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Some CBC Event-hopping

There were a lot of things going on every day during CBC, so this was my one day where I said, “fuck it, let’s do a bunch of them!”


Founders KBS @ The Green Dragon: Took me a while to get my beer, but it was worth it!

IMAG0023 IMAG0024

Crooked Stave event at Hop ‘n Vine: Progenitor was my favorite beer for that event. Tastes like a more subtle, and slightly fancier Hose.


The burgers at Hop ‘n Vine are pretty heroic too.

IMAG0026 IMAG0027

On to Upper Lip for Block 15 beers! Framboise White was as good as always, and Imagine was also delicious, but it’s starting to show its age.

Block 15 Golden Canary Release V.2.0

Block 15 released Golden Canary in Portland last week at Beermongers. I didn’t buy any bottles because I went down to Corvallis for the release, but I did NOM on some delicious beers that were on tap specifically for the event.

Imagine – a big barrel aged stout that happens to be 15% ABV. Super boozy, but not 15% boozy. Delicious but dangerous!

Super Nebula – My favorite Block 15 beer and one of my favorite stouts overall. A little hotter than the bottle I had not too long ago, but absolutely delicious none the less. I love how the barrel, bourbon, and coffee flavors get along.

Finally, Ferme de la Ville 2011 – I don’t think that this beer is that great fresh, but after one year of aging it’s really damn good. The hops have faded leaving behind great barnyard funk and savoriness.