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Brews for New Avenues Bottle Share

New Avenues for Youth had a small bottle share at one of my favorite bars over the weekend, just to get some donor engagement going, and since we all drink and hang out together anyway.


First, had to stretch the liver with some Hawaiian Speedway. It was taaaaassty.


Thanks for the spread Cheese Bar!

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Why do these happen on weeknights

Yes, I don’t have any answers for you. This happened Wednesday…..


WHAT IS THIS?! A BOTTLE FOR ANTS?! Seriously, it’s tiny.


Hill Farmstead Harlan: Very good, but not very complex. I find most Hill Farmstead hoppy beers to be good, but 1 dimensional. Oh dear, I can already see people reaching for their pitchforks. Crap.


Cigar City Leon: Faded, but still great. Should have drank this earlier.


Yes, yes let’s go ahead and follow a barrel aged barleywine with another barrel aged barleywine. Great ideas happen this way.

Back on Schedule

Every other weekend tastings are back with a vengeance!


Bear Republic Racer 15 IPA: Good, and went well with my sandwich! A-


Well….that escalated quickly.


Hill Farmstead Life without Principle #2: I wish it was summer, because this beer would have been perfect. Nice and light with a touch of lemon, this beer is crushable. B+


Southampton Uberliner: An imperial berlinerweisse?! Hah! It’s damn good though. A-


Eagle something something Equinox: This beer has starfruit in it. I was sold at the very moment. It’s pleasantly sour with some orange citrus and another citrusy flavor I wouldn’t be able to place normally (starfruit). A-


Hill Farmstead Foster: Not for me. Too bitter. C+


Hill Farmstead Civil Disobedience #5: Tart with lots of citrus and funk. It’s a great beer, but commands far more trade value that its taste suggests. A-


Boulevard Love Child #1: Finish reminds me a lot of Cascade’s Bourbonic Plague…and that’s awesome. One of the best beers of the day. A


De Dolle Special Reserve: Tasty beer, nice and sweet. Dessert beer?! A-


Hill Farmstead Everett: Still one of the best porters out there. God damn. A


Hill Farmstead E.: Tasty, but the aroma of the beers was insane. Taste just couldn’t keep up. B+


Drie Foneinen Doesjel: IT NEEDS BUBBLES. B


Lost Abbey Devotion: It was carbonated! That’s always unexpected from Lost Abbey. Unfortunately, this beer was lame. C


Olde Hickory Seven Devils: Awesome barrel character here. Olde Hickory has yet to let me down. Come at me bro. A-


Hill Farmstead Jimmy: Still don’t like this beer. I want to have it once more fresh though. I don’t think age does this one any favors. B-


Fifty Fifty Eclipse Corn Whiskey: Good, but I’m not the best person to rate the eclipse beers, because I don’t think they are worth the $25. B+/A-


Cigar City Leon: Thank god that last bottle I had was just a freak. This beer is good. Might be the best beer of the evening. I was also a bit buzzed at this point. Apple brandy barleywine so good! A+


Upright Fatali Four: I don’t know why we decided to open this, but it was good. I like spicy stuff. A-