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2 box day

Nothing nothing nothing nothing, then boom! Two incredible boxes show up at my door. Let’s have a look at what’s inside!


SARA Lady in Grey, Jose Pimiento, Nonna’s Blend #9, Nonna’s Blend #8, Appreciation, West Ashley, and Cellarman.


Drie Fonteinen Oude Geuze and De Game Lambiek Special.

It’s a good day. Now time to clean up all the packing peanuts littering my floor.

Tigard Boulder Rally

Had some climbing friends over to watch the Tigard Boulder Rally. It was easier to see the actual climbing by watching the livestream of the event instead of going there to watch it in person. Also, beer is waaaaaaaay better at my place.


But first, gotta build a drinking substrate. Cellarman is doing well, definitely got drier and more bitter since I had a fresh bottle.


Other Half Brewing Amarillo: Still just as tasty as ever, and it was my last can 😦


Block 15 Sticky Hands: Cans come out this week! That meant I could kill the crowler with no remorse, only happy thoughts.


de Garde Belle Ensemble: Really, really tasty. It’s only improving with age, with a nice funk backing up the bright tartness that was present way back in the day.


Russian River Beatification b5: Best batch of Beatification is no slouch, and while it’s cleaner and brighter than Belle Ensemble, I prefer the heavier malt backbone of Belle Ensemble more. We were split 50/50 on the issue.


It is impossible to have too much Brother Soigne, impossible.



Oh, we’re not done yet.

So, we kept going.


Alpine Duet: It’s been a long time since I’ve had beers from Alpine, and they are always amazing. I can’t deny the power of Simcoe and Amarillo hops.


Alpine Nelson: On the other hand, Nelson is simply better. Fucking love Nelson.


Fuck it, I’m drunk. Let’s go with Exponential Hoppiness, which clocks in at 11% ABV. I 100% won’t regret this decision.


At 17%, I might regret this one. It’s very good, but it’s no M. This beer is putting me perilously close to leveling up to Type I Diabeetus.


Sante Adairius Cellarman: Super tasty, I really like wine barrel aged saisons. Is this beer better than Flora or Nonna’s 7? No, do I care? No I do not, because this is still damn good.


I want to go to bed now.

Judo Chop!

Yeah, Upright released Jeux D’eau the other day, but every time I hear the name I want to act like the Asian stereotype that I am and follow it up by saying “chop”. Therefore this beer is now called Jeux D’eau Chop. Any questions?!!!!!


Surprisingly, I was first in line after showing up about an hour and a half before opening. This never happens, so I sat on the floor and enjoyed my smoked beef tongue sandwich. It was good.


Trolololololol look at all the neck bearded beer geeks who have to stand in line before a tiny asian dude who looks like he’s 15. Them feelz bro.


Upright Jeux D’eau Chop: Tastes pretty young actually, with subtle grape notes, like that bottle of Cantillon Vigneronne I had a week or so ago. I think this beer could use some time to age, but it’s pretty tasty as is. B+/A-

Then, since I’m a man full of wisdom, I decided to drive through some pouring rain to the coast to attend the De Garde release. Super smart and nothing bad could have come of this.


De Garde Saison Desay Blend #1: Super citrusy with signature De Garde cow farts. Nice and tart too! A-


De Garde Saison Desay Blend #3: Much earthier and funkier than #1, like a grown up version. Also very tasty. A-


Wut am I doing?! Upright at De Garde?


Fuck it, might as well have some Sante Adarius too. Just so I can get chewed out by a guy on BeerAdvocate because I said that his Cellarman wasn’t worth HF Mimosa, Ann, Cable Car, or Bourbon Vanilla Dark Lord. Sorry bro, just because I don’t review beers on BeerAdvocate doesn’t mean that I haven’t had them before. Also, cheers to your December 2013 join date, you must be the last bastion of beer knowledge west of the Mississippi.