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Now let’s drink all the beer.


Block 15 Farm to Fruit: Holy Moly really good. Tons of peaches here with a bit of funk in the background before finishing super dry.


Upright, Jeux D’eau: This beer is aging really, really well. Much better now than it was when it first came out. I don’t think I have any bottles of this left, and it makes me angry.


de Garde Imperial Cranberry Bu: Again, inspired by my buddy’s blog, who is going through all the de Garde beers in order. This one dates back a few years, and it is incredible. Tons of spice and cranberry without the huge punch of acidity that I was expecting.


Goose Island Bourbon County Stout: I split a vanilla bean and steeped it in the beer for 4 days. The result comes out to something extremely similar to Vanilla Rye, but with more vanilla. It was very good, and I will be doing this more often….more often as in every fucking time I want a bourbon county.


John Wakefield Brewing Harbinger: Yep, holy hazelnuts batman!


Drie Fonteinen Oude Geuze 2013: God I love this beer. It just keeps getting better and better with age. While not as complex as the 2013 Iris I had a few days ago, this was a better beer. Tons of lemon zest, funk, and wet socks.


Block 15 Framboise White: This is a batch one bottle, and I had completely forgotten that it had a cork beneath that cap. Stupendous, and it had actually carbonated!!!!!!


Upright Cherry Four: I enjoyed this beer, but it was apparently a little bandaidy.



Well, we did a vertical of Norma back to batch 1, but I didn’t take a photo of each bottle individually, because I was drunk, and am a bad person in general.

Drinking in Cologne

So I’m in China right now, but I got to finish these posts somehow!


Time to bring on a tasting with Uli himself!!!!



The crazed scientist himself. Note how bright it is outside.


H.ertie Kickbacks: This beer if freaking amazing. A+


Not a bad hoppy beer from Europe. They don’t really know how to do these things though.


Upright Fantasia: Drinking like a peachy champion. However, I still maintain that as good as this beer is, the label is simply awful. A


Upright Jeux D’eau: Drinking better than before, maybe I shouldn’t have sent out so many bottles to people…A-


35 year old berliner weisse: no big deal.


Don’t remember much about this one, other than it being really interesting.


Beer on left was awful, beer on right was being slowly opened because it’s a gusher


I was at this for quite some time, but it was worth it.


Oh yeah, director of brewing operations at Victory Brewing in Philly was with us. Cool dude.


I like these stainless growlers, and apparently they do counter pressure fills now!


Hair of the Dog Matt: Yep, we had another one.


Lost Abbey Veritas 012: I was underwhelmed. Probably because the other beer was so good?


Nope nope nope. Also, it’s getting pretty late, and I’m feeeeeelin’ it.


Oh look what I found. OM NOM NOM

Judo Chop!

Yeah, Upright released Jeux D’eau the other day, but every time I hear the name I want to act like the Asian stereotype that I am and follow it up by saying “chop”. Therefore this beer is now called Jeux D’eau Chop. Any questions?!!!!!


Surprisingly, I was first in line after showing up about an hour and a half before opening. This never happens, so I sat on the floor and enjoyed my smoked beef tongue sandwich. It was good.


Trolololololol look at all the neck bearded beer geeks who have to stand in line before a tiny asian dude who looks like he’s 15. Them feelz bro.


Upright Jeux D’eau Chop: Tastes pretty young actually, with subtle grape notes, like that bottle of Cantillon Vigneronne I had a week or so ago. I think this beer could use some time to age, but it’s pretty tasty as is. B+/A-

Then, since I’m a man full of wisdom, I decided to drive through some pouring rain to the coast to attend the De Garde release. Super smart and nothing bad could have come of this.


De Garde Saison Desay Blend #1: Super citrusy with signature De Garde cow farts. Nice and tart too! A-


De Garde Saison Desay Blend #3: Much earthier and funkier than #1, like a grown up version. Also very tasty. A-


Wut am I doing?! Upright at De Garde?


Fuck it, might as well have some Sante Adarius too. Just so I can get chewed out by a guy on BeerAdvocate because I said that his Cellarman wasn’t worth HF Mimosa, Ann, Cable Car, or Bourbon Vanilla Dark Lord. Sorry bro, just because I don’t review beers on BeerAdvocate doesn’t mean that I haven’t had them before. Also, cheers to your December 2013 join date, you must be the last bastion of beer knowledge west of the Mississippi.