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Twin Birthdays

Two friends celebrated their birthdays the other day, and one of them had just shot a moose! We had lots of beer and ate some tasty moose burgers. Life did not suck.


Three Floyds Marshmallow Handjee: Pretty good, still too sweet for me. I’m the weird guy though because everyone else loved it! I took the little tiny glass for a very good reason.


Fremont Fresh Hop Cowiche Canyon: I like Fremont a lot. Probably the best brewery in Washington.


Goose Island Bourbon County Backyard Rye: 3 years old now, and it has developed beautifully! I think this is just how fruited Bourbon Counties work, as the old Cherry Rye I had a year or two ago was also singing. Tastes like berry jam plus chocolate and fudge. A+

20160923_194516 20160923_200529

I don’t know much about these, but they were tasty. The one of the left smelled like a Casey beer.


Yep, we taped a magnum of Hill Farmstead Brother Soigne to one birthday boy’s hand. He was not upset.


He finished it!


He also kept going

20160923_214450 20160923_220006



Birthday boy #2, feelin’ good!

Debit and Credit System

I went to the gym for half an hour, so I debit the liver account.

Time to credit that account now that I have positive balance.


Three Floyds Dreadnaught: This was once one of the best IPAs that you could find anywhere, but that was 5 years ago. We’ve come a long way.

IMAG1598 IMAG1600 IMAG1599

Case in point: Treehouse. I believe that Treehouse and Hill Farmstead make the best hoppy beers on the East Coast, with Trillium trailing close behind. Also, we preferred regular Julius to King Julius. Regular had a slightly bitter finish that balanced out the orange notes really well, while King Julius lacked that bitter component.


Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Proprietors: Soooooo, I had to take 14 units of insulin after this beer, it’s really that sweet. Let’s hope it calms the fuck down after a year or two.

IMAG1602 IMAG1604 IMAG1603

Other beers…..


This one was not preferred by the group, really heavy sulfur on the nose, and kind of thin on mouthfeel.

Poor Life Choices

Don’t do a beer bracket with imperial stouts. Just…don’t.


But of course, we did.

Time to warm up, stretch those hammies.


Not good enough, still have some knots in my livery bits.


Getting closer…


Okay, feelin’ nice and warmed up. Let’s do this.

IMAG3634 IMAG3633

First match-up: Westbrook 4th Anniversary vs Westbrook 3rd Anniversary: Both are tasty, but Westbrook 3rd squeaked past because the 4th Anniversary tried to juggle too many adjuncts.

Winner: Westbrook 3rd Anniversary

IMAG3635 IMAG3636

Next up, Westbrook Mexican Cake vs Alesmith Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Speedway Stout (jesus it’s a long name): As much as I like Mexican Cake, Speedway wins hands down with its delicious cold-brew coffee flavor. One person who claimed to hate coffee actually liked it. We’ll save her hate for coffee for another time.

IMAG3637 IMAG3638

Block 15 Super Nebula vs Goose Island Bourbon County Coffee Stout: BCBCS unanimously wins here. If it were a different vintage of Super Nebula, things could easily be different.

IMAG3639 IMAG3640

Three Floyds Dark Lord vs Central Waters 16: Dark Lord…….loses by a country mile. You could have put this up against Bud Light Chelada and it would still lose. Central Waters 16 laughs all the way to our livers.

Westbrooke 4th Anniversary vs. Alesmith Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Speedway: Speedway wins.

BCBCS vs Central Waters 16: CW 16 wins by a slim margin. First time it actually had a decent opponent too.

Speedway vs CW16: CW squeaks by with a 1-vote discrepancy between it and Speedway.

God my everything hurts.


THIS IS NOT HELPING, but I like it.


Still not helping, but I also like it. Look at that guy’s face in the reflection of the tulip glass. Looks like Slenderman.



Kind of.


Thank god it’s not a stout. Winner!


This was a stupid decision.

First Snow!

That means it’s really stout season, so a few friends came over after climbing to crack open a couple stouts I had been sitting on for a while.


Okay, Hill Farmstead Brother Soigne isn’t a stout, but it goes better with Mexican food than stouts. It’s also delicious.


Three Floyds Moloko: It’s been a long time since I’ve had a Three Floyds beer, mostly because they suck at everything except diabeetus and hoppy pale ales. However, Moloko has aged pretty gracefully, and is actually good now!


Block 15 Super Nebula (Pappy 20yr): Yeah…so this shit is good. The 2 years of cellaring really rounded the edges off this beer. It flows nicely from dark chocolate, to coffee, to bourbon and vanilla. One of my favorite stouts, and might be my favorite year for this beer.


Hangar 24 Pugachev’s Cobra: Might be one of the coolest names for a beer ever. It’s actually named after an aerial combat maneuver:



Anyways, this beer is really, really good. Not quite enough to best the Pappy 20yr Super Nebula, but it’s probably better than the other Super Nebula vintages. It’s a little on the sweet side for a bourbon barrel-aged stout.

CoD + Beer

Drank some tasty brews while playing/sucking at Call of Duty the other night. I’m much better at drinking beer than playing videogames, despite my Asian heritage.


Three Floyds Zombie Dust: It’s been a really long time since I’ve had this. Love this beer. Simple, clean, and hoppy! A


Upright Old Tom Blend: Holy fucking hnnngh. Also hnnngh. I love gin barrel aged saisons, and Upright is probably the best brewery doing it. A


Boneyard Notorious: It’ll get ya drunk! A

Finally 100% Recovered

As all beer geeks probably know by now, this last Saturday was Hair of the Dog’s 20th Anniversary. People flew in from all over the country to attend the event, including 3 friends from Arizona. Since they got in on the Thursday before the event, we decided to have a little bottle share at my friend’s house the night before that anniversary party. It’s safe to say that things got pretty serious.


Red Swingline: Interesting wild IPA, kind of reminds me of De Garde’s Spears. B


Bruery Beauregarde: Makes me want De Garde Blu Bu Weisse, but still pretty solid. B




Commons Maybelle: Still aging great! Not much sulfur in this bottle either. A-/A


Indeed some shit I don’t care to read: Solid black IPA. B


Hill Farmstead Damon 2011: Really good, but I think it’s fallen off a bit since I opened a bottle last December. A-/A


Hill Farmstead Damon 2013: This is more like it. MORE BARREL PLEASE! A


Hill Farmstead Double Barrel Damon: GRANTED. I wish it had bubbles… A/A+


Crooked Stave Wild Wild Brett Batch 1: This beer is SOUR. I like it. A


This looks bad, because it is. These are all the beers that contain De Struise Black Albert. Livers are going to bleed everywhere. Well….livers’ aren’t going to kill themselves.

IMAG0064 IMAG0062

De Struise Nuptials: Do not want. Tastes like burning.


De Struise Blackberry Albert: NOOOOOOOOOOOO


De Struise Black Damnation: Hnnnnnnngggggggghhh.


Three Floyds Murda’d Out Stout: Hnn….wait, this is actually really good! A/A+ WOOOOO


De Struise Double Black: WHHHHHHYYYYYYYY?!


Block 15 Sticky Hands: Oh that god that’s over. Gimme dem hops.


Hill Farmstead Flora: Oh this beer is incredible. Probably #2 of the night! So delicious and sour with nice citrus notes. Better than Mimosa in my opinion. A+


Hill Farmstead Flora with Satsuma: Really, really good, but not nearly as good as regular Flora. A


Drie Fonteinen Blauw: Holy shitballs amazing holywtfbbqsauce one of the best sours evar. A+


Russian River T25: Really tasty beer, but I don’t think it’s a whole lot better than Consecration. A


Cigar City California Brandy Hunahpu’s: Really amazing, almost as good as the apple brandy variant. A/A+


Dunno what this is.


Alpine Chez Monus: Even more citrus than Flora, but without the same level of tartness. Really fantastic though. A+


Alesmith Barrel Aged Kopi Speedway: Delicious as always, love weasel poop. A


Upright Blend Edmunds: Love the jammy goodness. A


SNR 2010: Really tasty, glad to try this one. A-


Upright Fantasia Five: Doing quite nicely, surprised I can still tasty peach in this one. B


Cantillon Vigneronne: This beer is definitely growing on me. A


Upright Yusef Lateef: Really fading here. Sad. B-


Stone Punishment: Really pushing here. Absolutely ruined. A


De Garde Cran Bu Weisse: Great beer, despite not liking cranberries. A/A+


Final damage.

Taking Moby Dick to the Slaughterhouse

I’ve been looking forward to this tasting for a really long time. Even though the number of bottles wasn’t particularly high, the quality of the beers was….legendary.

Whale status even.


For those who read this blog regularly, this bar might look familiar.


Fate Black IPA with Coffee: So much coffee. B


No one talks on their cell phone while pouring walez anymore. Ann pairs well with a towel roll.


Hill Farmstead Ann: This beer doesn’t resemble Anna in my opinion, and that’s a good thing. Really nice brett presence with light wine barrel notes and some slight tartness. Super drinkable, you could easily down the whole bottle solo. The light lemon peel on the back end is a great way to finish. A+


Gotta finish whales while taking a knee out of respect.


As an Asian person, I had to use a banana. It had to be done.


Hill Farmstead Mimosa (featuring Banana): Wow this beer is unique. I’ve never had such a citrusy beer before!  Nose has all the fruits you can imagine. Orange, lemon, pineapple? The flavor proceeds to destroy your face with tons of fruit, moderate tartness, and a slighty bitter and dry finish that remarkably resembles that of a mimosa! Big props to my Vermont trader for sending me this! A+


Dat yeasty goodness.


This guy is listening for the cries of beer geeks everywhere as his whale bites the dust.


Lost Abbey Isabelle Proximus: Super funky nose. Flavor is intensely sour with a good punch of funk towards the finish. One of the best non-fruited sour beers out there. A+


This guy had some massive sour beer farts after this.




The bread is telling this guy that Tomme was saving all the carbonation for this beer. “HELLO? DOG? YES, THIS IS YOUR HAIR” (Hair of the Dog Shirt)



Lost Abbey Cable Car Kriek: This beer is insane. So much fresh and juicy cherries with a strong amount of tartness. Best beer of the day, and best kriek I have ever experienced. Hands and snifter down. A+


This is what $800 going into your liver looks like.

DSC_7242 DSC_7243

Some delicious fruited berliners from John Wakefield and Funky Buddha


The old man is explaining what whales are to the French.




Drie Fonteinen Framboos: Funkiest beer of the day, with nice raspberry flavor. On the other hand, I expected more raspberry. A


…and down the hatch!


Bourbon Dark Lord paging Bourbon Vanilla Dark Lord: “You ready for this diabeetus bro?!”

DSC_7259 DSC_7260

Boubon Dark Lord and Bourbon Vanilla Dark Lord: BVDL>BDL. Bourbon was just super sweet, while the vanilla variant was less cloying. The two beers gave the whole group diabetes. They both get A’s

DSC_7261 DSC_7264

Those who pour together, finish whalez together.


Best beers in order: Cable Car Kriek, Mimosa, Isabelle Proximus, Ann, Framboos, and then the diabeetus twins.

Thanks Midwest!

Zombie Dust makes for a great summer beer….or just a great beer in general. My favorite pale ale!


Another Birthday

I was really feeling it after that last tasting, so I was very restrained for this tasting. What was cool was that the Common’s Brewery hosted this private event for us. It was really nice of them to do something like that for the geeks.


I tried maybe 1/6 of the beer here. Ticker said yes, liver said GTFO.


Hill Farmstead Clara: I think this was my first wheat grisette, and it was super low alcohol, which was exactly what my liver wanted. Lightly tart, super carbonated, and slightly bitter on the finish. B+


Hill Farmstead Arthur: God I love this beer. Definitely a top 5 saison for me. A


Hangar 24 Chandelle: Fantastic apricot flavor up front really elevates this beer, but the horrific, terrifying, rotten aftertaste brings this beer crashing back down and then some. C-


Six Point Diesel: This is a stout that dreamed about being an IPA its whole life. That pretty much sums it up. B


Alpine Duet: I really like this beer and it’s unfortunate that I don’t get to have Alpine beers more often. Delicious, but not quite as good as Nelson. A


Westbrook Apple Brandy something something beer: I’ve never had a beer with such a pronounce apple brandy flavor to it. It was really quite nice, but overly sweet as a result. A-


Cigar City Brewing Bourbon Barrel Big Sound: Good beer, but my liver simply wasn’t having it. Therefore, no grade here.


Surly Abrasive: Very good and hoppy beer. Unfortunately I was expecting something more like Surly Wet. Definitely worth seeking this beer out for Sunday football. B+


Three Floyds Dreadnaught: I really like this beer, but between my liver and my palette fatigue, I wasn’t that impressed this time around. B

Birthday Tasting #1

One of my friends celebrated his birthday with a bottle share. Well, things may have gotten out of hand…


Timmermans Pumpkin Lambicus: Not a bad sour, and a good way to start off. B


Cascade Blueberry: This is the second batch that was just recently released. It’s not nearly as sour as the last batch, with more fresh blueberry and grass flavors. It’s super drinkable, but not quite as good as the live cask version that I had a couple weeks ago. Still significantly better than that old bottles though. A


Cascade Sang Royal: This is the original batch, and it is super sour. Super, duper sour! The fruit is all gone, while every distinctive cascade sour beer flavor is brought to the forefront. This beer shouldn’t be aged any longer. B


Surly Darkness 2008: This beer is good. Oxidized flavor with some soy sauce, but not in a bad way. It helped balance out the sweetness of the beer. A-


Upright Port/Whiskey Barrel Six: This beer smelled fantastic! It had great flavors up front, but lacked on the finish. It was a little too thin on the back end. While good, I think Upright needs to do this barrel treatment with a beer that’s maltier than Six. A-


Three Floyds Cognac Barrel Aged Dark Lord: Wow this beer is sweet! The barrel really starts to come through when it warms up, and it is really quite tasty. However, the amount of effort spent to track this bottle down is not worth the reward. A


Upright Barrel Aged Seven Batch 1: This beer is freaking amazing. One of the best beers of the night for sure! So much better than the later batches, but I’m not sure if that is a result of the age difference between the beers. Nice and tart, with some floral notes, and backed up by brett funk. It’s a masterpiece! A+


Alesmith Barrel Aged Speedway 2007: Never saw this one coming! This beer is really nice, but there was some sourness in the beer that I wasn’t expecting. Not sure if it was due to oxidation. A-


Alesmith Barrel Aged Speedway 2012: This beer is fantastic! Way better than the 2007. The bourbon, oak, chocolate, and vanilla is all nicely done and none of the flavors overwhelm the others. I need to trade for some of this. A


Samuel Adams Triple Bock 1994: This beer is freaking weird…it’s also 18 years old (giggity giggity). C


Hill Farmstead Damon: One of the best beers of the night as well. The front end of the taste is rather lacking, but I don’t know if it’s because of the beer itself or because I have palatte fatigue at this point. On the other hand, the finish on this beer was probably the best of the night, the dose of barrel at the end is truly amazing. A


Jolly Pumpkin La Roja Grand Reserve: This beer is quite tasty, and I was starting to get drunk. B+


Not for pregnant women.


Too much beer. Can’t taste anything!


And another one


Hill Farmstead Abner: What a refreshing change! I want all the hops!!!!!!!!! This beer was extremely well executed, with huge citrus presence without being overly bitter. A


Upright Fantasia Reserve: This beer pooped on Captain Lawrence Flaming Fury.


Best beers of the night! Bourbon County Rare and Bourbon County Vanilla! A+ for both beers


Cantillon St. Lamvinus: One of my favorite sours. It’s sooo good, but we probably shouldn’t have opened it, I was smashed. A


DeStruise Special Kay: This beer should not have been opened at all. Look at the chaos!


22% ABV is stupid. This beer ended me.