuts.