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Growler Guys 2nd Anniversary

Yeah, it’s a really late post, I’m sorry. Lots of stuff went on at work and then I was in Europe for 11 days. Trying to catch up on old content!


On the other hand, Pfreim Peche is absolutely delicious. Highly recommended if you like a really clean, crisp peach sour.


Let’s start with the sour beer showcase at BeerMongers.


Block 15 Peche: Absolutely delicious, and the weird mint flavor that was present in the last bottle I opened is nowhere to be found. Sharp acidity, mild funk, with a punch of peach! OM NOM NOM. A

Now, to watch some Game of Thrones with some climbing buddies.


Block 15 Sticky Hands: This batch is really good, more dry than the others, but still has huge hop presence. A


Cantillon Kriek 100% Lambic Bio: Tons of cherries, cinnamon, mild tartness, and funk towards the end. I need more of this beer, it’s so good. A


De Garde Imperial Apricot Bu: Yep, this bottle is on point. So much fresh apricot in your mouth it’s unbelievable. Very tart with minimal funkiness. Thank god summer is here! A+


De Garde Imperial Strawberry Bu: Best strawberry beer I’ve had to date. If you can get one of these….do it. A

Then I went home…and drank some more.


De Garde Saison Desay – Collab with Side Project aged in Pinot Noir barrels: Very good as well, but the red wine does not make too much of an impression. On the other hand…I’m drunk.


Yep, getting drunk…and this was really good.


Oh god what was I doing to myself?! BCBVS!!!!! HNNNGH


I don’t even…

Drinking in Antwerp!

We met up with some of Europe’s huge tickers (rate beer thingy) at a bar in Antwerp that was opened just for this tasting. God I feel special.


But first, we had to travel through Brussels. So naturally we went to Cantillon. 50N4E was delicious.


So much beer on the Thalys high-speed train…


Yep, bar is shut. Let’s get started.


Orval Green: I like this more than Orval, much more crushable.


Block 15 Peche: Yep, still my favorite peach beer. A+


This pilsner was garbage. D-


De Garde Loak: Tasty, but it has a weird flavor going on this time, maybe it’s something to do with this particular bottle. B


Cantillon 50N4E: Yeah, I really have no problems drinking this multiple times in a week. A+


H.ertie Framfort 8: This is an incredible Uli blend, the best that I’ve ever had. So much sweet raspberry while maintaining funk and sour along with a nice soft finish is pretty miraculous. Might be the best beer of the whole trip. A++


Goose Island Proprietors: Yeah, this beer is still fucking amazing. Best variant since Vanilla! A+


Hair of the Dog Matt: Great change of pace from a bunch of sour beer. A+


Yep, getting drunk!!!!!

Then we went over to Kulminator…and got smashed.


Drie Fonteinen Hommage: FINALLY TICKED THIS FUCKER YEHHHHHHH! It was absolutely amazing. Best fruited beer I’ve had from Drie Fonteinen! A+

Couple bottles

Drank a couple beers with a friend the night before the HotD beer sale. It was a good time.


Block 15 Peche on the left and Premiere Annee on the right. Crazy ass shit right here. A+


I like Maine Brewing Co’s labels, really nice. Beer is good too. A-


Firestone Walker Velvet Merkin: Straight chocolate ice cream. A-


Laurelwood Framboise: Much better than I remember, good stuff!

I didn’t know the “labor” in Labor Day meant drinking…

Well, that’s what it meant this year. My fraternity brother from school was in town, so we decided to broaden his beer horizons a bit!


These were the bottles that showed up at the beginning of the tasting. More showed up late, but I couldn’t be bothered.


Commons Emelie: Great way to warm up the palate. As I may have mentioned in a previous post, it tastes like a blend of Russian River’s Consecration and Temptation. A-


Logsdon Cerasus: Better than I remember, but it could use some more time. B+/A-


Eagle Rock Solidarity: This beer is boring. C


Crooked Stave Vielle: Really tasty, you could easily crush multiple bottles of this. I would have personally bottled this in 750 ml bottles, because 375 ml isn’t quite enough. A-


Well this isn’t going to suck.


But this beer did! Founders Mango Magnifico: D


Deschutes Abyss 2012: This beer is still a little hot. Needs to sit more. A-


Deschutes Abyss 2011: This, on the other hand, is drinking fucking awesome. A


Deschutes Black Butte XX: This beer is like drinking unicorn tears. A+


Odell the Meddler: Solid Oud Bruin. B/B+


Logsdon Peche ‘n Brett: Still very peachy, and tasting great. This year’s batch is aging better than Fantasia. A/A+


Crooked Stave Wild Wild Brett Violet: This beer is amazing, even better out of the bottle than on draft. I could drink this beer forever. The finish is nice and tart, and lingers for minutes. A+


Hill Farmstead Everett: Yep, still the best standard porter that I have encountered. By standard I mean it hasn’t had any weird ingredients added. A


Pelican Mother of All Storms: This beer is great, and much better than the 2011 version. A


Hair of the Dog Fred from the Wood: Very tasty as always, but it could use some aging. B+/A-


Block 15 Peche: Well this is the best beer of the day, even eclipsing WWBV. Amazing beer! A+

Turbulent Consequence Release

Drove down to Block 15 yesterday for the release of the two Turbulent Consequence beers: Premiere Annee and Peche. As always, eating brunch at Les Caves guarantees you an allotment of bottles…so I brought my brunch face down to Corvallis.


Block 15 Turbulent Consequence Peche: Nothing like a glass of peach sour beer at 9:45 in the morning. It was also fantastic. It’s incredible how clean the finish on this beer is. A/A+

Next up, going next door to Block 15 to pick up our bottles, and maybe get another beer on draft.


Block 15 Turbulent Consequence Premiere Annee: Much more sour than the Peche, most likely because this beer doesn’t have the fruit to take the edge of the lacto, but it’s still really damn good. This beer might be more drinkable as well. Might not be on the level of Golden Canary, but it’s darn close. A

I think it’s time for a private tour of Block 15’s brewing facility!


Things are kind of cramped in here.


Spontaneous fermentation for the win!


Obligatory haul photo.


I’ve been getting a lot of beer lately. This is starting to become a problem.