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Ferme de la Demons Release

I went to the Block 15 release at Belmont Station. I expected to see a few beer geeks that I knew when I got there, but to my surprise, I knew no one! Turns out that some people recognized me but didn’t want to introduce themselves because they only knew me as “that asian beer nerd”. I was the only asian at the release, so I guess their fear of being called a racist was legitimate. Whatever, I was there to drink beer, and here are the beers that I tasted!

Strawberry fields is a golden ale I think…..whatever starter beer it was it was then soured, barrel aged, and had 200lbs of fresh strawberries shoved down its throat. It’s not that sweet, but very refreshing with a healthy dose of funk and sourness. This beer smells like strawberries though….really, really strongly of strawberries.

So this is the beer that all the beer geeks were getting excited about. Ferme de la Demons. It started as a saison, but was barrel aged with two different strains of Brettomyces. It was much darker than I anticipated, but was still delicious. Unfortunately for me, Strawberry fields destroyed the vast majority of my tastebuds, so I missed out on a lot of the subtleties of this beer, but I still liked the funk and barrel flavors that came with this beer. I’ll make sure to do a proper review when I open one of my two bottles.