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Drinking and Food Network

Yeah, we’re really domesticated. Don’t hate.


Alchemist Focal Banger: Something is up with this batch, it’s not nearly as floral as I remember previous batches being. Oh well, it’s still darn tasty! B


Upright Fatali Four: I’m running out of these, and it’s making me sad. I just can’t get enough of the tartness, funk, and heat, with just a bit of wine barrel at the end. A+


Block 15 Super Nebula: Had Breakfast with the Buffalo recently, so it was nice to see how this bottle compared. Mouthfeel is better than the Lost Barrels version of Super Nebula, but not quite up there with Buffalo. Chocolate, coffee, fudge, and barrel are all present though. A-

Relaxing night for stouts!

A friend came over after a long day where we just watched a movie and checked in on some smaller bottles that are ill-suited for our regular group of friends. Once you hit a certain number of people, it’s just not worth opening beer where people only get to have an ounce or two, it’s silly. This isn’t the Midwest where 30 guys split a bomber. It’s madness!


Block 15 Breakfast with the Buffalo: Wow, this beer was too smoky and bitter when it first came out, but it is killing it now! As it currently stands, it’s one of the best stouts I’ve had this year. Unlike the Lost Barrels version I also had recently, mouthfeel is not an issue here. It is slightly less thick than Bourbon County Brand Stout, so things are looking good! Maple is nice and subdued, it adds a little bit of sweetness and depth to the beer but this beer is still very much a bourbon barrel aged stout. If you have one of these, drink it now. A+


Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout: This bottle is from 2013, which is the last year before Goose Island was acquired by ABInbev if I recall correctly. Anyways, after my comparison on Breakfast with the Buffalo to Bourbon County Stout it was time to check into one of my older bottles. The results? FANTASTIC! This beer was great if a little boozy upon release, but 3 years have turned this beer into a chocolate, fudge, and bourbon dessert sitting on a pillow made of marshmallows. Also one of the best stouts I’ve had this year. A+


Upright 7th Anniversary Saison: Can’t just drink stouts all night long, had to finish on a nice and refreshing note! This beer is fantastic, but I don’t like the fact that these bottles like to explode when you open them, that’s why the label is a little messed up. 😦

Anyways, that beer is still amazing, and gets an A-/A grade. The minus is due to the fact that it explodes. Grr.

Block 15 Brunch

Let me just make this clear, this was a total of 5 hours after the pozole incident. With that in mind…

liver punch

Now that we have that settled, we can move on.


Southern Eggs Benedict, way to lure the body into a sense of security.


Before beating it into submission with the the hit combo of Super Nebula, Sweet Sassy Molassy, and Breakfast with Buffalo.

Time to take a nap.

Poor Life Choices

Don’t do a beer bracket with imperial stouts. Just…don’t.


But of course, we did.

Time to warm up, stretch those hammies.


Not good enough, still have some knots in my livery bits.


Getting closer…


Okay, feelin’ nice and warmed up. Let’s do this.

IMAG3634 IMAG3633

First match-up: Westbrook 4th Anniversary vs Westbrook 3rd Anniversary: Both are tasty, but Westbrook 3rd squeaked past because the 4th Anniversary tried to juggle too many adjuncts.

Winner: Westbrook 3rd Anniversary

IMAG3635 IMAG3636

Next up, Westbrook Mexican Cake vs Alesmith Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Speedway Stout (jesus it’s a long name): As much as I like Mexican Cake, Speedway wins hands down with its delicious cold-brew coffee flavor. One person who claimed to hate coffee actually liked it. We’ll save her hate for coffee for another time.

IMAG3637 IMAG3638

Block 15 Super Nebula vs Goose Island Bourbon County Coffee Stout: BCBCS unanimously wins here. If it were a different vintage of Super Nebula, things could easily be different.

IMAG3639 IMAG3640

Three Floyds Dark Lord vs Central Waters 16: Dark Lord…….loses by a country mile. You could have put this up against Bud Light Chelada and it would still lose. Central Waters 16 laughs all the way to our livers.

Westbrooke 4th Anniversary vs. Alesmith Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Speedway: Speedway wins.

BCBCS vs Central Waters 16: CW 16 wins by a slim margin. First time it actually had a decent opponent too.

Speedway vs CW16: CW squeaks by with a 1-vote discrepancy between it and Speedway.

God my everything hurts.


THIS IS NOT HELPING, but I like it.


Still not helping, but I also like it. Look at that guy’s face in the reflection of the tulip glass. Looks like Slenderman.



Kind of.


Thank god it’s not a stout. Winner!


This was a stupid decision.

Bottle Share @ Growler Guys: The massacre of livers.

Growler Guys hosted a large bottle share for a bunch of the beer geeks in Portland. We all decided to bring beers that we wanted to share with people/couldn’t finish on our own.

So everyone brought big imperial stouts.


I thought it would be funny to bring a carbonated Hair of the Dog beer. SodaStream works, every time. In this particular case, Adam from the Wood


10 Barrel Cucumber Crush: This beer is perfect for getting ready. I fucking love this shit. A+


Hill Farmstead Arthur: Mmmm, this is not an imperial stout, I’m just not quite ready yet. A


Cantillon Fou Foune 2014: This is superior to the 2013 vintage. Way more apricots in this one. Thanks to my buddy Bruce for bringing this one! A+


Cantillon Lou Pepe Kriek 2014 Cork : Bruce strikes again. Not quite sure that this is as good as the 2013 I opened a few weeks ago, but whatever, it’s all delicious. A+


That Bruce guy is such an asshole.


Block 15 Super Nebula: Mmm, this one is the batch that was aged in Pappy Van Winkle 20 barrels. Can you taste the /rar?! A


Cigar City Marshal Zhukov B1: This beer is 6 years old…..and it’s aged surprisingly well! I imagined an oxidized mess, but it turned out to be pretty good. On the other hand, you should drink this one fresh. B


Jester King Atrial Rubicite: Best beer that Jester King makes by a mile. Do you like raspberry jam? I do, so I love this beer. A


Hangar 24 Pugachev’s Cobra: Let the stouts begin.


Alesmith Vietnamese Coffee Speedway: This is the best variant. So ridiculously good. A+


Alesmith Kopi Luwak Barrel Aged Speedway: Such a long name, but it’s really damn good. A/A+


Hill Farmstead E.: NOT A STOUT THANK GOD! I’ve had too many stouts in the last week or so…


Side Project Saison de Rouge: This one is really good, definitely better than the other Side Projects I’ve had aside from Fuzzy.


Bruery Chocolate Rain: This is not the beer to have last, but we did it anyway.

So, these are just some of the bottles that showed up at the tasting. If I had to guess, I would say about 50-60 bottles were there, but I’d rather not die, so I only had the ones I listed above.

First Snow!

That means it’s really stout season, so a few friends came over after climbing to crack open a couple stouts I had been sitting on for a while.


Okay, Hill Farmstead Brother Soigne isn’t a stout, but it goes better with Mexican food than stouts. It’s also delicious.


Three Floyds Moloko: It’s been a long time since I’ve had a Three Floyds beer, mostly because they suck at everything except diabeetus and hoppy pale ales. However, Moloko has aged pretty gracefully, and is actually good now!


Block 15 Super Nebula (Pappy 20yr): Yeah…so this shit is good. The 2 years of cellaring really rounded the edges off this beer. It flows nicely from dark chocolate, to coffee, to bourbon and vanilla. One of my favorite stouts, and might be my favorite year for this beer.


Hangar 24 Pugachev’s Cobra: Might be one of the coolest names for a beer ever. It’s actually named after an aerial combat maneuver:



Anyways, this beer is really, really good. Not quite enough to best the Pappy 20yr Super Nebula, but it’s probably better than the other Super Nebula vintages. It’s a little on the sweet side for a bourbon barrel-aged stout.

Hoarder’s Trustee

My friend has a Bruery Hoarder’s membership, and the guy who’s trusteeing for him was in town with a few of his friends. Since we were all too lazy to drive down to Eugene for Hellshire Day, we decided to do some drinking here in town.


A special beer from New Belgium that I am not supposed to talk about. It was the best beer I’ve had from them next to caged and corked La Folie though. A


Almanac Dogpatch Sour: Tasty, but not the best beer from Almanac, a little too acetic. B


Almanac Farmer’s Reserve #3: This is the best beer they make. It’s kind of old at this point, so the strawberries and nectarines have faded quite a bit, but this beer is still great. A-


Logsdon Peche ‘n Brett: Great beer, but every time I have this I just think about how much better I like Fantasia. Tough life I know. A-


Cascade Noyaux: Really delicious, and in my opinion the best light sour that Cascade makes. Fruity, with a little bit of nuts, while not being overly sour.


Block 15 Super Nebula 2013: Best version of Super Nebula to date in my opinion, mostly because it tastes like fudge in a bottle. Great balance of barrel character, bourbon, chocolate, and alcohol heat. A+


De Garde Vin Lee: Yep. Making another appearance after it exploded upon opening. A/A+


Lost Abbey Duck Duck Gooze: Probably the best label on a sour beer ever. It also tastes fantastic to boot! Lots of sour, citrus, with a nice funk background. A/A+


Commons Emelie: Just had this not too long ago, and it’s still very good. I think it will get better with age though. B+/A-


Yeah….I don’t understand wine, but this was amazing. A+

Olympics Opening Ceremony?

Well, that was pretty boring, lots and lots of props. On the other hand, I learned that Russians are no good at making circles….if you want to see perfect circles made up of people, go look at the opening ceremony for the 2008 Olympics.


At least there was beer! My friend from college was visiting as well, so it was good to ruin our livers together.


Fremont Bourbon Barrel Abominable: Huge barrel character, but too sweet on the back end. B+


Great Divide Barrel Aged Yeti: NOT INFECTED YAY! A-


Block 15 Super Nebula: New batch! It’s really amazing, but not quite as good as last year. A


Block 15 Pappy’s Dark: This bottle is from 2011, and is really good with tons of raisins and figs. This bottle was also not infected. B+/A-


Cantillon Lou Pepe Framboise 2011 (cork date): WOW, this beer is worlds better than the previous bottles of LP Framboise that I’ve had. There’s still a lot of fruit left in the beer with great amounts of funk to back it up. Probably one of the best bottles of Cantillon that I’ve ever had. A+


DAT BOURBON COUNTY. It’s the rarest beer in the world!


Old beer, but quite tasty.


This was weird.


De Garde Morningstar: So dangerous and drinkable. B+


De Cam Oude Lambiek: Needs bubbles, but great nose. B/B+


Drie Fonteinen Oude Geuze: I love this beer. A-/A


Commons Emelie: Quite good, but there’s a little bit of a coppery taste here. B+


Dark Horse Bourbon Barrel Plead the 5th: Yep, better than Bourbon County. A


Cascade Blueberry: One of the best Cascade beers, before they started making tons of beer that all tasted the same.


Deschutes Abyss 2010: This will never get old. A+


“Snowed” in.


Block 15

The next day all the Portland beer geeks along with one from NYC descended upon Block 15 for the release of Super Nebula. This shit is good.


There really isn’t a better breakfast beer, I’m sorry. Super Nebula has tons of chocolate on the nose, with a balance of coffee and barrel character. Pretty much perfect. A


I also got some Tropical Storms…..going to an unsuspecting beer geek.

Rock climbing videos go great with beer.

A friend and avid climber came over today for a couple beers and to watch a great rock climbing video. Fitting, because he just returned from a climbing trip in Europe!


Cantillon Lou Pepe Kriek 2013: Fresh out of the gate, and it’s fantastic! Not as much tartness or funk as I would like, but damn, it’s super fruity. I think the best point to drink this beer might be a year after bottling, let it develop some more barnyard qualities. A+


Block 15 Super Nebula: Straight fudge. Awesome! A+