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With Big Birthdays Come Big Beers

Also, in a words of a close friend, “poor life choices”.


So, I didn’t even know that Mikkeller made a geuze.


de Garde Peach Bu b1 3L: Oh, why hello there you sexy beast. You are drinking surprisingly well! Let’s have a closer look…


Yes, yes. You are indeed holding up very well. Mmmmm


Phoneception? Must be a good reason.


Drie Fonteinen Oude Geuze Vintage 2002: Oh boy, it’s been a few years since I’ve had this beer. Crazy enough, it’s been very different each time I’ve had it. Guess that is par for the course when you are drinking a beer that is old enough to be learning how to drive. A+


Cantillon Fou Foune 2013: This might be my favorite recent vintage of Fou Foune.


Oakshire Hellshire VI Single Barrel Reserve: Wow, I had forgotten what real barrel aged stouts should taste like! Better than Assassin.


Some more goodies!

Maybe this bottle looks familiar from Brews for New Avenues? Between myself and a friend we were able to land one of the four bottles. Slightly funky, moderate tartness, with an incredible amount of raspberry. Really, really happy to be able to try this beer.


Well, you know how whales are supposed to be finished…



Happy Birthday Kevin!


Oh yes, we also had Dave.




Arch Harder

Two weeks ago was Arch Bridge Taphouse’s 2nd anniversary, and it was a good one. Being located out in Oregon City makes it a bit of a hike from Portland, but the delicious beers at Arch Bridge tend to stay on draft for much longer than the higher trafficked bars in town.

Case in point: Fou Foune was on draft all day.

Fou Foune next to Fremont Rusty Nail. Saturdays are rough.

Really, really old de Garde! Trevor would be pissed if I had untappd and gave this a negative review. Honestly though, it’s still pretty good.

Wait, is that a de Garde magnum of The Purple?!

Aww yiss. Beer was absolutely fantastic too, getting nice and funky right now.

BeerMongers’ 7th Anniversary

So this weekend was BeerMongers’ 7th Anniversary, and I can’t believe time has flown by so quickly. I’ve been going to this place since 2011, for regular beers on draft, great prices on bottles to go, or for meeting together with friends for bottles shares and Timbers games. Being one of the best craft beer bars in Portland, they put on some fun stuff over the weekend.


Oh dang, Alesmith Vietnamese Coffee Speedway? Sign me up for a glass. Wait a second, what’s #5? A little brewery from Brussels apricot lambic….I wonder…..


Yep, it’s Cantillon Fou Foune. Jackpot!!!!!


Aaaaaand Alesmith Vietnamese Coffee Speedway. I can drink the Fou Foune while this warms up.

Oh, it so happens a bottle share started with beers from 2009, which was BeerMongers’ first year. I didn’t know about it, and I didn’t bring anything. I’m ashamed.



That’s a 1995 Orval. It was super interesting and crazy. Not going to try an Orval that old ever again.




Kill shot.

Thanks again to BeerMongers and the crew there who have enabled my alcoholism for the last 5 years. Here’s to more enabling for years to come!!!

Stone Fruit Tasting

I don’t want to see peaches or apricots for a while. I still can’t taste anything.


Pizza Boy Permasmile: What the hell is a Pennsylvania wild ale? One that was made by the blood, sweat, and tears of the Amish? Anyways, this beer is pretty good, but I expect it cost something north of $30, which is unacceptable.


Odell Zardi Ale: Not very good.


Night Shift Mystery Weisse: I really liked this beer when it first came out, and it’s still really good. Things have changed, as the beer has become more sour over the last two years or so. It reminds me of sour, green mangoes, and it’s tasty.


Wow I’m bad at taking photos. Thankfully, Quetsche Tilquin is the opposite of the quality of this photo. It tastes fantastic, and since plums are used, it counts in this stone fruit tasting! One of the best beers of the night if you ask me.


de Garde Biere Stone: Wow, the “Biere” series from de Garde just consistently kills it. Big peach and apricot presence but you can still taste the chardonnay barrel, it’s almost SARA like. However, the finish isn’t quite as strong as SARA’s, but it trades that for huge fruit notes.


Casey Peach  The Cut: SO. MUCH. SULFUR. However, after letting my glass breathe for half an hour or so this beer almost tastes like a geuze, but I didn’t get a ton of peaches here.


de Garde Stone Bu: Batch 1! This beer is incredibly sour now, but it still has most of its peach flavors intact. I’m not sure if I have any left, but I think it’s about time to drink these, they aren’t getting better.


Sante Adairius Westly: This second batch tastes way different than the original batch. It’s much less fruity, and way funkier. I am not sure which batch I prefer, but I think I’d love to mix the two batches and have a field day.


Cantillon Fou Foune: This is the new 2015 batch, and it’s honestly a little disappointing. I expected it to blow Westly out of the water, but it wasn’t even close. Neither fruity nor funky, this beer needs time in the hopes that it will improve.


Sante Adairius: Southern Sunrise: Oh wow, I really, really like this beer. Probably the best or second best beer of the night, and better than Westly. Lots of peach, some funkiness, and all that delicious wine barrel finish that I love SARA for.


Ugh, another turd photo.


Battery acid.


So I was in Europe for a week and a half at the end of June, and have just been really bad at keeping up with older posts that I never finished writing, and I apologize for that. However, I doubt many of you mind that I’m a little behind on content as long as it’s you know, halfway entertaining. On that note, after flying from Portland, OR and landing in Brussels, I went straight to Cantillon from the airport. Fuck checking into airbnbs.,


I’ll have you know that it’s hard work taking photos of beer while looking like your stereotypical Asian tourist, especially while fatigued. The things I do for you guys.


Cantillon Lambic D’Aunis: In collaboration with Les Vins Contés. Brewed with the pinot d’aunis grape, but not dry hopped like the previous batches. Thanks to RateBeer for that description. To my knowledge it was simply a new batch of Pinot D’Aunis, which is one of the whaliest beers in all beer geekdom. This beer is only available on sight save for a handful of bottles that made it to festival or were available for sale at Cantillon Quintessence. This beer was extremely good, but not nearly as wine forward as some of the de Garde wine offerings, but far more balanced.


Cantillon 2007 Classic Gueuze: One of the best beers of the trip, proves that even commoner’s lambic can be great as long as you give it time. Incredibly funky with a moderate level of sourness, there’s really no way you can replicate the way an old geuze tastes without the use of time, and a lot of it.


Cantillon Zwanze 2012: For 2012’s Zwanze Day, Jean made a lambic with rhubarb, identical to the beer he made for 2008’s Zwanze Day. I can say that I’ve never had either of those beers, up until now. Wow, this beer is just incredible, with the rhubarb right there in the middle of the taste without encroaching on flavors normally found in lambic. I think sour beer brewers need to start following Jean’s example and start using rhubarb in their beer.


Cantillon Zwanze 2013: This one was not very good…….


Cantillon Lou Pepe Framboise: So I’ve apparently been pronouncing this beer incorrectly for years, because it turns out the “s” is not silent like you think it would be. Oh well. a 2010 Lou Pepe Framboise really hits the spot, and turns out to be my first fruit bomb beer on my trip. It will not be the last.


Cantillon Lou Pepe Kriek: 2nd fruit bomb encountered. I’ve drank tons of this vintage (2010) of Lou Pepe Kriek, but there’s something about drinking it in the brewery, surrounded by funk and friends, that makes it a surreal experience. Also, oak, funk, and all the cherry flavors were welcome too.


Cantillon Fou Foune: Fresh bottles of Fou Foune are something else. I really like the 2011 bottle that I opened a few months ago, and I might even like it better than this particular bottle of fresh Fou Foune, but the fresh version is definitely more unique. I love myself some carbonated apricot juice.


Cantillon Carignan: Another wine grape lambic from Cantillon, this time with, you guessed it, carignan grapes. This beer is good, but is definitely not as tasty as the Lambic D’Aunis.


Okay, so while those other grape Cantillon lambics were very good, this beer still takes the cake for me. I love this beer, and if given the chance I would hoard the shit out  of it.

Old lambic is the greatest.


Fresh Fou Foune might be extremely tasty, but this 2011 bottle is basically perfect. I wouldn’t change a single thing about it. Still fruity, but just tons of funk with a huge hit of sourness. There is so much going on in this beer, it’s hard to explain with words that aren’t “horse blanket”, “wet sock”, “wet dog”, etc. Going to have to age future bottles of Fou Foune five years in order to recreate this experience. Worth it.

Lambic Pre-Game

Was lucky enough to score a reservation at Langbaan over the weekend, so we decided to drink a little bit of lambic before heading to dinner.


DHvL 20th Anniversary: Very tasty, but oh my god so overcarbonated. Paled in comparison with the beers that followed.


Cantillon Fou Foune 2010: Okay, so this bottle ties the oldest bottle of Cantillon that I’ve had in terms of year bottled vs year opened. 6 years later this beer has followed suit with the last old Fou Foune that I had, incredibly sour, but once you take a sip or two, everything calms down and you can really get into that funk and apricot. However, your palate might be ruined after this. Worth it!

Now, onto the main beer!


Drie Fonteinen Zenne y Frontera: Oh my glorious zombie Jesus.This beer reminds me very strongly of the first batch of Cantillon’s 50N4E. I know this beer isn’t cognac barrel aged, but it has the same characteristic of opening with strong lambic notes and then finishing with pronounced notes of some spirit (cognac/sherry). In my opinion, this is the best beer to have come out of Drie Fonteinen since the Armand ‘4 Seasons. I wish I could get myself a bottle or two, but I might just have to resort to begging for baby pours instead. 😦

This is what we ate afterwards, was very, very tasty.

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