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Time to drink some whales

Most of these are of the midwest variety, and honestly, I was disappointed in most of them. I’ll explain why at the end.



Trinity Brewing 7 Day Sour: More like 7 day turd. It’s like someone took a crappy berliner and squeezed lemons into the bottle. D


Perennial Barrel Aged Abraxxas Batch 1: This beer is serious. I loved this thing when it was fresh, and it is holding up very, very well. Still akin to drinking liquid cinnamon toast crunch. A+


O look, batch 2 Barrel Aged Abraxxas decided to show up too! Several notches worse than batch 1, but still delicious. B+


A family photo.


Three Floyds Dark Lord Earl of Biggleswade: This beer, is fucking weird. The earl grey tea finish is just throwing me for 10,000 loops along with a direct shot of diabeetus. C+


Three Floyds Bourbon Vanilla Dark Lord: Straight up marshmallow and diabeetus. Really delicious for the 3oz that I drank in the photo, but I didn’t want to get near the rest of the bottle. A+ (volume dependent)


Three Floyds Portuguese Brandy Dark Lord: So this is what the blood of a diabetic tastes like. This is by far the sweetest beer I have ever had in my entire life as a beer geek. Even the Duke of ‘beetus (Southern Tier Creme Brulee) would get crushed in comparison to the ‘beetus King. Imagine Oberyn Martell getting his head crushed by the Mountain. C




Rare Barrel Ensorcelled: This beer is pretty good! I really like the raspberry notes in this, and it doesn’t carry the rusty coin taste that I associate with most dark sours. I’m so happy the Dark Lord is over. B+


Rare Barrel Proportional Response: This beer is kind of meh. Very Bruery-esque.



Drie Fonteinen 1998 50th Anniversary Oude Geuze: One of the best sours I’ve ever come across…right up there with Lente, if not slightly above it. Velvety carbonation, with tons of mushroom, minerals, funk, with a squeeze of citrus. Here’s another Drie Fonteinen beer that’s better than anything I’ve had from Cantillon. A+++

Ghost whale photo for reference.


So deliciously pretty


Cigar City Double Barrel Hunahpu’s: 2nd best stout of the day if you discount a tiny sip of BVDL. More body than batch 1 BA Abraxxas, but doesn’t have the same cinnamon toast crunch punch. A+


Final Damage.

So, basically….my beef with the midwest whales (BA Dark Lord Variants), is that they are really not that great, cost $50 if you even have the chance to buy one, and are super overhyped due to the supply vs demand inequality out there. I have more or less stopped trading for beers from that region aside from Goose Island beers mainly because I have to give up so much more superior beer to end up with one bottle of above average beer, or something that is supposed to be beer, but is in reality a bottle of soy sauce put through a Sodastream.

That being said, I went to sleep cuddling with that bottle of 50th Anniversary Geuze. That beer is nuts.