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Oh, we’re not done yet.

So, we kept going.


Alpine Duet: It’s been a long time since I’ve had beers from Alpine, and they are always amazing. I can’t deny the power of Simcoe and Amarillo hops.


Alpine Nelson: On the other hand, Nelson is simply better. Fucking love Nelson.


Fuck it, I’m drunk. Let’s go with Exponential Hoppiness, which clocks in at 11% ABV. I 100% won’t regret this decision.


At 17%, I might regret this one. It’s very good, but it’s no M. This beer is putting me perilously close to leveling up to Type I Diabeetus.


Sante Adairius Cellarman: Super tasty, I really like wine barrel aged saisons. Is this beer better than Flora or Nonna’s 7? No, do I care? No I do not, because this is still damn good.


I want to go to bed now.


Soccer + Bottle Share

Watched the Timbers beat LA Galaxy. Felt great! We had some nice craft beer to help us get through the game at BeerMongers!


10 Barrel Cucumber Crush: I was so happy to see this beer again. Drinking it was great too! A+


Bruery Chocolate Rain: All the chocolate, vanilla, and booze you could want or ask for. Drink some. A+

Oh yeah, and some California beers. I love Nelson. Top 5 IPA for sure.

IMAG3222 IMAG3221 IMAG3220

Stupid Out-of-Towners

A couple people came up separately from California and wanted to do a bottle share with the PDX beer geeks. Commons Brewery was nice enough to host us. Get ready for some photos.


Oh. That’s a lot of bottles. A few more people showed up after this picture was taken, and they brought more bottles.


Hill Farmstead Edith: My favorite dark saison. Not saying too much though. It balances the fruit and the roastiness pretty well. B


Alpine Duet: Very tasty as always


Alpine Pure Hoppiness: Fantastic beer, I wish we got this more often. A


Alpine Nelson: Still my favorite Alpine beer and one of my favorite IPAs! A+


Sante Adarius West Ashley: Best beer of the day. Great balance between the funk and the fruit. Would drink again! A+


Hill Farmstead Madness & Civilization #1: Enormous barrel presence here. Smoke, bourbon, vanilla, chocolate, and BOOZE. Great beer, I wouldn’t mind aging this for a little while though to let it mellow out. A/A+


Cascade Bottleworks XIV: Nice beer, isn’t nearly as lactic as most beers from the barrel house. A


Cantillon Vigneronne: Super, super funky. Quite good despite the ridiculous amount of wet sock and horse blanket. A


Acadia Ales Barrel Aged Cereal Killer: Middle of the road barrel aged barleywine. B


Sante Adarius Love’s Amore: Another good beer from Sante Adarius! I need to track some of their beers down for further evaluation! A-


Upright Rose City Seven Batch #1: Superior to the first batch! Very tasty! A


Dark Lord 2013: Soy sauce laced with diabeetus. B-

There were a bunch of beers I didn’t photograph, but I was in a bit of a hurry because I only had about an hour and a half at the tasting and I would way only 2/3 of the bottles had been opened by the time I left. I wish I could have tasted all the other beers, but you can’t tick em all!

Another Birthday

I was really feeling it after that last tasting, so I was very restrained for this tasting. What was cool was that the Common’s Brewery hosted this private event for us. It was really nice of them to do something like that for the geeks.


I tried maybe 1/6 of the beer here. Ticker said yes, liver said GTFO.


Hill Farmstead Clara: I think this was my first wheat grisette, and it was super low alcohol, which was exactly what my liver wanted. Lightly tart, super carbonated, and slightly bitter on the finish. B+


Hill Farmstead Arthur: God I love this beer. Definitely a top 5 saison for me. A


Hangar 24 Chandelle: Fantastic apricot flavor up front really elevates this beer, but the horrific, terrifying, rotten aftertaste brings this beer crashing back down and then some. C-


Six Point Diesel: This is a stout that dreamed about being an IPA its whole life. That pretty much sums it up. B


Alpine Duet: I really like this beer and it’s unfortunate that I don’t get to have Alpine beers more often. Delicious, but not quite as good as Nelson. A


Westbrook Apple Brandy something something beer: I’ve never had a beer with such a pronounce apple brandy flavor to it. It was really quite nice, but overly sweet as a result. A-


Cigar City Brewing Bourbon Barrel Big Sound: Good beer, but my liver simply wasn’t having it. Therefore, no grade here.


Surly Abrasive: Very good and hoppy beer. Unfortunately I was expecting something more like Surly Wet. Definitely worth seeking this beer out for Sunday football. B+


Three Floyds Dreadnaught: I really like this beer, but between my liver and my palette fatigue, I wasn’t that impressed this time around. B