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Ever since when were sisters enablers?!

Sorry for the inactivity over the last few days, my sister and her boyfriend were in town and demanded a beer tour of Portland. So, between Thursday night, Friday, and a little bit of Saturday we blazed through at least 40 different beers with a bit of fooding in between.


So without further ado, here goes some of the highlights of my last few days….the parts I can still remember.


First stop from the airport: Apex. From left to right is Boneyard Armored Fist CDA, Pliny the Elder, and Upright Five aged in Fantasia Barrels. Winner of this round was Armored Fist by a mile.

After a brief stop at some food carts, we went home and opened up a 2009 Bourbonic Plague. It’s a porter that was soured in bourbon barrels for a year while being fed on a tasty diet of dates. It was absolutely delicious, even if it gushed a little bit when I popped the cork. We also had Hair of the Dog Bourbon Fred from the Wood, and Hair of the Dog Doggie Claws 2010. Winner….Bourbonic Plague by a hair over Bourbon Fred from the Wood.

The following morning we had a Upright Fantasia (sour beer with tons of peaches) with some nice Chinese fried rice. It was amazing. I might be going all out for this weekend….but I never get to see my sister, so why not?

After our snack of Fantasia, we drove over to Hair of the Dog to get us some delicious brews. From left to right: Fred (golden ale with Belgian candi sugar), Blue Dot (double IPA), Greg (some weird style brewed with squash with no hops), Cherry Adam from the Wood 2009 (old world ale aged in barrels with cherries), Adam (old world ale), Doggie Claws 2011 (barleywine). Winner was Cherry Adam from the Wood, it was sooooo much better than the last release of Cherry Adam from the Wood. That particular beer tasted like cherry cough syrup, but more expensive.

Some food over at Lardo to sober up a bit. In the foreground is a pork meatball bahn mi and a pork belly, egg, cheese, and arugula sandwich in the background. Winner: our stomachs

Deschutes!!!! We tried nitro Obsidian Stout, Red Chair NWPA, Prussian Porter, Chainbreaker White IPA, NW511 PA, and Hop Henge. The best beer here was Hop Henge, which incidentally is one of my favorite DIPAs. It is exceptionally good this year.

Next stop: Upright!!! Starting on the tasting rack there is 4 (wheat beer), 5 (hoppy saison), 6 (rye beer), 7 (saison), and pure wit (wheat beer with lemons I think). Then we have De La Seven (seven with Da La Senne yeast and aged in barrels), Late Harvest (delicious sour), and finally a bottle of Oyster Stout in the big bottle.

Winner: Late Harvest or Oyster Stout

Later that night we shared a bunch of homebrews followed by Arctic Devil (barleywine in bourbon barrels) The best beer was arctic devil, at least in my opinion. My sister (who has been drunk all day), then decided to draw on me. Here’s the resulting artwork….god she’s a dick sometimes.

Dick status: Confirmed.

Saturday was a recovery day…but that recovery day eventually led us over to BeerMongers for some big stouts in celebration for St. Paddy’s Day. From left to right: Boneyard Suge Knight (russian imperial stout), Abyss 2011 (russian imperial stout), and Top Sail (imperial porter). Winner was Abyss by a nose. God damn Suge Knight was really good.

Later that night while I was DDing for my friends, my sister and her boyfriend were given full reign over my beer collection. I assume they drank a Black Butte XXIII, Stoic, and possibly another Abyss.

All in all, a ridiculous weekend.

Is it bad if my beer smells like the ocean?

After snowboarding yesterday, I was pretty beat, but decided to enjoy a tasty brew that I got the other day.

Beer: Oyster Stout

Brewery: Upright Brewing

Style: Stout

ABV: 5.25%

Location: Portland, OR

Appearance: Inky black, with no head. All you get is a little ring of roam around the glass.

Aroma: Roasted malts, coffee, and the smell of ocean.

Taste: It tastes pretty sharp, with notes of coffee, caramel, and a inkling of hops.

Mouthfeel: Medium bodied with strong carbonation. I really don’t know why such a carbonated beer failed to form a head. I don’t understand…

Drinkability: I finished a bomber with no issues, but I was ready to drink something else afterwards.

Beer Advocate Grade: B+ (88)

My Grade: B+

Another 100 bucks down the toilet

Spent a ton of money at Upright today buying a bunch of bottles. About half are for me with the rest being used for trades. Here one of the beer labels for you to feast your eyes on.

Tell me you don’t want to try it. You won’t.