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Big Bottleshare

Went to my first bottleshare at Tin Bucket! It was arranged by some people on BeerAdvocate and I was lucky enough to be able to attend. Cool people, great beer, in a great spot. Couldn’t be more pleased.


Alesmith Barrel Aged Speedway: Delicious as always! Crazy to think that I’ve had this beer a ton of times but never actually owned a bottle…A-/A


Logsdon Peche ‘n Brett: This is the brand new batch, and while good… wasn’t as good as Fantasia. I’m really happy to try it, and quite happy that I only have one bottle. Front loading my purchases on Fantasia was a good idea. B+


Bruery Mother Funker: Sour as hell, but more palatable than before! B


Cascade Bottleworks XIV: Great beer, and doesn’t taste exactly the same as all the other Cascades! A


Cigar City Lacto Guava Grove: I brought this one, and really had no idea if it was going to be any good, so I was a little nervous. Turns out it’s quite good! I with the weather was nice out because this beer would be a good lemonade substitute. B+/A-


Drie Fonteinen Schaerbeekse Kriek: I love this beer as much as there are vowels in its name. Great kriek. A/A+


Lost Abbey Duck Duck Gooze: I’ve had this a bunch lately….ain’t a bad thing. A




Bo & Luke: Great label, pretty good beer.


I brought this one, and it sucked. Boo. C-


Funkwerks King: Really good initial sip, but got boring after a little bit.


Upright Blend Love: One of Upright’s best offerings. I could drink this forever. A/A+


Central Waters 16: Delicious, like candy soaked in bourbon. A/A+


Oh man, we’re screwed.


Kuhnhenn 4th Dementia and BA 4th Dementia: Love these beers. A/A+


Russian River Consecration B3: Best bottle of Consecration that I’ve had…maybe bigger bottles is better? A


Jester King Aurelian Lure: Great apricot sour, only West Ashely and Fou Foune are better for the style. A/A+


Goose Island King Henry: I’ve had this bottle forever, and now it’s dead. On the bright side, this bottle was delicious and much better than the last couple of bottles I have tried at tastings. KH is honestly one of the best barleywines ever made. A+

IMAG1051 IMAG1052

Prairie and Pirate Bomb!: I enjoyed Prairie Bomb! more, the vanilla was just so good. A


Drank bottles got drank.

Back to Reviews!

Sorry about not reviewing over the last few days, I got sidetracked by stuff like trivia night and other stuff like friends. Gawd, I hate friends sometime haha.

Lots of weird bubbles sticking to the side of the glass, they went away though.

Description: When we made the Toronado’s 20th Anniversary Ale, we had no idea that it would turn out to be one of our favorite barrel aged beers we would ever make. With that said, we have always wanted to make a dark barrel aged beer using 100% cabernet barrels, but, we never were inspired. That is, until we blended five different beersto make the Toronado beer, the tobacco character¬† from the dark malts blended nicely with the fruit character that developed in blending. So, with Consecration we set out to make a barrel beer using all Cabernet barrels. Now, we are not saying this is a replica of the T-rooms anniversary beer, after all, a beer like that can never be duplicated, and, there was no fruit added to the beer as there was with this one. All we are saying is that it gave us great inspiration to brew Consecration.

Beer: Consecration

Brewery: Russian River

Style: Wild Ale

ABV: 10%

Location: Santa Rosa, CA

Appearance: Dark dark red, with no head or lacing. If this beer was a little more maroon, it could pass for wine, especially if you’re drinking out of stemmed glassware.

Aroma: Cherries, plums, lots of oak, and some funkiness. Horse blanket maybe…

Taste: Wow, this beer is tart, but pleasantly so. Cherries, and sweet plums follow initial tartness. The aftertaste is dominated by earthiness, but I think I can taste some spices too. Very tasty beer, but I remember this beer being better the last time I had it. Oh well, I probably just spend too much time at the Barrel House drinking delicious sours.

Mouthfeel: Light bodied with really sharp carbonation. It’s not heavily carbonated, it’s just that the bubbles are kind of prickly.

Drinkability: Supremely easy, don’t share this little bottle with anyone. It’s yours.

Beer Advocate Grade: A

My Grade: A