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Beer and Card Games

Doing it right.

Old Bourbon County


Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout 2012: This beer definitely has legs, it’s 5 years in and I wouldn’t say this beer is really falling off yet. On the other hand, I don’t really see it getting better as it’s taking on a little bit of oxidation now. Drink em while you’ve got em!

Better than Morning Delight


Bourbon County Vanilla Rye is currently drinking better than the most recent batch of Morning Delight. -_-

Drink away the pain.

Last week was a rough one regarding awful people stealing my shit. Multiple instances over several days and the key in my roof rack broke when I tried to get my snowboard of my roof rack at the mountain.


It’s all good though, just go quietly into the night….

Westworld and Beer!

Coffee Aeropressed Bourbon County Stout really hits the spot when you’re watching a show that explores how terrible people are when there are no consequences for their actions. On the other hand, the consequences of me drinking this big ass beer after weakening my liver by not drinking for a few weeks will mean a very restful night’s sleep.



Goodbye Beers

Sadly said goodbye to some friends who moved back to Boston the other day. Since they are both beer geeks we did the whole bottle share thingy before hitting a few bars.


Yeah, this beer is weird. Not recommended.


Holy Mountain Guava Table: Smells like poop, tastes amazing. Like funky guava juice. I need to go and get some of that Hawaiian guava juice sometime.


Fucking mead.


Yep, the blend of Broken Truck No. 2 and Leaner is greater than the sum of their parts. Look at the girl in the background dance because it’s so good. She can barely contain herself! ALL IN THE NAME OF SCIENCE!


Leaner is pretty good on it’s own too.


Meanwhile….someone didn’t want to hang out with us.


Cigar City Marshal Zhukov: God this stuff is good. They should barrel age all of it.


Goose Island Proprietors 2014: Don’t mind the judging lady in the background. She’s just hating. This beer is incredible now, with the cinnamon nicely integrated into the bourbon character of the base beer. I don’t know how much longer this beer can age, but if you have one, drink it now!


Why good morning to you back! Mmmmmmmm


I honestly can’t remember what this one was like….sorry.


Cellarmaker The Glow: Baby Hill Farmstead Abner?!


Sante Adairius Saison Bernice: well this beer is just terrible, which is why I drink it all the time.


Yeah….don’t remember this one either.

Twin Birthdays

Two friends celebrated their birthdays the other day, and one of them had just shot a moose! We had lots of beer and ate some tasty moose burgers. Life did not suck.


Three Floyds Marshmallow Handjee: Pretty good, still too sweet for me. I’m the weird guy though because everyone else loved it! I took the little tiny glass for a very good reason.


Fremont Fresh Hop Cowiche Canyon: I like Fremont a lot. Probably the best brewery in Washington.


Goose Island Bourbon County Backyard Rye: 3 years old now, and it has developed beautifully! I think this is just how fruited Bourbon Counties work, as the old Cherry Rye I had a year or two ago was also singing. Tastes like berry jam plus chocolate and fudge. A+

20160923_194516 20160923_200529

I don’t know much about these, but they were tasty. The one of the left smelled like a Casey beer.


Yep, we taped a magnum of Hill Farmstead Brother Soigne to one birthday boy’s hand. He was not upset.


He finished it!


He also kept going

20160923_214450 20160923_220006



Birthday boy #2, feelin’ good!