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Arch Harder

Two weeks ago was Arch Bridge Taphouse’s 2nd anniversary, and it was a good one. Being located out in Oregon City makes it a bit of a hike from Portland, but the delicious beers at Arch Bridge tend to stay on draft for much longer than the higher trafficked bars in town.

Case in point: Fou Foune was on draft all day.

Fou Foune next to Fremont Rusty Nail. Saturdays are rough.

Really, really old de Garde! Trevor would be pissed if I had untappd and gave this a negative review. Honestly though, it’s still pretty good.

Wait, is that a de Garde magnum of The Purple?!

Aww yiss. Beer was absolutely fantastic too, getting nice and funky right now.


Last can of OJ

Yeah, I even broke out the DSLR for this one. Crazy right?

Money shot.

Fremont BS

BS does not stand for bullshit, it stands for Belmont Station, which has been doing a different event every day for 20 days with various breweries. This is Fremont’s beer!

Yes, it’s a New England style IPA, because that’s the coolest thing to do. It’s pretty darn good, but I can’t wait until Armand and Jean van Roy release their takes on the style!

Just kidding, I’m getting tired of this fad, that and putting everything that was left in the spice cabinet into barrel aged stouts.

Broken liver gets kicked while its down



Maybe not that sorry, this beer is tits.

Rusty What?!@


Fremont Rusty Nail: I know that this beer doesn’t have vanilla in this, but I swear this beer is like a non-cloying version of Vanilla Rye but with improved mouthfeel. If I didn’t have to drive, I would have had more than 2 of these…….

Kentucky Dark Star Variants?!

Yeah yeah yeah, I know it’s not called Kentucky Dark Star anymore due to a cease-and-desist or something like that, but honestly it will always be KDS to me.


From left to right: Regular KDS, Coffee KDS, and KDS Spice Wars.

COFFEE KDS IS THE WINNER! Makes Bourbon County Coffee Stout taste like starbucks.

Twin Birthdays

Two friends celebrated their birthdays the other day, and one of them had just shot a moose! We had lots of beer and ate some tasty moose burgers. Life did not suck.


Three Floyds Marshmallow Handjee: Pretty good, still too sweet for me. I’m the weird guy though because everyone else loved it! I took the little tiny glass for a very good reason.


Fremont Fresh Hop Cowiche Canyon: I like Fremont a lot. Probably the best brewery in Washington.


Goose Island Bourbon County Backyard Rye: 3 years old now, and it has developed beautifully! I think this is just how fruited Bourbon Counties work, as the old Cherry Rye I had a year or two ago was also singing. Tastes like berry jam plus chocolate and fudge. A+

20160923_194516 20160923_200529

I don’t know much about these, but they were tasty. The one of the left smelled like a Casey beer.


Yep, we taped a magnum of Hill Farmstead Brother Soigne to one birthday boy’s hand. He was not upset.


He finished it!


He also kept going

20160923_214450 20160923_220006



Birthday boy #2, feelin’ good!