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Big Bottleshare

Went to my first bottleshare at Tin Bucket! It was arranged by some people on BeerAdvocate and I was lucky enough to be able to attend. Cool people, great beer, in a great spot. Couldn’t be more pleased.


Alesmith Barrel Aged Speedway: Delicious as always! Crazy to think that I’ve had this beer a ton of times but never actually owned a bottle…A-/A


Logsdon Peche ‘n Brett: This is the brand new batch, and while good… wasn’t as good as Fantasia. I’m really happy to try it, and quite happy that I only have one bottle. Front loading my purchases on Fantasia was a good idea. B+


Bruery Mother Funker: Sour as hell, but more palatable than before! B


Cascade Bottleworks XIV: Great beer, and doesn’t taste exactly the same as all the other Cascades! A


Cigar City Lacto Guava Grove: I brought this one, and really had no idea if it was going to be any good, so I was a little nervous. Turns out it’s quite good! I with the weather was nice out because this beer would be a good lemonade substitute. B+/A-


Drie Fonteinen Schaerbeekse Kriek: I love this beer as much as there are vowels in its name. Great kriek. A/A+


Lost Abbey Duck Duck Gooze: I’ve had this a bunch lately….ain’t a bad thing. A




Bo & Luke: Great label, pretty good beer.


I brought this one, and it sucked. Boo. C-


Funkwerks King: Really good initial sip, but got boring after a little bit.


Upright Blend Love: One of Upright’s best offerings. I could drink this forever. A/A+


Central Waters 16: Delicious, like candy soaked in bourbon. A/A+


Oh man, we’re screwed.


Kuhnhenn 4th Dementia and BA 4th Dementia: Love these beers. A/A+


Russian River Consecration B3: Best bottle of Consecration that I’ve had…maybe bigger bottles is better? A


Jester King Aurelian Lure: Great apricot sour, only West Ashely and Fou Foune are better for the style. A/A+


Goose Island King Henry: I’ve had this bottle forever, and now it’s dead. On the bright side, this bottle was delicious and much better than the last couple of bottles I have tried at tastings. KH is honestly one of the best barleywines ever made. A+

IMAG1051 IMAG1052

Prairie and Pirate Bomb!: I enjoyed Prairie Bomb! more, the vanilla was just so good. A


Drank bottles got drank.

Hoarder’s Trustee

My friend has a Bruery Hoarder’s membership, and the guy who’s trusteeing for him was in town with a few of his friends. Since we were all too lazy to drive down to Eugene for Hellshire Day, we decided to do some drinking here in town.


A special beer from New Belgium that I am not supposed to talk about. It was the best beer I’ve had from them next to caged and corked La Folie though. A


Almanac Dogpatch Sour: Tasty, but not the best beer from Almanac, a little too acetic. B


Almanac Farmer’s Reserve #3: This is the best beer they make. It’s kind of old at this point, so the strawberries and nectarines have faded quite a bit, but this beer is still great. A-


Logsdon Peche ‘n Brett: Great beer, but every time I have this I just think about how much better I like Fantasia. Tough life I know. A-


Cascade Noyaux: Really delicious, and in my opinion the best light sour that Cascade makes. Fruity, with a little bit of nuts, while not being overly sour.


Block 15 Super Nebula 2013: Best version of Super Nebula to date in my opinion, mostly because it tastes like fudge in a bottle. Great balance of barrel character, bourbon, chocolate, and alcohol heat. A+


De Garde Vin Lee: Yep. Making another appearance after it exploded upon opening. A/A+


Lost Abbey Duck Duck Gooze: Probably the best label on a sour beer ever. It also tastes fantastic to boot! Lots of sour, citrus, with a nice funk background. A/A+


Commons Emelie: Just had this not too long ago, and it’s still very good. I think it will get better with age though. B+/A-


Yeah….I don’t understand wine, but this was amazing. A+

Disney Movies…yes!

Watched Tangled a while ago and had a few brews. I’m have a huge soft spot for Disney movies, and Tangled is one of my favorite ones.


Logsdon Seizoen Bretta: Fantastic saison, I really don’t know why I don’t drink this more often…A


Yep, this is how I usually watch movies.


Block 15 Framboise White 2013: SOOOO MUCH RASPBERRY. I really enjoy this, but I think some time will let this funk up really nicely. The last batch really took off after a few months. Side note: This one has bubbles! A-

Beer beer beer

Drinking all this beer is hard work.


Hmm, been drinking a lot of Golden Canary lately, things could be worse. A


Upright Barrel Aged Seven: Really developed some nice brett characteristics while still maintaining a little bit of citrus. Very nice. A-


De Cam Oude Lambiek: Tasty, but could use some bubbles. B+/A-


De Cam Kriek Lambiek: Same thing here, but the cherries are nice! A-


New England Brewing Co. Chardonneighor of the Beast: Awesome name, crappy beer. D+


Logsdon Peche ‘n Brett: Peaches have faded a bit, but the brett character is really nice now. A-


Logsdon Seizoen Bretta Batch 1: Sooooo much brett, I really like this one. I haven’t had the new ones lately, but now I’m curious. A


Terrapin White Chocolate Moo Hoo: Really sweet and tasty, it’s exactly what Bruery’s White Chocolate should have been. A-


Fremont Kentucky Dark Star: I might be crazy, but I think that this beer has picked up more barrel character over the year it’s been sitting in someone’s closet. Hmmmm. B+/A-


Lindley Park: I love chocolatey jam. A-


Nightshift Viva Habanera: The first beer from Nightshift that I really enjoyed! WOOOO! B+

Well, that escalated quickly.

My friend dropped in from New York for the weekend. I was only able to hang out with him on Saturday, but we made the best of it with tons of beer and a full season of Top Gear!


De Garde Bu Weisse to get things started.


De Garde Rougie: Tons better than the draft version. A little bit more tartness and a lot more red wine barrel in comparison to the draft version. I’m sad I didn’t buy more of this one. A-


De Garde Cornelio Nunez: I didn’t have my coffee that day. This proved a worthy substitute.




Block 15 Turbulent Consequence – Premiere Annee: So damn good, right up there with Golden Canary and Beatification. A


Upright Barrel Aged Flora Rustica: I love this beer, LOVE LOVE LOVE. A/A+


Commons Maybelle: Still aging gracefully, but this bottle has a bit of sulfur to it that I haven’t experienced in previous bottles. A-


Logsdon Fresh Hop Seizoen: This beer is amazing, much better than last year’s version. Might be up there with Seizoen Bretta in terms of flavor. A-


Defiant Tripel: Pretty simple beer, nothing crazy about it. B


Firestone Walker Sucaba: I forgot how much I enjoy this beer, I need to get my hands on more of the caramely goodness. A-


Firestone Walker XV: Really good, the year and a half of cellaring really helped mellow it out. Too bad it was my only one. A


Surly Darkness: Best non-barrel aged stout imo. DARKNESS!! A-


Upright Special Herbs: My favorite Upright beer resurfaces! A+


Drie Fonteinen Armand ‘4 Winter: Need I say more?! Best beer of the night. ALL THE A+’s!


De Garde Loak Bean: Really tasty, but I’m pretty wrecked at this point. A+


Firestone Walker XVI: Forgot to open this one earlier, whoops. A/A+


Hair of the Dog Bourbon Fred 2012: Bubbles are amazing, and this beer is too. A+


Hill Farmstead Birth of Tragedy: Probably shouldn’t have opened this one…..I couldn’t even finish it. A+

More beer?!

Yep, after the tasting at the Commons I went back to my place to pregame for a friend’s birthday party. He’s a big foodie and likes to drink, so I figured I’d make him try a bunch of different things.


Commons Emelie: Good way to start!


Firestone Walker Parabola: It’s been a while since I last had this beer. It’s very good, but it just makes me want Bourbon County Brand Stout. B+/A-


Bruery Melange 3: On the other hand, this beer is absolutely delicious. Lots of dark fruits with a bit of chocolate. A/A+


This is what happens when your friends find your 3L bottle.


Logsdon Oak Aged Bretta: Really tasty, but not sour like the first batch was. I need to find my last bottle of the stuff see what it’s tasting like right now. A-


De Garde Blu Bu Weisse: Why the hell not?! Girls love this beer! A+


De Garde Italian Plum De Say: Last growler of the stuff. I really hope they make more of this stuff! A


De Garde Cran Bu Weisse: Last growler of batch #1. I love this beer, but blu bu weisse might be the tiniest bit better. A+

I didn’t know the “labor” in Labor Day meant drinking…

Well, that’s what it meant this year. My fraternity brother from school was in town, so we decided to broaden his beer horizons a bit!


These were the bottles that showed up at the beginning of the tasting. More showed up late, but I couldn’t be bothered.


Commons Emelie: Great way to warm up the palate. As I may have mentioned in a previous post, it tastes like a blend of Russian River’s Consecration and Temptation. A-


Logsdon Cerasus: Better than I remember, but it could use some more time. B+/A-


Eagle Rock Solidarity: This beer is boring. C


Crooked Stave Vielle: Really tasty, you could easily crush multiple bottles of this. I would have personally bottled this in 750 ml bottles, because 375 ml isn’t quite enough. A-


Well this isn’t going to suck.


But this beer did! Founders Mango Magnifico: D


Deschutes Abyss 2012: This beer is still a little hot. Needs to sit more. A-


Deschutes Abyss 2011: This, on the other hand, is drinking fucking awesome. A


Deschutes Black Butte XX: This beer is like drinking unicorn tears. A+


Odell the Meddler: Solid Oud Bruin. B/B+


Logsdon Peche ‘n Brett: Still very peachy, and tasting great. This year’s batch is aging better than Fantasia. A/A+


Crooked Stave Wild Wild Brett Violet: This beer is amazing, even better out of the bottle than on draft. I could drink this beer forever. The finish is nice and tart, and lingers for minutes. A+


Hill Farmstead Everett: Yep, still the best standard porter that I have encountered. By standard I mean it hasn’t had any weird ingredients added. A


Pelican Mother of All Storms: This beer is great, and much better than the 2011 version. A


Hair of the Dog Fred from the Wood: Very tasty as always, but it could use some aging. B+/A-


Block 15 Peche: Well this is the best beer of the day, even eclipsing WWBV. Amazing beer! A+