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Brews for New Avenues Bottle Share

New Avenues for Youth had a small bottle share at one of my favorite bars over the weekend, just to get some donor engagement going, and since we all drink and hang out together anyway.


First, had to stretch the liver with some Hawaiian Speedway. It was taaaaassty.


Thanks for the spread Cheese Bar!

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Movie Night

Watched Interstellar and Dark Knight the other day while crushing some delicious beers.


Lawson’s Sip of Sunshine: Very tasty, with lots of citrus up front.


Hill Farmstead Flora Blue/Black: Apparently this beer suffers from some bottle variation, which has resulted in some bottles being really not good. Luckily for me, my bottle was tasty! Fruit presence is mild, but I think that is a by-product of just drinking a lot of De Garde. Finish is a little goofy, but overall a great beer. That being said, regular Flora is way better.


This Treehouse beer was delicious.


IPA beer is IPA-ey.


Apparently I can’t take photos in focus.


Central Waters Bourbon Barrel Barleywine: A little boozy, but very tasty with lots of caramel and toffee.


Troegs Barrel Aged Flying Mouflan: This is one of the best smelling beers in existence. It is also a really good barleywine, I would place it just behind Bourbon County Barleywine in terms of deliciousness.


Hill Farmstead Brother Soigne: Palate Cleanser!


Pelican Mother of All Storms: This beer is really underrated. It’s one of the best barleywines being made today.


Goose Island King Henry: Well, shit. Really fantastic beer, but Mother of All Storms was just a tad bit better than this particular bottle of King Henry. This was a recent acquisition by a buddy, so we really don’t know how this bottle was stored for the last 4 years. My guess is someone’s smelly closet.


Best beer of the night. Also crushed my liver.

Django Unchained

Never got around to seeing this movie, so we met up at a friend’s place to see this extremely long and entertaining movie while doing some spring cleaning on his fridge.


Block 15 Golden Canary: I got the juicy bits, but this beer is still drinking really well. Tart, funky, and refreshing.


10 Barrel Cucumber Crush: I fucking love this beer. I don’t care who owns the brewery, as long as they keep churning this shit out.


De Garde Imperial Cherry Blu Bu: Don’t mind the sasquatch foot in the background.


North Coast Old Stock 2013: This is stupid good. It’s like hot chocolate beer.


Pelican Mother of All Storms: Good, but I want more of that chocolate beer.


Alesmith Bourbon Barrel Aged Vietnamese Coffee Speedway Stout: This beer is as tasty as its name is long. It has a bit of that marshmallow quality that Vanilla Rye has, but it is not nearly as sweet. Win!


Jester King Blackberry Beer That I Don’t Want to Spell. Yes.

When making fun of North Korea, drink beer.

I’ve been wanting to watch the Interview for a while now, and thanks to North Korea, I can watch it from the comfort of my own home. Seeing this movie makes me want to revisit Team America: World Police because movies that make fun of North Korea are way more entertaining than they should be.


Pelican Mother of all Storms: Really delicious this year, seems to get more vanilla each time I try a bottle. I also noticed that the bottle now says that the beer is bottled in Tillamook instead of Pacific City, so I wonder if the original location is still brewing beer. Also, sweet reflection of my buddy’s bottle opener on the beer glass was not intentional, but awesome.


De Garde Corbeau Noir: Dark sours are really hard to pull off, and I think that as a style, it’s dumb. That being said, this beer is pretty good for a dark sour. More tart than the Origins Grand Cru I had the other day, but there is still enough malt to make this not taste like a vinegar bomb.


Upright Undercurrent: It’s been a very long time since I opened up some of my Sole Composition bottles, and I wanted to fix that. Undercurrent is a strong saison with currants(?) added, or something to that effect. It’s a nice, clean saison with some jammy flavors. Upright doesn’t really do anything that plays to the ends of the flavor spectrum, so everything is in moderation, but executed perfectly. A




De Garde Imperial Chery Blu Bu: This is a tasty beer, but not quite on the same level as Cherry Raz Bu. That being said, we thought that this beer could use a little more time in the bottle to allow the flavors to integrate and mellow out a little more. B+/A-


Upright Wedding Beer: This beer is Upright at it’s best, bright, citrusy, with a little bit of gin aromatics. I would put this in my top 10 saisons without a second thought. A+


One of my best buds and brewing buddy, Mark, got into medical school! News this good demands celebration! Time for some funday monday!

Deschutes Jubel 2010: A+ beer. It was pretty good when it came out, but currently it’s drinking fantastic! Might be my favorite barleywine after Mother of All Storms. This beer is flat out incredible.

Block 15 Super Nebula: Another A+ beer! God we’re going strong so far! I haven’t had this beer out of the bottle before, and haven’t had it since it was released at the brewery in February. Super roasty, with big chocolate, bourbon, and smokey notes. This beer is great, but I think it could get even better over some time.

Apricot Seven: Another good beer! Somewhere in A-/B+ territory. Just the refresher we needed between the other two big beers. Slightly tart, with some nice oak and apricot flavors.

Our 3rd A+ beer was found in Hair of the Dog’s Bourbon Fred From the Wood. I’m sensing a theme here with all of the beers being barrel aged. I wonder if the next beer is also barrel aged?

Short answer: Yes. Mother of all Storms. Best. Barleywine. EVAR!!! 4/5 on A+ beers for the night!