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Sours, Saisons, and Funk!

Yep, I repeated the BIF! I was in Las Vegas for work, and when I got back home I had a nice box waiting for me.


From left to Right: All wants or new ticks!

Westbrook Rhubarb Remix

Jacks Abbey Berliner Bruan

Night Shift Mainer Weisse

Night Shift Cape Codder Weisse

HF Brother fucking Soigne

HF Convivial Suarez

HF Arthur

HF Norma (that sexy bitch)

Alchemist Petite Mutant

Alchemist Heady Topper

Westbrook Gose

Trillium Farmhouse Ale

Captain Lawrence Rosso e Marrone.

I’m tired. Bedtime.

Drinking beer instead of climbing

Yeah, I definitely have my priorities straight. Especially because one of my friends had just returned from the east coast with a couple Hill Farmstead growlers in tow.


Hill Farmstead Citra: Tasty, but I wish Sean Hill would change up the base beer instead of following the same recipe every time and just replacing the hops. A-


Hill Farmstead Society and Solitude #6: Okay, this one is awesome. Definitely a top 3 IPA from Hill Farmstead for me. A


Hill Farmstead Ex——–: Yeah I can’t read that, but it was pretty tasty. A-

IMAG1081 IMAG1082

A couple scratch beers from Troegs! Man this takes me back to college, but there were on scratch #20 or so when I graduated. Now there are in the 90’s I think.


Hill Farmstead Daybreak: Great label, one of my favorite designs from them. Even though this beer is Grand Mariner barrel aged, I didn’t get that much orange out of it. That being said, it was really good. A-/A


Piscataquaweisse? Smells awful, tastes decent though! B


Westbrook Gozu: I really enjoyed this one, because it was so simple! Tart, citrusy and sour. I would definitely buy a bunch of these if it was in my local bottleshop. A-


Block 15 Sticky Hands – Home Grown: This one is excellent, and very balanced. It’s not a hop explosion like some of the other variations, but this one is great. A


This one was solid too.


The Alchemist Petite Mutant: It tastes just like a cherry version of New Glarus’ Raspberry Tart. That’s not bad at all, but it’s just not what I was expecting. B+