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Block 15 Tap Takeover

Lardo is doing it right. They probably have the best casual dining and beer setup in town right now. Get dat Sticky Hands on draft!


Sticky Cans Round 2


Sad to say, but while this batch is good, it’s not as delicious as the first canning of Sticky Hands.

Oh wow.

This new batch of Sticky Hands is absolutely stellar. A little more tame on the front end, with a little bit of sticky sweetness and a huge does of tropical fruit and citrus at the end. Thank god this comes in 4-packs.


Tigard Boulder Rally

Had some climbing friends over to watch the Tigard Boulder Rally. It was easier to see the actual climbing by watching the livestream of the event instead of going there to watch it in person. Also, beer is waaaaaaaay better at my place.


But first, gotta build a drinking substrate. Cellarman is doing well, definitely got drier and more bitter since I had a fresh bottle.


Other Half Brewing Amarillo: Still just as tasty as ever, and it was my last can 😦


Block 15 Sticky Hands: Cans come out this week! That meant I could kill the crowler with no remorse, only happy thoughts.


de Garde Belle Ensemble: Really, really tasty. It’s only improving with age, with a nice funk backing up the bright tartness that was present way back in the day.


Russian River Beatification b5: Best batch of Beatification is no slouch, and while it’s cleaner and brighter than Belle Ensemble, I prefer the heavier malt backbone of Belle Ensemble more. We were split 50/50 on the issue.


It is impossible to have too much Brother Soigne, impossible.



Machinima Nostaligia and beer

A few days ago a friend and I were talking about Red vs. Blue, a machinima series that was absolutely hilarious and filmed using Halo. So the next day we decided to watch the series again and bathe in the nostalgic feelings.


Block 15 Sticky Hands: This batch is fantastic, and doesn’t drink like an 8% beer at all. I also hear that regular cans are in the works? I’ll take Sticky Cans any day of the week!


Lawson’s Finest Liquids Sip of Sunshine: This is an old can, sooooooooo it pales in comparison to the super fresh Sticky Hands. Wasn’t even a fair fight, hops had faded a bit and it just wasn’t the same.


Block 15 Cassidy: Finally getting around to trying Block 15 beers from a few releases ago. This has a great funky nose that carries into the taste with a moderate amount of tartness. I really like this, it’s like a Block 15 sour had a child with an Upright sour.


Block 15 7th Anniversary: Okay, this is even better than Cassidy. Definitely more subtle and nuanced than the more aggressive Cassidy, which actually isn’t that aggressive in its own right.


OEC piece of crap: Yep, it’s terrible, just like my ability to manually focus a camera.


Prairie Pirate Noir: This is really good, and a good way to finally get into Stoutember for the night. Sweet and chocolatey with good bourbon presence.


Deschutes The Abyss 2010: God, this beer is still one of my favorite stouts, they just don’t make em like this anymore. Bitter dark chocolate with some oak and bourbon, but perfectly balanced. Stouts nowadays have gotten so much more aggressive in their flavor profiles, with big hits of one or two flavors, leaving well balanced stouts by the wayside. A+


Cycle Brewing Pallet #2: Not even close to 2010 Abyss. Not. Even. Close.


Casey Brett Loves Citra: OH THANK GOD THE STOUTS ARE OVER! Very tasty dry hopped sour btw.

An excuse to drink? Okay!

My friend is getting married soon, and most of his friends aren’t beer geeks/kind of suck, so we drank without them 🙂



Hill Farmstead Brother Soigne b1: So this beer is a couple years old now, and it’s the best bottle I’ve ever had. As much as I like Brother Soigne fresh, it might just be better with more age to it. More tart, and more lingering sweetness on the end, with some nicely developed funk as well. A+


We may have played this Neutral Milk Hotel song a few times while drinking this beer.


Cantillon 5oN4E: This beer is aging really well too. Nice cantillon classic gueuze flavors up front, with some really delicate barrel and sweetness on the finish. One of the more nuanced beers from Cantillon that I’ve had. One thing to note though, carbonation was pretty low on my bottle, but I’ve experienced more carbonation in other bottles in the past. Good thing the carbonation level didn’t bother me at all! A+


De Garde Petit Lee: Insert joke about how I’m a short Asian here.


Block 15 Sticky Hands: Great beer as always, and as always I’m still waiting for Sticky Cans.


Hill Farmstead Flora b5: My favorite batch of Flora, but as Flora tends to fall off as it gets older, I better start drinking my bottles quickly! This bottle was still great, and would have been the best beer of the night if 50N4E wasn’t there to rain on its parade! A+


Why do we always open high ABV beers towards the end?! WHY?!!!!!


De Garde Citra Hose: This beer tastes like mangosteens. WHICH IS AMAZING.


FUUUUUUUCK. Marshmallows.


De Garde Cherry Rum Bu: I had this beer when it first came out, and there was no rum to be found. However, I’m happy to say that a year later there is rum! A gentle rum-flavored sweetness is hanging out on the finish of this beer. This beer matched our unnaturally warm weather really well. A

Sure, I’ll go to De Garde

Went to De Garde yesterday for the release of a few beers, despite the high wind warnings and imminent doom.


Don’t mind the rubber band, this month’s Block 15 Sticky Hands is pretty good. Less floral and more resin though.


De Garde Deux Tetes: Two heads, or two tits? Smells like used diapers if you don’t let the glass sit around for a while, but after it breathes it tastes delicious. Nice, tart and funky up front but the finish is all sweet apples.


De Garde The Lucy: Imagine a De Garde version of Cantillon’s Vigneronne and you pretty much nailed it. It’s fantastic. Bright, crisp, with a little bit of mint on the noise, this reminds me of a fruity champagne but without that drying/tannic finish. A+


De Garde The Boysen: Even though I think the Lucy is better, I think this is the beer that will get everyone’s panties in a bunch…because boysenberries. It’s freaking amazing, but the fruit comes off really strong here, almost overwhelming the base beer. Doesn’t matter though, I’ll shower in this without a moment’s hesitation. A+