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This did a number on my liver

Binge watched Entourage and drank a bunch of beer with some friends. It made my liver suffer.


Upright Fatali Four 2013: Old beer, but it’s amazing. Heat has subsided a little bit, but the funk has gone off the charts. I love this beer, it’s great and I still haven’t experienced anything else like it from another brewery. A


Allagash Ghoulschip: This is what all pumpkin beers should be like. Nice tartness, with a pronounced smoky toast flavor (from the pumpkin seeds) at the end. B+


De Garde Belle Ensemble: This beer is super funky and SOUR. If all of De Garde’s older sours are going to be like this, we have a good couple years to look forward to! A


Hair of the Dog Matt: This beer is wonderful as always, so delicious, with a side of diabeetus.


Crooked Stave Origins Grand Cru: Haven’t had this beer in about a year or so, and it tastes even better than I remember. Wonderful mellowness with a nice savory finish.


Block 15 Premiere Annee: This beer has aged pretty well, and I’m not sure if I could pick this out from the standard geuzes from Cantillon, Drie Fonteinen, and Tilquin.


Block 15 Golden Canary: This most recent batch just isn’t as good as the original. For srs, batch 1 is best.


8.9%?! This beer ruined me.

Might as well drink more sours

My friend from school really likes sours, and since he’s from NYC, he doesn’t get to drink much sour beer. We fixed that problem in Portland.


Crooked Stave Origins Grand Cru: Great beer, I wish it wasn’t so alcoholic though…A

IMAG3495 IMAG3496

We went for a couple beers from Cascade: Tawny Port on the left, Honey Ginger Lime on the Right.


Block 15 Premiere Annee: Since we had the Peche the day before, I decided that we might as well have the base beer, which is almost as good. A