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Beer and Card Games

Doing it right.

Spicy SARA?

Sante Adairius Nonna’s Blend #12: I’m not sure why SARA has suddenly decided to release a bunch of chili beers, but I personally don’t mind. If it’s anything like Upright’s Fatali Four I’ll be very pleased. This beer is in the same vein as Fatali Four, but with much more pronounced wine barrel character and characteristic SARA funk. Chilis? Not really. Oh well, beer is still delicious!

Monterey to Portland

Visited my friend who lives in Monterey and then did the long drive back to Portland. Here’s some beer!

Right in downtown Monterey, Alvarado Street Brewery! Doing that hazy IPA shit that everyone is all excited about. Best beer they had was the milk stout with coffee on nitro though.

Of course I had to stop by Aptos St BBQ. They do brisket right here.

Hmm, I swear that’s the same artwork that you find on a beer label. The brewery is right behind me isn’t it.

Yep! Sante Adairius Forest for the Trees! One of my favorite IIPAs and something you can only get in growlers or on draft. I also only lasted about 5 minutes here before some random guy I didn’t recognize called me out by name. God I wish I was better at names and faces, I wouldn’t have nearly as many awkward moments!

10 Barrel, just because I haven’t been to the original taproom before. Cloudchaser IIPA is pretty good, and named after the brand new chairlift at Mt. Bachelor!

I know it isn’t beer, but I went through Bend on my way back from Monterey so I could check out Smith Rock. This place is absolutely beautiful, I can’t wait to come back here in summer and hike around!

Friday Nights at Growler Guys


Whoever the hell made this is one fantastic homebrewer. This is the best homebrew I’ve ever had.


de Garde Bu Rice: Still tasty, but I think it’s falling off right now purely due to how sour this beer has gotten since it was released.


de Garde 3rd Anniversary: While Bu Rice deteriorated over time, this beer is getting better. Mmmm.


Upright Heart’s Beat: Here’s another beer that’s improving! Before it wasn’t sour or funky enough, but now the huge cherry bomb is starting to develop some other characteristics. This could easily go a few more years.


Sante Adairius Southern Sunrise: My favorite beer of the evening, and while I think apricots are a better fruit to use in beer than peaches, this beer is easily better than West Ashley in my opinion.


Alesmith Barrel Aged Vietnamese Coffee Speedway: God damn that’s a long name to type out. Whatever, this beer is fantastic. On the other hand, I still think my favorite Speedway variant is just normal Vietnamese Coffee.


Also, don’t spill beer. You might just have to zamboni it.

20170217_204926 20170217_204537

Block 15 Super Nebula Breakfast with Woodford & Double Chocolate Vanilla Bean: Woodford is way better. The end.

Whoops, missed one.

Last but not least in our Grand Tour drinking session…


Sante Adairius Nonna’s Blend #11: Oh dang, I only just realized that this beer was 8.1%. That’s amazing. This was the best beer of the night and I could drink this all day long. Probably the best batch of Nonna’s since 7.

That is no moon.

And this is no quad.


Sante Adairius Capitola Breezes: A barrel aged quad with cranberry and grapefruit? I disagree, my impeccable palate says that this beer tastes like an imperial version of Saison Bernice with extra sourness and some citrus fruit in it. Doesn’t matter what they call it though because it’s delicious.

Elements of Composition


Drove through iced over roads in the dark just to get one stinking bottle of beer. I have problems.