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Before Jetting Off Again

I have been extremely bad at staying in Portland over the last few weeks, and it isn’t going to improve. Since I hadn’t seen so many of my friends lately I had people over so we could hang out and catch up before I fly away again.


Hill Farmstead Brother Soigne: This bottle is a year and a half old, and I think it’s in its prime right now. Super clean, but the tartness has developed a little bit more. One of my favorites from HF.


Upright Old Tom Blend: Only 1 of 60ish bottles, and it is absolutely fantastic. Like Special Herbs without the spice, but with the gin finish turned up to 11. I’m a huge fan of this beer and it was definitely one of the best beers of the night.


Fanta Flora Blen F’n Diculous #3: Pretty good, maybe a little too sour, but good effort from Fanta Flora. Note: improve your damn spelling next time.


Central Waters Eighteen: This beer is really good. Boozy as is typical with Central Waters’ big stouts, but it isn’t thin like their beers. IT HAS VISCOSITY! YESSSSSS. Chocolate, coffee, and barrel.


Dark Horse Bourbon Barrel Plead the 5th: REALLY GOOD MMMM ROASTY!


Drie Fonteinen Straffe Winter: I don’t like faro beers, but this was actually decent. That being said, a regular lambic this old would have been out of this world, whereas this one was merely moderately tasty. Listen Drie Fonteinen, I’m really happy you stopped bottling faro beers.


de Garde Imperial Apricot Bu b1: One of the big boys, batch 1 Imperial Apricot Bu. At this age, it tastes like straight fou foune (a fresh bottle). Tons of apricots are still present here, and the funk that has developed over the last three years has kind of brought this in line with a super fresh bottle of lambic. So what I said about stone fruit beers from de Garde and how they don’t age? This is the big exception to the rule.


Just a few beers they said, take it easy they said.

What a bunch of god. damn. liars.


Other Half Brewing All Green Everything: Because starting a night with a huge triple IPA can only lead to good things. As a side note, this was really damn good.


Other Half Brewing Citra: After AGE, this kind of tasted like hoppy water. Delicious, hoppy water.


Jester King something with sweet potatoes, coconut, and chili peppers: Thank god you couldn’t taste those added ingredients, because then the beer would have been terrible. Thank you universe for rejecting their experiments, thank you.


Alpine Kiwi Herman: TASTES LIKE ALCOHOLIC SMARTIES. Childhood comes rushing back.


Cigar City Hunahpu’s: This is probably the smoothest year so far. Might not be as spicy as Mexican Cake or Abraxxas, but has the best balance of spice, cinnamon, and chocolate.


Cigar City California Brandy Hunahpu’s: This beer has faded a bunch, to the point where it wasn’t actually an improvement over the fresher Hunahpu’s we had.


Tired Hands Parasomething something: It has a flavor, it was pretty good.


de Garde Apricot Bu: Yep, still a metric fuckload of fruit. Also, quite sour, but that’s okay, since I’m far beyond the point of palate fatigue.


Upright shelf turds can be pretty good I guess.


GOTTA BUST OUT THAT SPECIAL HERBS! So good it blew my camera out of focus with its pure awesomeness. Believe it.


Green Man Bootsy: Beer was really sour, but that label art.


de Garde Currant Gin Bu: Probably still my favorite regular Bu from de Garde. So good and balanced, and there’s nothing else like it.

Too tired to keep going, it was 4AM and my body told me to go fuck off.

DSC_0028 DSC_0030 DSC_0029

Game of Thrones Pilot

Yep, turns out some people we know had never seen Game of Thrones. Time to crack open a beer to drown my disbelief while firing up the pilot episode!


De Garde Imperial Apricot Bu: This batch 2 bottle is aging quite nicely. It’s definitely more sour than it was before, but it is developing some funk while maintaining an enormous amount of apricot flavor. Much recommended.

Fridge Rampage

So over the past few weeks, my fridge has been sprouting new beers, half of which I have no recollection of ever buying or trading for. Turns out my friend (who also trades beer) has been slowly stocking my fridge with his extra beer every time he comes over, but doesn’t end up opening all of them. It was time for some spring cleaning!



Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Barleywine: Not everyone had tried this beer yet, so we popped one open for the slackers.


Deschutes/Hair of the Dog Collage: Still a really interesting beer, but it might suffer from having too much going on at once.

IMAG3362 IMAG3363

De Garde Imperial Apricot Bu batches 1 (left) and 2 (right): Well, surprisingly, batch 1 handily won this comparison. More sour, with a riper apricot flavor than the more recent batch. We were thinking that this might be because apricots may have been better this last growing season. I’m not sure, but this is a case of, “batch 1 was better, move along”.


Cantillon Kriek: Well, you can’t always just hoard lambic. Sometimes you have to drink it. This is doing fantastic by the way, and I wish I had more.


De Garde Imperial Plum Bu: This is something I haven’t had yet! Nicely carbonated, with a subtle plum flavor. Of all the imperial bu variants, this one might be the easiest to drink. It’s fruity and sour, but is the least aggressive of the lot.


WILL IT BLEND?! Yes, yes it will.


Cantillon Fou Foune: Best beer of the night, easily. 2014 Fou Foune is a force to reckoned with. Prepare thy anus.

Getting back in the game

Haven’t been drinking much lately, which meant that I was accumulating beer way to quickly. Time to thin out the herd a bit.


De Garde Apricot Bu: Very tasty with lots of tart apricots. Very different from Imperial Apricot Bu though. Imperial Apricot Bu wasn’t nearly as sour and had mostly sweet apricots in the taste. Very good though, but I think Apricot Crush from 10 Barrel is better than Apricot Bu. B+


Block 15 Sticky Hands – The Kine: Pretty good I guess, but it has a onion off flavor that most Sticky Hands’ don’t have. I’m going to go ahead and chalk this up to the fact that this beer is a couple months old. B-


Upright Fatali Four: I love this beer when it ages for a bit. It loses a tiny bit of chili bite, but more than makes up for it in funkiness. A


Goose Island Bourbon County Proprietors: SO FUCKING GOOD HNNNNGH. Not much coconut left here, but it has a great toasty, caramel flavor that I haven’t had in other BCBS variants. A+


Cantillon Rose de Gambrinus 2011: Yep, this is the best year for this beer that I’ve had. So much raspberry, and it’s all in balance with the funk, tartness, and sweetness of the beer. Wonderful. A+

A day of cooking and drinking!

Drank some beer while dinner was slowly cooking away.



So this is the start…..


Oh man does this beer remind me of college. It was fantastic.


This is more like it. Gotta stay hydrated.


De Garde Imperial Apricot Bu: Yep, best apricot beer along with Fou Foune. So sad these are all gone now. A+


De Garde Boysenberry Bu: Yep, this beer is absolutely stupid. Tart, with tons of berries getting fed to you by hand by 72 virgins. The 73rd one was playing the harp in the corner.


Om nom nom.


Ready to eat!

Holy Apricots

So this beer is spot on. Lacks the complexity of Fou Foune or West Ashely, but makes up for it in pure apricot flavor. Never had so many apricots in a beer before!



De Garde Imperial Apricot Bu: A+ for stupid amounts of apricots. If it funks up over some time it will be truly out of control.