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No, I didn’t move. I’m going to end up dying in this apartment, but a friend just moved and of course we had to christen the place! Don’t mind the fact that there’s not much in the apartment and we hadn’t really helped them move in yet….


Other Half Hop Showers: This can was weird, didn’t taste like Hop Showers to me, way too bitter for that. I’m not sure on the age of this can, so that might be a factor.


Block 15 Super Nebula: This bottle is the Lost Barrels version from 2011, where they used previously lost barrels that were discovered at the Buffalo Trace warehouse. They date back to 1989, so that’s pretty awesome. This beer was good but too smoky when it was first released, but the 5 years sitting around has done it well! The smoke has faded, leaving behind a nice chocolate, bourbon, and oak flavor profile. Still smoky up front though! Dinged points on thin mouthfeel. B+


Bandaids. >_<


Bottle Logic Stronger Than Fiction: Wow that’s a lot of coconut! Other than that, this beer was kind of weird, mostly because it’s a strong ale and I don’t really think many people get the strong ale profile right aside from Hair of the Dog and Kuhnhenn. B


This beer was unremarkable, not because I remembered what it tasted like, but because I don’t remember what it was like. This is known as drunkard natural selection.