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Poor Life Choices

Don’t do a beer bracket with imperial stouts. Just…don’t.


But of course, we did.

Time to warm up, stretch those hammies.


Not good enough, still have some knots in my livery bits.


Getting closer…


Okay, feelin’ nice and warmed up. Let’s do this.

IMAG3634 IMAG3633

First match-up: Westbrook 4th Anniversary vs Westbrook 3rd Anniversary: Both are tasty, but Westbrook 3rd squeaked past because the 4th Anniversary tried to juggle too many adjuncts.

Winner: Westbrook 3rd Anniversary

IMAG3635 IMAG3636

Next up, Westbrook Mexican Cake vs Alesmith Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Speedway Stout (jesus it’s a long name): As much as I like Mexican Cake, Speedway wins hands down with its delicious cold-brew coffee flavor. One person who claimed to hate coffee actually liked it. We’ll save her hate for coffee for another time.

IMAG3637 IMAG3638

Block 15 Super Nebula vs Goose Island Bourbon County Coffee Stout: BCBCS unanimously wins here. If it were a different vintage of Super Nebula, things could easily be different.

IMAG3639 IMAG3640

Three Floyds Dark Lord vs Central Waters 16: Dark Lord…….loses by a country mile. You could have put this up against Bud Light Chelada and it would still lose. Central Waters 16 laughs all the way to our livers.

Westbrooke 4th Anniversary vs. Alesmith Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Speedway: Speedway wins.

BCBCS vs Central Waters 16: CW 16 wins by a slim margin. First time it actually had a decent opponent too.

Speedway vs CW16: CW squeaks by with a 1-vote discrepancy between it and Speedway.

God my everything hurts.


THIS IS NOT HELPING, but I like it.


Still not helping, but I also like it. Look at that guy’s face in the reflection of the tulip glass. Looks like Slenderman.



Kind of.


Thank god it’s not a stout. Winner!


This was a stupid decision.

Field Trip to De Garde

De Garde released two variants of its Petit Desay on Friday, Petit Mosaic and Petit Azacca.


Let’s just say, they were good. Really good. Petit Azacca has more stone fruit qualities to it, mainly apricots with some earthiness. On the other hand, Petit Mosaic is bright and citrusy, with really strong grapefruit notes. I flip back and forth between which one I prefer.

And of course, since it’s De Garde, there were people there sharing some beer.


The Rare Barrel On the Shoulders of Giants: Look at that cute little taster glass! Besides that, this beer was pretty good, even though I don’t really like dark sours.


Sante Adairius There She Gose: I think this beer has a great name. I brought this bottle because I know how the De Garde release game works now :). This is the funkiest gose I’ve had, and actually has a nice briny taste to it, something that most goses lack.


Sante Adairius West Ashley: This beer is stupid good. Right up there with Fou Foune and Imperial Apricot Bu for the best apricot beers.