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With Big Birthdays Come Big Beers

Also, in a words of a close friend, “poor life choices”.


So, I didn’t even know that Mikkeller made a geuze.


de Garde Peach Bu b1 3L: Oh, why hello there you sexy beast. You are drinking surprisingly well! Let’s have a closer look…


Yes, yes. You are indeed holding up very well. Mmmmm


Phoneception? Must be a good reason.


Drie Fonteinen Oude Geuze Vintage 2002: Oh boy, it’s been a few years since I’ve had this beer. Crazy enough, it’s been very different each time I’ve had it. Guess that is par for the course when you are drinking a beer that is old enough to be learning how to drive. A+


Cantillon Fou Foune 2013: This might be my favorite recent vintage of Fou Foune.


Oakshire Hellshire VI Single Barrel Reserve: Wow, I had forgotten what real barrel aged stouts should taste like! Better than Assassin.


Some more goodies!

Maybe this bottle looks familiar from Brews for New Avenues? Between myself and a friend we were able to land one of the four bottles. Slightly funky, moderate tartness, with an incredible amount of raspberry. Really, really happy to be able to try this beer.


Well, you know how whales are supposed to be finished…



Happy Birthday Kevin!


Oh yes, we also had Dave.




Canadians aren’t all bad


I was away for the weekend for de Garde’s 3rd anniversary party, but this box from Canada was waiting for me when I got home. We have a Cantillon Saint Lamvinus, Drie Fonteinen Oude Geuze Vintage, and Dieu du Ciel!’s Bourbon and Brandy barrel aged Peche Mortel. SO EXCITED TO TRY THESE

Birthday + 3 beer geeks.

I’m sure you guys know what happened next.


Drie Fonteinen Armand ‘4 Lente: Best beer of the night right out of the gate. Top 5 beer for me. I’m a huge fan of the enormous funk and hint of sweetness and fruit. Would bang again 10/10. A++


Drie Fonteinen Oude Geuze Vintage 2002: Second best beer of the night. You can smell that it’s a lot older than the Lente. Incredibly funk and earthiness, amazing. I need to somehow get my hands on one of these. A+


Lost Abbey Isabelle Proximus: Great beer, but just not as good as the first two. I feel terrible saying that. However, I will say this: it was more drinkable than the other two beers. A+


Hill Farmstead Sankt Hans: My friend called this beer “Stanky Hans” by mistake. I proceeded to call this beer Stanky Hans for the rest of the night. B+


Hill Farmstead Vera Mae: Better than Stanky Hans. A


Yep, that’s a 3L.


…..and this dude killed it, with a little bit of help. Happy birthday brah!


Russian River Temptation: Better than Beatification.

After the temptation we went to a bar and then decided to cruise over to my place…where more bottles were opened.


Block 15 Petite Verdot: God this beer is pretty, and still tasty as well! I’m sad I don’t have any left. A


Crooked Stave Raspberry Dark Origins: Huge raspberry nose, but not my favorite Origins beer. B+


Crooked Stave Cherry Origins: Yezzzzzz. A


Crooked Stave Origins Batch 2: Just as good as batch 1. A-


Cantillon Lou Pepe Kriek 2007: I really don’t have to write anything here. Go get this beer. A+


Upright Saison du Cidre: I love Upright one offs. This one was never sold. Mmmmm the .rar