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Non Civil Disobedience

We also had other beers during that CD tasting, but I just didn’t feel like posting them last time.


Let’s get to work!


Kane Porter of some sort: Solid porter with great coffee flavor, first beer from them and I’m impressed!


Kane IPA of some sort: Tastes very similar to a bear republic or a ballast point IPA, which is not a bad thing at all. I could drink this beer all day.


Sante Adarius Cask Strawberry: Probably the best or second best beer of the night. Light strawberry flavor with big tartness and huge funk, all while staying pretty drinkable. Might be the best strawberry beer I’ve had to date. A/A+


Side Project Saison du Ble: Best beer I’ve had from Side Project so far. Tart, with big pineapple notes, with a nice dry finish. Reminds me a bit of Saison Bernice. A-


Sante Adarius Embers: This was awful. D


Can’t remember what this was called, but it was the best barleywine I’ve had in a long time. A

Speaking of which…

IMAG2019 IMAG2020

Goose Island King Henry – Ghetto Edition: This edition is delicious. Definitely better than the other barleywine we had, but it was closer than we all thought. I love King Henry! A+


Toppling Goliath David: Great DIPA, but it just makes me kind of want Pseudo Sue instead. A-