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With Big Birthdays Come Big Beers

Also, in a words of a close friend, “poor life choices”.


So, I didn’t even know that Mikkeller made a geuze.


de Garde Peach Bu b1 3L: Oh, why hello there you sexy beast. You are drinking surprisingly well! Let’s have a closer look…


Yes, yes. You are indeed holding up very well. Mmmmm


Phoneception? Must be a good reason.


Drie Fonteinen Oude Geuze Vintage 2002: Oh boy, it’s been a few years since I’ve had this beer. Crazy enough, it’s been very different each time I’ve had it. Guess that is par for the course when you are drinking a beer that is old enough to be learning how to drive. A+


Cantillon Fou Foune 2013: This might be my favorite recent vintage of Fou Foune.


Oakshire Hellshire VI Single Barrel Reserve: Wow, I had forgotten what real barrel aged stouts should taste like! Better than Assassin.


Some more goodies!

Maybe this bottle looks familiar from Brews for New Avenues? Between myself and a friend we were able to land one of the four bottles. Slightly funky, moderate tartness, with an incredible amount of raspberry. Really, really happy to be able to try this beer.


Well, you know how whales are supposed to be finished…



Happy Birthday Kevin!


Oh yes, we also had Dave.




Sitting round a table and drinking

Since that’s what adults do these days right? Dat millennial life, talking about our $9 avocado sandwiches.


Upright Shades: This is a b1 bottle, so a year or so old? It’s very tasty and not nearly as sour as I remember when it first came out.

Hair of the Dog Bourbon Fred 2012: Yep, I think this is the best beer that HotD has ever made. Maybe once they can carbonate beer again they will return to form.




12 oz. Beers

I spend too much time drinking bombers and 750 ml beers. Problem is that small bottles are just too difficult to split between more than just a few people. Thankfully, most of my friends were out of town last week, so the survivors left in Portland were able to drink some smaller bottles that we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to drink.


Block 15 Three Season’s Kriek: This is a batch 1 bottle from a few years ago, one of 850ish bottles. This beer has aged very gracefully, with some nice savory dark fruits complimenting the tartness of the beer that was present when fresh.


Fort George 3 Way IPA: New batch of 3 Way!!!! It’s spectacular with tons of citrus and pine, finishing with a little bit of malt and bitterness. I’m going to put the hurt on this beer in the months to come.


Hair of the Dog Fred From the Wood: Oh the days when Hair of the Dog bottled carbonated beer! 2013 Fred from the Wood was pretty good when it first came out, but it really just begged to be aged. Well, 3 years later….it’s extremely tasty. The really aggressive oak notes from the fresh beer have mellowed really nicely into the sweetness that is Fred. Happy I waiting on my bottles this long before drinking them.


Crooked Stave Flor d’Lees: Mmmmmm, I need to drink more Crooked Stave.


Crooked Stave L’Brett D’Or: This is a batch 2 bottle, and I’m going to sadly say that it isn’t as good as it was the last time I had it. Flavors started to fall flat, and the beer didn’t get more sour with time, which is what I was going for. Oh well, you can’t win them all!


Block 15 Framboise White: Another batch 1 bottle, and it’s carbonated! This beer was completely still when it came out a few years ago, but over the years my bottles have slowly carbonated. This was my last one, and it has to have been the best beer Block 15 has ever made. Tons of raspberry here, with a nice level of tartness that cuts the sweetness of those incredible little golden raspberries. THEN THERE ARE BUBBLES!!!!

Breaking in the new island

Got a new kitchen island to replace my shitty IKEA island. Had to christen it properly. These aren’t in any particular order, you’ll survive.


Wicked Weed Genesis: Quite tasty, but I’m really not getting tropical fruits here….more like another version of Russian River Temptation.


4 Hands Brewing Madagascar: I’m sorry to say this, but you were an okay beer, but too much carbonation plus many other tastier beers led you to being dumped into the sink at 3:30AM. Maybe next time we’ll budget livers accordingly. Or not.


Central Waters Cassian Sunset: Uhhhhhhh, it had a thin mouthfeel but smelled awesome. Yes, memory is incredible.


The Rare Barrel Becoming: I really like this beer despite being a small Rare Barrel hater. This beer reminds me of a Sante Adairius beer more than an Rare Barrel one. Praise doesn’t get much higher than that.


Dieu du Ciel! Double Barrel Peche Mortel: HOLY GOD I LOVE THIS BEER. I find it kind of hilarious that it’s hard to find a barrel aged beer these days with only one adjunct. God have mercy on us all.


Looks like I had this beer twice trololol.


Hair of the Dog Matt: This 2013 bottle is absolutely singing right now. Tons of apple brandy and the slight oxidation cuts the sweet nature of the beer. I think we opened this at 2AM, so we’re all very smart.


ALL BOW DOWN TO THE KITTEH. Seriously though, Biere Rouge is drinking fantastic right now, and is a great palate cleanser to all the dark beers we had been drinking previously.


Cantillon Lou Pepe Kriek: This 2011 (2013 cork date) bottle is picking up an enormous amount of funk. I really like it. Best beer of the night!


Until this motherfucker came in and blew all of our collective minds. Bow down to Drie Fonteinen’s Armand ‘4 Herfst!

This did a number on my liver

Binge watched Entourage and drank a bunch of beer with some friends. It made my liver suffer.


Upright Fatali Four 2013: Old beer, but it’s amazing. Heat has subsided a little bit, but the funk has gone off the charts. I love this beer, it’s great and I still haven’t experienced anything else like it from another brewery. A


Allagash Ghoulschip: This is what all pumpkin beers should be like. Nice tartness, with a pronounced smoky toast flavor (from the pumpkin seeds) at the end. B+


De Garde Belle Ensemble: This beer is super funky and SOUR. If all of De Garde’s older sours are going to be like this, we have a good couple years to look forward to! A


Hair of the Dog Matt: This beer is wonderful as always, so delicious, with a side of diabeetus.


Crooked Stave Origins Grand Cru: Haven’t had this beer in about a year or so, and it tastes even better than I remember. Wonderful mellowness with a nice savory finish.


Block 15 Premiere Annee: This beer has aged pretty well, and I’m not sure if I could pick this out from the standard geuzes from Cantillon, Drie Fonteinen, and Tilquin.


Block 15 Golden Canary: This most recent batch just isn’t as good as the original. For srs, batch 1 is best.


8.9%?! This beer ruined me.

Bourbon Matt

Dropped in for lunch with some buddies to try out Bourbon Matt at Hair of the Dog. Apparently, Matt is barreled in bourbon barrels and apple brandy barrels, then blended. This is just the bourbon component.


Hair of the Dog Bourbon Matt: One of the best beers produced by Hair of the Dog, unfortunately this is not bottled. Typically, Matt is a pretty sweet and cloying beer, but this version is all vanilla, smoke, and bourbon. It’s far boozier than the regular Matt, but I like this version more because I have a higher tolerance to alcohol heat than I do to sweetness. I’ll be back to try this one for sure.

Really? You won’t give us a label?

My friend from Tahoe was unexpectedly in town, on his birthday. I pretty much walked into him with a few friends at Hair of the Dog last night. Things got a little crazy from there.

I was not ready.


Okay, regular Adam, this is reasonable.


Adam batch 6 (from 1994 I think), much less reasonable. Tastes like sherry, or port.


Doggie Claws from 2004? Really good actually, and worlds better than the monstrosity that is 2014 Doggie Claws. I was surprised how hoppy this beer was, since hops fade, and this beer would have been in 5th grade.


Soy sauce? Nope, it’s actually a bottle of Dave, but they didn’t have any labels for us, because of sketchy business practices.


Could be a $1,400 bottle of soy sauce, only one way to find out!


They were kind enough to give us a prop bottle for photo proof. So weird.


Hair of the Dog Dave: Okay story time. This beer was produced in 1994, and won first place at the 1998 Toronado Barley Wine Festival. The strength was achieved by taking 300 gallons of Adam and freezing it three times, leaving only 100 gallons. It’s actually illegal now for a brewery to freeze distill beer without a separate license…so this will never be made again. Time for tasting notes! This beer has the greatest amount of bitter dark chocolate I have ever experienced, and at 29% ABV, hides the booze presence really well. It almost feels like the heat from the alcohol is an extension of the bitter finish imparted by the chocolate flavors. Also, this beer has the longest finish out of anything I have ever tasted, you could still taste the beer a minute or two after each sip. Kind of ridiculous. Was it the best “whale” I’ve had? Nope. That honor would go to Blauw and M. See below:

DSC_6352 IMAG0073

We kept on drinking after the Dave, but I’ll save that post for later.

Can’t decide if this beer is flat or not…

Of course it’s from Hair of the Dog, what else would you expect? Also, happy Halloween!


Hair of the Dog Matt: Less carbonated than I remember, virtually flat, but there are a few bubbles that seem to be floating around in there….somewhere. Absolutely delicious, with a nice balance of smoke, malt, and apple brandy. Was it worth waiting in line for 6 hours a year ago, just to pay $15 a bottle? Maybe.


This is stuff from Monday, but my liver was mostly recovering for the past week so I obviously couldn’t finish posting everything. Sorry I’m not sorry.

First stop, wine tasting!

IMAG2165 IMAG2166

And now…. beer!


Drie Fonteinen Hommage: Better than any fruited Cantillon I’ve ever had. It’s still a little on the sweet side, but after some cellaring the funk is going to match the sweetness and then it will be perfection! A+


Hill Farmstead Flora: I think this is the best Hill Farmstead beer around! Tart, with a dry and vinous finish! A+


Hair of the Dog Matt: Dessert in a bottle. Sweet, sticky, with tons of apple and a bit of smoke. A+


Hill Farmstead Brother Soigne: hnnngh. A+


How many glasses can my friend’s girlfriend handle? Many.


De Garde Blackberry Bu: Best of the regular Bu by a mile! So jammy and tart, with huge blackberry notes. A+


Yeah……Campo tried Winter last time, so we had to open another season. HERFST!!!!!

My whole day suddenly turned into one big beer run

Originally, I was just going to grab some sandwiches and have a nice lunch at De Garde.


The universe had other ideas. Right as I was leaving the sandwich shop, I get a message that says Hair of the Dog is releasing Adam from the Wood and Cherry Adam from the wood. So, naturally, I complained like an 8 year old boy who realized that the Power Rangers were just a bunch of pedophiles. I then begrudgingly drove over the Hair of the Dog to buy some of that newly released beer and to see if it was any good.


So, both these beers are flat as f***. Tasty, but god damn they need some bubbles. It even says on the label that they have no carbonation. It actually looks like Hair of the Dog brewed these beers to be flat on purpose!!!! They are definitely not covering their asses on this one. Adam from the Wood is great on flavor, with smoke, tobacco, and bourbon with a hint of vanilla….but it has no bubbles. Cherry Adam is smoke and cherries, but the lack of bubbles helps to showcase a not-so-amazing medicinal quality.

Now, thoroughly upset that I had spent $200+ on flat beer, I went to De Garde.


Corned beef sandwich with De Garde Imperial Cranberry Bu: Yeah this is pretty delicious. Nice and tart, with less cranberry flavor than the regular Cran Bu, but it’s definitely there, and is more sour in this iteration.


De Garde Fleur Desay: Super tart with a lot of apricot flavor even though this beer has no fruit in it. I think it’s finished in Chardonnay, but I’m not entirely sure. Anyways, it has a nice juicy finish that reminds me of white wine. A+


Oh my god, there are so many empty bottles from the bottle share during De Garde’s last release…


De Garde Side Project Desay – Chardonnay Barrel: Yeah, this is absolutely delicious. Really tart with tons of that pineapple flavor that Side Project yeast tends to bring out. Finishes with a nice hit of Chardonnay at the end as well. I really look forward to how this is going to age. A+


De Garde Lee Noir: This beer has completely transformed since release. It is so much drier and funkier now with slightly increased tartness. On the other hand, the dark fruits are still great, but have mellowed out. A