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Founder’s at Upper Lip

This is also known as the night where my friend drank 64oz. of KBS.


Founders KBS: Sooo much better on draft than from the bottle. I need to find more of this on draft this week.


Founders Russian Imperial Stout: Still probably my favorite non-ba stout. Sorry Kuhnhenn.


Finished up with some Boneyard Bone Lite downstairs at Baileys.

Homebrew V.3.0: Harder Better Faster Stronger

A few days ago my brewing buddy and I popped the first bottles of our third homebrew. This time we brewed a Russian Imperial Stout, and I’m happy to say that it turned out incredible! We adapted a clone recipe for Victory Storm King, and in my opinion, our version is tastier. It’s thicker, heavier, and more alcoholic! What’s not to love!

Do not worry: cat food was not used in our recipe!

I’m still not allowed to review my own homebrew under punishment of death by my brewing buddy. I will say this, it is definitely the tastiest brew we’ve made so far. I like this upward trend of improvement.

Next up: Zombie Dust/Gumballhead hybrid!

It’s only fair I do a full review of Abyss as well.

Ever since I didn’t do a full review of abyss, my frat bros have been pestering me about doing a full review. I was feeling pretty good after my steam fired stout, so I decided to do a full review of Abyss to silence the god damn frat boys.

This beer will suck out your soul

Beer: The Abyss

Brewery: Deschutes Brewery

Style: Stout

ABV: 11%

Location: Bend, OR

Appearance: The deepest of blacks, with a finger and a half of mocha colored head, with the bubbles in a tightly packed formation

Aroma: Chocolate, vanilla, wood, bourbon, with a hint of coffee.

Taste: This beer is my favorite for a reason. I get chocolate, vanilla, coffee, wood, bourbon, little bit of dark fruit, some more bourbon, and coffee on the finish. This beer delivers its flavors in waves, with no particular flavor overwhelming the next. With this complex of a flavor profile, it’s a miraculous feat.

Mouthfeel: On the heavy side with moderate carbonation. It feels like I’m drinking liquid silk, it’s that smooth

Drinkability: If I wasn’t so concerned about saving my reserves of this beer, I would easily drink 2 or 3 bombers, witch would equate to 10-15 standard drinks. So don’t do that.

Beer Advocate Grade: A+ (100)

My Grade: A+

Behold! the greatest beer in the world!

Beer from a can doesn’t have to be bad. Also, Merry Christmas

Apparently, this review was sitting in the drafts section because it was never posted. I’m currently in Snowmass, CO, and there is actually no snow. It’s a little depressing to see grass and rocks wherever you go, and to compound the sadness I screwed up the edges on my snowboard when I went through some trees and discovered that there were a lot of rocks. So not only can I not snowboard on anything worth riding on, but I also have a snowboard that could really use some TLC.


On a happier note, I received some spherical ice cube molds for scotch as a christmas gift. They might be the coolest things ever and I have not even used them for scotch yet. The only action they have seen so far is for apple cider (these things take forever to melt! I refilled my cider glass at least 4 times and I still had ice at the end).


I hope that all your Christmas celebrations are going well!


I decided to split this wonderful beer with a friend while watching one of the greatest shows on television, Futurama. It was the episode where Bender gets a sex change. Classic.

Beer this dark comes from a can? Oh hell yes.

Beer:  Ten Fidy

Brewery: Oskar Blues

Style: Russian Imperial Stout

ABV: 10.5%

Location: Lyons, CO

Appearance: This beer pours like motor oil. Completely black with no head with no lacing. It looks like its about to consume me with its darkness

Aroma: Roasted malts, coffee, dark chocolate, and maybe raisins or some other fruit

Taste: Super rich, with coffee and chocolate up front. Some maltiness and dark fruits sneak around somewhere in there as well. This beer is epic. Also…boozy.

Mouthfeel: Low carbonation, massive body. Despite its heaviness, this beer is ridiculously smooth, like liquid velvet.

Drinkability: You can drink several cans of this, but it is a slow drink. Took me about half an hour to drink half of one.

Beer Advocate Grade: A

My Grade: A-/A   I can’t decide…it’s borderline.

Stout Season is a Coming

Immediately after having that La Parcela from Jolly Pumpkin, I realized that I said I was going to take a break from sours for a while. Since I failed on that front, I decided to make up for it by trying a big barrel-aged stout. Being at Beermongers, I simply walked over to the coolers, grabbed a Mikkeller Black Hole Cognac Edition, and got to work.

Beer: Black Hole Barrel Aged Edition Cognac

Brewery: Mikkeller

Style: Russian Imperial Stout

ABV: 13%

Location: Denmark

Appearance: Black on black on black on black. Also a half finger of coffee colored head.

Aroma: Lots of cognac, holy crap. I was so caught up with the cognac that I almost forgot to notice the coffee, chocolate, and vanilla notes

Taste: Really god damn delicious, people need to age their beer in cognac barrels more. This is a boozy beer, not unlike Bourbon Brand County Stout, but sweet chocolate, vanilla, and mild coffee bitterness more than make up for it.

Mouthfeel: Sticky, and super heavy.

Drinkability: Not that drinkable, I ended up splitting part of the bottle with some of the people at Beermongers

Beer Advocate Grade: A

My Grade: A

This beer is part of a big series of Black Hole Barrel-Aged beers. The others include  bourbon, whiskey, red wine, white wine, rum, and tequila.

I’ve tried the bourbon which was delicious, and the tequila which was not.

Avoid the tequila.