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Commons V3.0

Commons opened up their brand new space on Friday, the 28th, but I was still in Colorado, so I did my best and visited the day after. But first, I dropped into Upright for their 6th Anniversary.


Mmmm, the 6th Anniversary blend is basically the same beer as the 5th Anniversary, with some minor tweaks. It’s very good, better than 5th Anniversary was when it first came out.


A Wakefield Beer?! /insertjokeaboutreservesocietieshere.

Regardless of the status of their membership program, this strawberry lemonade berliner is pretty good.


Ahh, the new space for the Commons, it’s beautiful.


The old 7-barrel system that Commons used to use will be now used for R&D batches.


So much natural light, this is a much better place than the previous location for Commons.


Citrus Myrtle: Very tasty and refreshing, bring summer on. Can’t wait to crush this crisp, lightly tart and fruity beer in 80+ degree weather.


Oh that’s right, there’s now a cheese window at Commons now too.


Not a Commons beer, but this was fantastic.


Commons Buckwheat Grissette: This was also very tasty. Commons might be the new go-to beer for me for drinking outside.


Oh yeah, this happened too!

Timbers vs Chivas Shenanigans

Fucking referees ruining that game! UGH.


IMAG1511 IMAG1513 IMAG1512

I think I like blend 2, 1, and 3 in that order.


Goose Island Bourbon County Proprietors: Yeah…..this beer is still fucking amazing. Might be one of the best noses in a stout and the flavor is nice and rich with bourbon, chocolate, and toasted coconut. A+


Cigar City Hunahpu’s: Best had fresh! I think this beer loses some of the great cinnamon flavors if you hold on to it for too long. A


Block 15 Super Nebula 2010: Dem batch 1 whales. I think 2012 is the best year.


Side Project Brett Venture #2: yeah, this beer is completely different than the other bottle I had a few months ago. I wonder if it’s the age difference or just huge bottle variation. Not a whole lot of pineapple flavor in this one.


Cantillon Lou Pepe Gueuze 2010: Delicious as always! Now I’m going to hoard the remaining bottles that I have and age them FOREVER!!!! Nice sweetness with good funk and sourness. Cool cheesy quality as well!


Crooked Stave Wild Wild Brett Violet: Yeah…best beer they make after Persica batch 1 and Waelzblood. Nice and sour, not too much funk, and huge fruit notes! I wish I could have tasted this better, but I was absolutely smashed at this point. Frankly, I’m surprised that I could take a decent photo in the state that I was in…

Also, I’m going to be behind the Great Firewall of China for the next few weeks, so it’s going to be a little quiet around here. Damn China, what a beer wasteland.

Gueuze and Oysters

Yeah, weird pairing right? But this pairing is absolutely genius! I’m going to have to do this on my own in the future. Oysters…good….gueuze…good…..add them together and you could break the space-time continuum.


It was from this moment that I knew I wasn’t going to leave that house sober….


Cantillon Lou Pepe Gueuze 2008: First time having LP Gueuze, and it’s really, really good. Turns out it’d be one of the best beers of the night! A+


Armand ‘4 Herfst: Looks like this beer gets to make another appearance, and it’s still just as good as I remember. Might be the best beer of the night. A+


Block 15 Golden Canary 2011: Really tasty, but doesn’t quite hold up against the competition so far. It’s sweeter than I remember, but I don’t think I’ve had the 2011 batch before. A-


Commons Maybelle: Solid, but this time it just tasted like water. The other beers were far to aggressively sour and funky.


Lost Abbey Duck Duck Gooze: One of my biggest wants, and I finally got to try it. This beer is SOUR. Just smelling it makes me involuntarily pucker up. Not so much funk, but I can’t really tell because I’m still crying from the sourness. Awesome beer. A+



IMAG2708 IMAG2710 IMAG2709

Palette cleansers




and after.


Drie Fonteinen Golden Blend: Really, really good. I guess the last bottle I had was kind of off? A+


Breakside Postmodern Lambic: Don’t remember much about this one…


Whales….very few bottles made of this beer. Apparently it came from France and was made with Cantillon yeast?


Block 15 Super Nebula: Stupid good. A+




Don’t remember this one in detail either! Woooo!


Hill Farmstead Florence: Good, but HF can do soo  much better. B+


We also did a blind tasting between 2 boons, beatification, oude gueze, classic gueuze, and tilquin. My ranking was in order of best to worst: Beatification, oude gueze, tilquin, classic gueuze, and then the two boons.

Total rankings were: Beatification, tilquin, oude gueze, classic gueuze, and then the two boons.


Alpine Pure Hoppiness: Stupid good. The hoppiness was a fantastic break from the sour onslaught. A-


Armand 4′ Winter: Another repeat, and just as delicious. Another top beer emerges! A+


Cantillon Cuvee des Champions: Haven’t gotten to tick this one before, and it’s good! A


Cantillon Iris: It’s been two years since I last had this beer, and it’s really different than I remember. Still good though. A


Bleh bleh blehgh blend!