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I went to the Death Cab for Cutie Concert a few days ago, but before I went I shared a tasty beer with a friend. Here’s the beer we enjoyed before heading out.

Liquid chocolate? Yes plz.

Beer:  Chocolate Stout

Brewery: Rogue Brewery

Style: American Stout

ABV: 6%

Location: Newport, OR

Appearance: Mostly black with a tiny bit of brown mixed in. Just a tad of coffee colored head.

Aroma: Milk and dark chocolate, with some hops and roasted malts thrown in the mix. It smells heavenly.

Taste: Chocolate, with chocolate, with chocolate. Maybe a little bit of vanilla and coffee mixed in with all that chocolate. Fortunately, the chocolate isn’t overly sweet. Quite tasty.

Mouthfeel: Medium bodied with heavy carbonation despite the lack of head. Very, very fizzy.

Drinkability: Two bombers should do the trick! Might want to throw in a scoop of vanilla ice cream into the second beer to mix things up a bit.

Beer Advocate Grade: A

My Grade: A-


Unmitigated Disaster

I will be honest, despite the fact that I rarely have rogue beers now that I’m back in Portland, I was really pumped for this beer. I was planning to go down to voodoo donuts, get some bacon maple bars, and then make my way to the Rogue Pub to snag a bottle or two of bacon maple porter to see what’s what. Unfortunately, a few days before the release Rogue pulls some Pennsylvania shit out of its and says that you can only buy the beer by the case, for $156 dollars. That is equivalent to $13 dollars a bottle.

I personally think that the brewers at Rogue tried the beer and decided that it was a complete disaster for a beer and should be put back into Pandora’s box. On the other hand, why not sell the beer in cases only so that they can get rid of the beer faster? Release an overpriced probably shitty beer to a population of beer geeks? Sounds like a flawless plan.

To make things worse, they really didn’t distribute any bottles to the press so there are only one or two reviews. When a beer is bad, I gratuitously pour hate onto it in the efforts that none of my friends will share the same horrible experience as me. But when a newspaper does the same thing, it can have disastrous consequences. Willamette Week called the beer a “foul abomination”, and the quotes that are included in the article might possibly be made from solid gold. They are that entertaining.

So, as a result no one has really purchased any of this beer, with 0 reviews on BeerAdvocate when there should be a fair number of reviews for a beer hyped this heavily.

Well Rogue, the ball is in your court, and it smells like shit. Sell the beer in single bottles for $5 so we can all try your beer and tell you how shitty it is.