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When in Costa Rica, drink craft beer

Drink craft beer whenever you aren’t drinking shit out of fruit or stuff with fruit in it.


That’s right, I brought beer all the way from Portland to Guanacaste, Costa Rica.




Don’t hate.

Fatali Four


Upright Fatali Four: Great beer as always, but something was going on with this bottle. It had a bit of a ropey mouthfeel, and was really viscous, almost slimey. Perhaps this bottle caught some sort of pedio bug that hasn’t been cleaned up yet.

Beer Beer Beer Beer Beer

dsc_21381 dsc_21361 dsc_21371

Mid-week Drinking

100% guaranteed to leave you tired and angry the next day. Worth it? Probably.


A friend’s homebrew that he made for groomsmen :).


Upright Fatali Four 2014: Yep, this beer ages like a champion. Tons of wine character here with brett, followed by a nice touch of heat on the finish. This beer is basically perfect.


What is this man doing? We may never know.


That behind the scenes glimpse of what it’s like to be a beer geek.


Can’t aruge with the final product though. Uli’s Lambik 3 Fonteinen meets Orval is a spectacular beer, the best lambic I have had since the last time I opened an Armand ‘4 Season. Not all that tart, but tons of funk balanced by citrus, with an interesting finish by what I can only imagine to be the contribution of blending in some old Orval. Uli beers may not always be extremely tasty, but they are always fascinating to try. Thankfully, this beer was both really delicious and super interesting. I’ll take that.

dsc_21311 dsc_21321

Yes, let’s keep drinking high alcohol stouts. I won’t feel this tomorrow morning at all.



Let’s continue the stupidity!


Upright Blend Love: This bottle is from 2013, and just goes to continue to provide evidence that Upright might be the best sour brewery in the US in regards to how their beer behaves over time. Lots of other beers that I’ve had from other breweries get worse over time, but Upright seems to be tastier the older it gets. I don’t have many bottles from them that are older than this, but I wish I did. Fruit, funk, and tartness, all perfectly balanced.

Drinking and Food Network

Yeah, we’re really domesticated. Don’t hate.


Alchemist Focal Banger: Something is up with this batch, it’s not nearly as floral as I remember previous batches being. Oh well, it’s still darn tasty! B


Upright Fatali Four: I’m running out of these, and it’s making me sad. I just can’t get enough of the tartness, funk, and heat, with just a bit of wine barrel at the end. A+


Block 15 Super Nebula: Had Breakfast with the Buffalo recently, so it was nice to see how this bottle compared. Mouthfeel is better than the Lost Barrels version of Super Nebula, but not quite up there with Buffalo. Chocolate, coffee, fudge, and barrel are all present though. A-

Meet new friends? Drink beer.

Well, new to me anyway. A friend of mine had visitors this weekend and…..of course they’re beer geeks. So naturally instead of going somewhere we stayed inside and drank a bunch of beer that wasn’t local to Portland.


This beer was frozen upon arrival, but was pretty good. Put passion fruit in anything and I’ll like it.

DSC_16881 DSC_16891

I’m so happy Trillium cans now! They’re label art looks even better on cans than bottles if you ask me, and of course the beer tastes amazing.


I can’t believe our new-found friend brought a 6L Maman.


Just kidding, I was just using a tiny glass. This beer is my favorite stout of the year. God I miss regular barrel aged stouts. Fuck that adjunct business!!! Tons of dark chocolate, oak, some vanilla, caramel, with a nice spicy finish that comes from the rye barrels.


I’m not the only one that thinks so.


Fremont Coffee Cinnamon Bourbon Barrel Aged Abominable: My god that name is a pain in the butt to type out. However, now that it’s over, this beer is really good, and actually holds up in the company of our ghetto homemade bourbon county coffee stout and Maman.


JWB made a beer!


Upright Oregon Native: First time having this beer from the bottle, and I need to go and get more of this, it’s fantastic!!!!!!


This is the single cask still version of Oregon Native and, while tasty, needs bubbles.


Why not, I love this beer.

DSC_17121 DSC_17131

These beers? Less enjoyment.

I lied.

Remember that day where I said we only drank small bottles? Yeah…

DSC_0736 DSC_0737

So we didn’t drink only small bottles that day, oh well. I regret nothing!