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Well, that escalated quickly.

My friend dropped in from New York for the weekend. I was only able to hang out with him on Saturday, but we made the best of it with tons of beer and a full season of Top Gear!


De Garde Bu Weisse to get things started.


De Garde Rougie: Tons better than the draft version. A little bit more tartness and a lot more red wine barrel in comparison to the draft version. I’m sad I didn’t buy more of this one. A-


De Garde Cornelio Nunez: I didn’t have my coffee that day. This proved a worthy substitute.




Block 15 Turbulent Consequence – Premiere Annee: So damn good, right up there with Golden Canary and Beatification. A


Upright Barrel Aged Flora Rustica: I love this beer, LOVE LOVE LOVE. A/A+


Commons Maybelle: Still aging gracefully, but this bottle has a bit of sulfur to it that I haven’t experienced in previous bottles. A-


Logsdon Fresh Hop Seizoen: This beer is amazing, much better than last year’s version. Might be up there with Seizoen Bretta in terms of flavor. A-


Defiant Tripel: Pretty simple beer, nothing crazy about it. B


Firestone Walker Sucaba: I forgot how much I enjoy this beer, I need to get my hands on more of the caramely goodness. A-


Firestone Walker XV: Really good, the year and a half of cellaring really helped mellow it out. Too bad it was my only one. A


Surly Darkness: Best non-barrel aged stout imo. DARKNESS!! A-


Upright Special Herbs: My favorite Upright beer resurfaces! A+


Drie Fonteinen Armand ‘4 Winter: Need I say more?! Best beer of the night. ALL THE A+’s!


De Garde Loak Bean: Really tasty, but I’m pretty wrecked at this point. A+


Firestone Walker XVI: Forgot to open this one earlier, whoops. A/A+


Hair of the Dog Bourbon Fred 2012: Bubbles are amazing, and this beer is too. A+


Hill Farmstead Birth of Tragedy: Probably shouldn’t have opened this one…..I couldn’t even finish it. A+

More De Garde + Bottleshare

Release of Mulligan in bottles happened on Thursday, so I dropped in really quick before heading over to a bottleshare.


Bottle of Mulligan on the left, Cranberry Bu Weisse on the right. I think batch 1 is better, but this new batch is still phenomenal.

Onwards to BeerMongers!


Kuhnhenn Raspberry Eisbock: Way to start a tasting with the sweetest beer here you idiot. Ugh. It was tasty though, just too sweet for me.


Bruery Bottleworks XII: WHERE ARE THE RASPBERRIES?! Other than that, tasty. B


Hill Farmstead Birth of Tragedy: Just as good as always, the 8 months that this has been aging has really brought the coffee forward. I can taste it now! A


More bottles arrived shortly after this was taken. Gotta love Thursdays?


Fantome Extra Sour: A Fantome beer that doesn’t remind me of bacon?! WHAT?!  A


Cantillon Gueuze 100% Lambic Bio: Always tasty. I was surprised how much better this beer was in comparison to the 375 ml bottles that I have opened in the past. A-/A


Hangar 24 Bourbon Cru: Not bad, but nothing really special. B


Dystopia is very generic.



Southampton Black Raspberry Lambic: Really damn good. Very savory for a raspberry sour (I wouldn’t call this one a lambic). Nice dry finish too. It trades ridiculously high, too high for what it taste like…..but we all know that taste doesn’t correlate to trade value. A+


Crooked Stave Surette Reserva: Meh. C


Crooked Stave Petite Sour with Hibiscus & Cinnamon: I love this beer. Too bad I don’t have any left. A-


Goose Island King Henry: This beer has certainly dropped off a bit, but given that, it’s still quite good. I also think the original price sticker is a nice touch! B+/A-


Upright Blend Love 2012: This is aging better than the newer, 2013 version. I love this beer. Shame to think that my last bottle is going to Guatemala. A


Surly Darkness: This is what Dark Lord wants to be. A-


Revolution 3 Year Beer: LOTS of rum in this one. B+


Crooked Stave Origins: Very tasty, but I wish the label said, “Grand Cru” on it. A-


Upright Lactovasilios: Not doing bad at all. I wish it was more sour though. B+/A-

Another Birthday

I was really feeling it after that last tasting, so I was very restrained for this tasting. What was cool was that the Common’s Brewery hosted this private event for us. It was really nice of them to do something like that for the geeks.


I tried maybe 1/6 of the beer here. Ticker said yes, liver said GTFO.


Hill Farmstead Clara: I think this was my first wheat grisette, and it was super low alcohol, which was exactly what my liver wanted. Lightly tart, super carbonated, and slightly bitter on the finish. B+


Hill Farmstead Arthur: God I love this beer. Definitely a top 5 saison for me. A


Hangar 24 Chandelle: Fantastic apricot flavor up front really elevates this beer, but the horrific, terrifying, rotten aftertaste brings this beer crashing back down and then some. C-


Six Point Diesel: This is a stout that dreamed about being an IPA its whole life. That pretty much sums it up. B


Alpine Duet: I really like this beer and it’s unfortunate that I don’t get to have Alpine beers more often. Delicious, but not quite as good as Nelson. A


Westbrook Apple Brandy something something beer: I’ve never had a beer with such a pronounce apple brandy flavor to it. It was really quite nice, but overly sweet as a result. A-


Cigar City Brewing Bourbon Barrel Big Sound: Good beer, but my liver simply wasn’t having it. Therefore, no grade here.


Surly Abrasive: Very good and hoppy beer. Unfortunately I was expecting something more like Surly Wet. Definitely worth seeking this beer out for Sunday football. B+


Three Floyds Dreadnaught: I really like this beer, but between my liver and my palette fatigue, I wasn’t that impressed this time around. B

Monopoly Deal…

Fantastic card game. It’s like monopoly but no player is completely safe no matter how close they are to winning. Also, drinking a copious amount of beer helps too!

Fremont Brewing Kentucky Dark Star: Not nearly as thin as I would imagine. Super solid BA stout (A)

Upright Cuvee de Lactovasilios: Lactovasilios aged in the barrels that held Fantasia and Fantasia Five. Really tasty, but minimal peach flavor if any. It’s just more floral with some fruit flavor put on top of Lactovasilios. (A-)

Cigar City Brewing Cucumber Saison: still not good, but significantly better once you swirl the beer until all the carbonation is gone (B- with no carbonation)

HUB Piledriver: Best HUB beer by far, but that’s not saying a whole lot in my opinion. I’ve never really been a fan of their beers (B)

Alesmith Speedway Stout: really tasty, one of the best stouts you can readily find in a store (A- or A)

Cigar City Brewing El Murcielago: Very interesting, the fact that it was aged in tequila was good. I mostly got lime out of the beer though (B+)

Surly can do no wrong.

Troegs Mad Elf: I haven’t seen this beer in a year and a half, and it’s still damn good (B+)

Drowning in the Darkness

A friend of mine was generous enough to share this beer with me the other day. I was blown away.

Beware of zombies

Beer: Darkness

Brewery: Surly

Style: Russian Imperial Stout

ABV: 10.3%

Location: Brooklyn Center, MN

Appearance: Black with minimal head

Aroma: Sweet, with a touch of chocolate and a punch of vanilla

Taste: Vanilla sweetness, followed by some caramel, and milk chocolate. Reminds me of Black Tuesday, but not nearly as much of a sweet, boozy mess.

Mouthfeel: Full bodied with low/moderate carbonation.

Drinkability: I need to trade for this beer. And then promptly drink it without sharing with anyone

Beer Advocate Grade: A+ (97)

My Grade: A+

Note: Might be one of the best non barrel aged stouts I’ve ever encountered.