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12 oz. Beers

I spend too much time drinking bombers and 750 ml beers. Problem is that small bottles are just too difficult to split between more than just a few people. Thankfully, most of my friends were out of town last week, so the survivors left in Portland were able to drink some smaller bottles that we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to drink.


Block 15 Three Season’s Kriek: This is a batch 1 bottle from a few years ago, one of 850ish bottles. This beer has aged very gracefully, with some nice savory dark fruits complimenting the tartness of the beer that was present when fresh.


Fort George 3 Way IPA: New batch of 3 Way!!!! It’s spectacular with tons of citrus and pine, finishing with a little bit of malt and bitterness. I’m going to put the hurt on this beer in the months to come.


Hair of the Dog Fred From the Wood: Oh the days when Hair of the Dog bottled carbonated beer! 2013 Fred from the Wood was pretty good when it first came out, but it really just begged to be aged. Well, 3 years later….it’s extremely tasty. The really aggressive oak notes from the fresh beer have mellowed really nicely into the sweetness that is Fred. Happy I waiting on my bottles this long before drinking them.


Crooked Stave Flor d’Lees: Mmmmmm, I need to drink more Crooked Stave.


Crooked Stave L’Brett D’Or: This is a batch 2 bottle, and I’m going to sadly say that it isn’t as good as it was the last time I had it. Flavors started to fall flat, and the beer didn’t get more sour with time, which is what I was going for. Oh well, you can’t win them all!


Block 15 Framboise White: Another batch 1 bottle, and it’s carbonated! This beer was completely still when it came out a few years ago, but over the years my bottles have slowly carbonated. This was my last one, and it has to have been the best beer Block 15 has ever made. Tons of raspberry here, with a nice level of tartness that cuts the sweetness of those incredible little golden raspberries. THEN THERE ARE BUBBLES!!!!



Now let’s drink all the beer.


Block 15 Farm to Fruit: Holy Moly really good. Tons of peaches here with a bit of funk in the background before finishing super dry.


Upright, Jeux D’eau: This beer is aging really, really well. Much better now than it was when it first came out. I don’t think I have any bottles of this left, and it makes me angry.


de Garde Imperial Cranberry Bu: Again, inspired by my buddy’s blog, who is going through all the de Garde beers in order. This one dates back a few years, and it is incredible. Tons of spice and cranberry without the huge punch of acidity that I was expecting.


Goose Island Bourbon County Stout: I split a vanilla bean and steeped it in the beer for 4 days. The result comes out to something extremely similar to Vanilla Rye, but with more vanilla. It was very good, and I will be doing this more often….more often as in every fucking time I want a bourbon county.


John Wakefield Brewing Harbinger: Yep, holy hazelnuts batman!


Drie Fonteinen Oude Geuze 2013: God I love this beer. It just keeps getting better and better with age. While not as complex as the 2013 Iris I had a few days ago, this was a better beer. Tons of lemon zest, funk, and wet socks.


Block 15 Framboise White: This is a batch one bottle, and I had completely forgotten that it had a cork beneath that cap. Stupendous, and it had actually carbonated!!!!!!


Upright Cherry Four: I enjoyed this beer, but it was apparently a little bandaidy.



Well, we did a vertical of Norma back to batch 1, but I didn’t take a photo of each bottle individually, because I was drunk, and am a bad person in general.

Wrapping up the weekend

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Some CBC Event-hopping

There were a lot of things going on every day during CBC, so this was my one day where I said, “fuck it, let’s do a bunch of them!”


Founders KBS @ The Green Dragon: Took me a while to get my beer, but it was worth it!

IMAG0023 IMAG0024

Crooked Stave event at Hop ‘n Vine: Progenitor was my favorite beer for that event. Tastes like a more subtle, and slightly fancier Hose.


The burgers at Hop ‘n Vine are pretty heroic too.

IMAG0026 IMAG0027

On to Upper Lip for Block 15 beers! Framboise White was as good as always, and Imagine was also delicious, but it’s starting to show its age.

Framboise White on draft?!

Yeah, kind of hard to believe. I had to find out if it was true for myself.


The rumors were trueeeeee! I may have drank a couple of these while smiling like an 8 year old who just got a new power ranger toy.

Or the opposite of someone who was at Hunahpu Day yesterday.

Disney Movies…yes!

Watched Tangled a while ago and had a few brews. I’m have a huge soft spot for Disney movies, and Tangled is one of my favorite ones.


Logsdon Seizoen Bretta: Fantastic saison, I really don’t know why I don’t drink this more often…A


Yep, this is how I usually watch movies.


Block 15 Framboise White 2013: SOOOO MUCH RASPBERRY. I really enjoy this, but I think some time will let this funk up really nicely. The last batch really took off after a few months. Side note: This one has bubbles! A-

Framboise White and Figgy Pudding

Drove down to Block 15 on Saturday for the Framboise White and Figgy Pudding release. As usual, we had made reservations at Les Caves for brunch, which guarantees us bottles from Block 15. It’s a pretty sweet deal.


Block 15 Tropical Storm: Probably Block 15’s most sought after beer among trading circles. Made with papaya, and it really tasty. Great consolation prize for showing up early and waiting in line.


Block 15 Framboise White: Taste is incredible up front, with aggressive tartness with nice raspberry flavor. Back end was very buttery when it was cold, but disappeared once the beer warmed up. This is going to be incredible with time. A-


Official sandwich of – the Reuben.


Block 15 Figgy Pudding: This beer tastes like Autumn without using pumpkins. Thank god. 10/10 would chug again.


Huh, about those Block 15 whalez….


Awww yisssssss.