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Pucker up bitches!

For the past few years Belmont Station has held a week long tap takeover from different breweries showcasing their sour beer offerings. Every day is a different brewery, along with a couple leftover taps from the day before. It started on Friday the 13th, but I went Saturday, Sunday, and today because I felt like those were the days that any self respecting beer geek had to go to.


Taster flights of Flat tail, Oakshire, and Cantillon. My favorite beer was the classic gueze, but I didn’t have the kriek or rose because I have bottles that stuff sitting in my apartment. Also to note, long taster trays lead to inadvertent swastikas. Think about it.

Russian River Publication: A hoppy berlinerweisse that’s two years old now. Apparently it tasted like gym socks when it was fresh. I’m quite glad I wasn’t around for that. I will say that it tastes good now though.

Probably my favorite day so far: Block 15 sour beers are sooo good. From left to right on the paddle is Ferme de Demons, Strawberry Fields, Golden Canary, and Belmong 15th anniversary. The snifter in the back is Golden Canary with Gooseberries. Best beer of the day goes to either Strawberry Fields or Golden Canary. The gooseberry variety would have been the best but it was not carbonated at all, which was too bad. God I wish strawberry fields was bottled, I would drink all of it. ALL OF IT!

Upright night! Front to back on the paddle is Late Harvest, Lactovasilios, Belmont 14th Anniversary, and Blend Love. The glass is Fantasia. Blend Love was the winner her, because as I remember, Fantasia on draft wasn’t nearly as good as the bottled version. They are completely different beers. The 14th was super good too, good gin flavor but it isn’t overpowering at all. I’m glad I got to try it!



Perfect Weather

Calls for light and refreshing beer! Both days over the weekend were over 80 degrees with no humidity. Naturally I did what tons of other Portlanders did once nice weather hits….day drink!

It sure is bright!

Beer: Tart Lychee

Brewery: New Belgium

Style: Wild Ale

ABV: 7.5%

Location: Fort Collins, CO

Appearance: Bright gold with bits of pink, and a tiny bit of pure white head that fades very quickly

Aroma: Some sour, orange, and a fruity smell that’s hard to distinguish unless you know that this beer has lychee in it.

Taste: Nice and tart, might be a great substitute for lemonade on a bright and sunny day! Lychee, passionfruit, and orange are the flavors that I think I can make out, but I’m just really happy to be drinking this at noon. Hooray for Beermongers!

Mouthfeel: Light with moderate/high carbonation. Very crisp and refreshing

Drinkability: I’m going to buy tons of these when I find them on the shelves and sit on them until it’s a million degrees outside. Then I’ll drink them all. ALL.

Beer Advocate Grade: B+ (89)

My Grade: A

El Coloquio De Cervantes

Or whatever the hell it’s called. It’s the beer that Upright brewed for 16 tons (a bottle shop in Eugene) for their anniversary. Out of 120 bottles, 8 cases went down to 16 tons, 1 case was split amongst the Upright employees, and 1 case was sold as a Sole Composition series at the brewery with a 1 bottler per person limit. Of the 12 bottles sold, 4 were purchased between myself and the beer geeks in my tasting group. We also paid someone to buy a bottle for us so we could try it in the brewery without popping open one of our own bottles. Stroke of genius!

Pretty tart, with gigantic amounts of raspberry presence. Delicious!

Saturdays will be Saturdays…

Which basically means that I went over to Cascade and Upright….somethings simply can’t be avoided. However, I did get to try beers from these places that I’ve never had before! Oh the excitement!

Outside seating on one of the first warm days this year!

Description: This vintage 3 year old NW style sour ale is a special offering just because we can. Dark malts, spices, aged wine and black currants, with hints of bourbon and a noticeable note of vanilla greet you in the nose. Big rich dark fruits, aged port, black currants and oak and vanillins dance on the palate. Tart dark fruits and a dark bourbon flavor finish this off as only Bourbonic can.

As much as I enjoyed this beer (I’d give it an A), with sunny spring weather comes seasonal allergies, so I was only able to pick out the major notes in this beer in my pitiful, congested state. I will say this, if you’ve had the normal bourbonic plague and enjoyed it, you’ll love this one as well. It’s got a nice vanilla smoothness and taste that plays in the background. It doesn’t punch you in the face like Bourbon County Brand Vanilla Stout, but it is always there, like a supporting instrument.

Ah Upright, please make my allergies go away!

This was their one off of Bloget (a saison) that was aged on apricots. Super refreshing with a little bit of peach notes and more than a little bit of apricots. In my mind, I think of this beer as a blend of Six and Seven that was stuck into a barrel with apricots, but then again, with my allergies this must be taken with a gratuitous pinch of salt. I still liked it though!

A little pick-me-up

Awfully long day today, so after work I mosied on over to Upright for the newest Sole Composition release. This particular beer is Five aged in the barrels that were used to make Fantasia. Bottle count 120, and I bought three, meaning that I walked away with 2.5% of the entire release. Oh how I remember the days when I thought spending $15 on a beer was ludicrous…now I don’t even flinch. Is that a bad thing? After thinking long and hard about it, I have to answer with “not necessarily”

Awful day to good day in 60 bucks flat.

Sour beer how I love you

Blueberry was released in bottles today, and I have been waiting for that beer to come out for some time now. Naturally, I went over, grabbed a glass, got a few bottles, and a little somethin’ somethin’ for a lucky beer geek on the east coast.


PDX Beer Geek Bottle Share

This was the first gathering of a small group of buddies at the BeerMongers for a themed tasting. Everyone brought a sour beer produced by the Bruery. I also brought my Russian Imperial Stout homebrew, which was enjoyed by everyone! That made me pretty happy, but the general consensus was that the beer was definitely closer to a CDA than a stout. Thinking back on it, it does make more sense to call it a CDA.

Note: each of those bottles is 750ml and most are in the 8% ABV range. We had our work cut out for us considering there were 8-10 people.

First up, Oui Oui!! Really tasty, definitely top 4 for the day, like a Cascade the Vine, but more complex. Very wine-like but still delicious

Pinotlambicus, tasty, but definitely not a stand out beer.

Yes. This beer is no joke. Sooo sour and funky, it would get all up in your nose like a big lump of horseradish. I love sour beers, but this was too much even for me.

Best beer of the night. Absolutely stellar. Pity it took about 3 years to make.

Two different vintages of Sour in the Rye. The one on the left was significantly more complex and tasty than the new one. Hopefully time will improve this beer.

Two vintages of Oude Tart. Honestly I can’t remember which one I liked more. I just remember that they smelled and tasted completely different.

This was my contribution. No one really knew anything about this beer, but it turned out really good. I would give it 2nd place for the day.

I really did not enjoy this beer very much. It was so carbonated that I couldn’t taste anything. It was just super prickly and aggressive with its carbonation.

This beer was weird. The base beer is weird, and adding brett didn’t really do much for this beer. I didn’t get any earthy brett flavor, just tons of yams and whatnot that were in this beer originally.

Hellshire II, which was brought as a bit of a gag. However, I was surprised that it was much, much better than the infected bottle of Hellshire II that I had last month. Also Tart of Darkness, which is basically amazing.

The Wanderer, ticked. Extremely tasty as well, definitely vying for 2nd place with Filmishmish.

Marron Acidifie was pretty good, but I expected a little more out of this beer than I got. Honestly though, my palate was beyond all hopes of recovery at this point. Judging this beer after all the other sours is a little unfair.

One of the best names for a beer that I’ve come across. Blatantly making fun of the beer trading crowd. This beer is based off of marron acidifie, but I think it was better before people decided to fiddle with the base beer to come up with this.

Thanks for everyone that showed up, it was really fun, and much more relaxing than the gigantic bottle shares that I’m used to. I look forward to the next one!