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Trip to de Garde

Went out for the latest release, and it was nice and relaxed for the most part. Well done de Garde, well done.

IMAG0316 IMAG0315 IMAG0314

The winner: Imperial Purple Raz Bu, but the Boysen is right there, and will surpass Imperial Purple as it gets more funky and complex.


De Garde Marathon

With De Garde releasing so many beers lately, I had to make some space. My friends were able to lend me their livers!


De Garde Blu Bu: Aging very gracefully! Nice and tart up front, with tons of blueberry on the finish. A


De Garde The Lucy: Imagine an american spin on Cantillon’s Vigneronne. It’s really good, with super soft carbonation. A+


De Garde Imperial Strawberry Bu: This is awful. It was good fresh, but now it’s just rust, bandaids, and crushing sadness. F


De Garde Berry Bu: Not as sour as Blu Bu, but it is super jammy. I think this one takes the cake between the two. A


De Garde Deux Tetes: Lots of sulfur when this beer is first opened, but after a few minutes the smell dissipates. Nice and sour, with a funky and sweet apple finish. I like it, which is saying something, because I’m not a cider person. B+

Sure, I’ll go to De Garde

Went to De Garde yesterday for the release of a few beers, despite the high wind warnings and imminent doom.


Don’t mind the rubber band, this month’s Block 15 Sticky Hands is pretty good. Less floral and more resin though.


De Garde Deux Tetes: Two heads, or two tits? Smells like used diapers if you don’t let the glass sit around for a while, but after it breathes it tastes delicious. Nice, tart and funky up front but the finish is all sweet apples.


De Garde The Lucy: Imagine a De Garde version of Cantillon’s Vigneronne and you pretty much nailed it. It’s fantastic. Bright, crisp, with a little bit of mint on the noise, this reminds me of a fruity champagne but without that drying/tannic finish. A+


De Garde The Boysen: Even though I think the Lucy is better, I think this is the beer that will get everyone’s panties in a bunch…because boysenberries. It’s freaking amazing, but the fruit comes off really strong here, almost overwhelming the base beer. Doesn’t matter though, I’ll shower in this without a moment’s hesitation. A+