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That question basically comes up in any conversation with a group of my friends. The ones that played tons of Smash Bros in college who just want to relive those moments of glorious nerdiness and Natty Light.

We skipped the Natty bit.

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I was running out of his beers, so it was time to re-up on Casey. 🙂

Cause for Celebration

So I’ve been working on a rock climbing route outside on lead, and I finally got it! It was terrifying….but I get to have some celebration beers!


Bruery Mocha Wednesday: Dehydrated? Check, 19.2% beer? Check!


Commons Trillium: This beer has really taken off, probably my favorite Commons beer to date! I really like Commons, but I think they might be releasing them a few months too early, since their bottles come out just about perfect after aging in my closet for a few months.


This was a great and terrible idea. Willet 11yr bottle #768 is the winner.


Jester King Sin Frontera: Smarties.


Uli/BrauArt Lambik Peated Weizen: If you don’t like Islay, you will hate this beer, but if you do, this thing is absolutely awesome. I’ll never get the chance to have something like this ever again.

Short Break from CBC

Dropped by Hop ‘n Vine to pick up the collaboration beers between Jester King and Crooked Stave.


Then I went to a friend’s house to recuperate.


Hill Farmstead Dorothy: Great pale ale, but at 7%, I’m not sure this actually qualifies. Anyways, it’s pretty darn tasty. B/B+


De Garde Saison Quatrieme: Another dry hopped and wine barrel aged saison from De Garde….I think this is part of a series yes? Anyways, it’s very tasty, but I do think that the hops kind of hide the character imparted from wine barrel aging. Or it could just be my shitty ass palate. B+