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Drove out to Troegs during my layover in Harrisburg. Haven’t been to this brewery since I was in school and they were in their old location!

My oh my, how things have changed!

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Java Head and Scratch #261!

Tastes Like College


I miss Troegs, drank this stuff like water while I went to school at Bucknell!

Movie Night

Watched Interstellar and Dark Knight the other day while crushing some delicious beers.


Lawson’s Sip of Sunshine: Very tasty, with lots of citrus up front.


Hill Farmstead Flora Blue/Black: Apparently this beer suffers from some bottle variation, which has resulted in some bottles being really not good. Luckily for me, my bottle was tasty! Fruit presence is mild, but I think that is a by-product of just drinking a lot of De Garde. Finish is a little goofy, but overall a great beer. That being said, regular Flora is way better.


This Treehouse beer was delicious.


IPA beer is IPA-ey.


Apparently I can’t take photos in focus.


Central Waters Bourbon Barrel Barleywine: A little boozy, but very tasty with lots of caramel and toffee.


Troegs Barrel Aged Flying Mouflan: This is one of the best smelling beers in existence. It is also a really good barleywine, I would place it just behind Bourbon County Barleywine in terms of deliciousness.


Hill Farmstead Brother Soigne: Palate Cleanser!


Pelican Mother of All Storms: This beer is really underrated. It’s one of the best barleywines being made today.


Goose Island King Henry: Well, shit. Really fantastic beer, but Mother of All Storms was just a tad bit better than this particular bottle of King Henry. This was a recent acquisition by a buddy, so we really don’t know how this bottle was stored for the last 4 years. My guess is someone’s smelly closet.


Best beer of the night. Also crushed my liver.

Small bottleshare time!

Couple people from out of town wanted to do some trades and to share some bottles, so for the 3rd time in the same number of days, I went to the Commons.


Hmm, might be a lot for 5 people. I love the ambition.


Time for some liquid courage in the form of Gin Enkel! 5 glasses in 3 days, I might have a problem.


De Garde Rougie: Aging well, but it’s a slower gusher now, so be ready with a glass!


Crooked Stave Surette: So much better than the reserva version! This one has no butter.


Jester King Aurelian: Holy tits this beer is sour! Lots of apricots too! First Jester King beer I’ve had that doesn’t suck. A-


Troegs Master of Pumpkins: Not bad, but I like the label better. B


Lawson’s Maple Tripple: Tastes like delicious, alcoholic breakfast! A+


Best way to smash my face with coffee.


Crooked Stave L’Brett Blackberry: Quite tasty, but I wouldn’t mind more fruit. B+


Jester King Chrysalis: Not as good as the apricot Jester King, but it is still good. Maybe I need to only drink the small bottles of Jester King. Is that the secret? B+


Crooked Stave Origins: Still one of the better dark sours out there. B+


Crooked Stave Cherry Origins: Best beer from this year’s Crooked Stave reserve society. A/A+


Lost Abbey Duck Duck Gooze 2013: Batch 2 is way better than the original batch. This one is nice and refreshing while bringing a good amount of funk to the table. Batch 1’s soul goal was to destroy my face, and it did a pretty good job. This is worth trading for. A/A+


Lost Abbey Cable Car: Holy robot Jesus I love this beer. A+


The man who brought the bottle chugging the last 5 oz like a boss!


Cantillon 50N-4E: Oh, hey there. Cognac barrel aged sour beer?! Why yes, yes I want some. It was quite good too! A


Jester King Atrial Rubicite: This one is god damn delicious, absolutely worth the hype! One of the juiciest, jammiest beers I’ve ever had. A+


Bruery Grey Monday: This is a terrible idea, but a delicious one! A/A+

IMAG0395 IMAG0394

Both Persicas were buttery. What sadness.

Commons Anniversary Bottleshare

Last night was Commons’ Anniversary bottleshare, and I showed up 4 and a half hours late, because I’m god damn awesome. Still had good beer though!


Troegs Splinter Brown: Hehehe, my wtf contribution! Yeah, on-site consumption only my ass! I will absolutely enjoy a bottle in Portland. I wonder what they would say if they saw this photo…….oh well. Beer was really tasty, way better than Splinter Gold. A-/A


Hill Farmstead Norma: I dragged this bottle here because it has been staring at me for months, mocking me, saying shit like, “you won’t do it”. Well fuck that. It was delicious. A+


Peg’s 300: I show up 4 and a half hours late and this thing is still here?! Some things I just won’t understand. A-


Jester King Black Metal: I won’t pass judgement on this brewery until I try Atrial Rubicite, but Jester King sucks. C


I do enjoy Crooked Stave


Commons Gin Enkel: Now this is what I’m talking about! I drank two. A

Another tasting

The day after the whale tasting…..we had another tasting because a guy was visiting from out of town.

Some guy decided to bring a vertical epic set. It all sucked.

IMAG3339 IMAG3340 IMAG3341 IMAG3342 IMAG3343 IMAG3344 IMAG3345 IMAG3346 IMAG3347 IMAG3348


Funky Buddha Last Snow: This is one the best smelling beer in the world. Tastes awesome too. A


Troegs Splinter Gold: Thanks to my college buddy for getting this to me. Not sure what the base beer is, but this beer is lightly soured. I like the creamy finish as well. A-


Upright Special Herbs: Fuck yea. A+


Alesmith Barrel Aged Kopi Speedway: Just as tasty as ever. A


Hangar 24 Pugachev’s Cobra: Most underrated stout imo. A


Block 15 Three Seasons Kriek: One of my favorite krieks, but it’s got nothing on that Cable Car Kriek from the other day. A/A+


Ancient Cascade Kriek: Surprisingly good. A


Upright Rose City Seven: Still love old Upright beer. A/A+


7venth Sun Mangrove DIPA: Extremely refreshing in the summer weather. A-


That’s a lot of bottles.


Hair of the Dog Cherry Adam: Still drinking well. A


Allagash 4: My palate was ruined.


My buddy from school sent me a present. I am very grateful!


Monopoly Deal…

Fantastic card game. It’s like monopoly but no player is completely safe no matter how close they are to winning. Also, drinking a copious amount of beer helps too!

Fremont Brewing Kentucky Dark Star: Not nearly as thin as I would imagine. Super solid BA stout (A)

Upright Cuvee de Lactovasilios: Lactovasilios aged in the barrels that held Fantasia and Fantasia Five. Really tasty, but minimal peach flavor if any. It’s just more floral with some fruit flavor put on top of Lactovasilios. (A-)

Cigar City Brewing Cucumber Saison: still not good, but significantly better once you swirl the beer until all the carbonation is gone (B- with no carbonation)

HUB Piledriver: Best HUB beer by far, but that’s not saying a whole lot in my opinion. I’ve never really been a fan of their beers (B)

Alesmith Speedway Stout: really tasty, one of the best stouts you can readily find in a store (A- or A)

Cigar City Brewing El Murcielago: Very interesting, the fact that it was aged in tequila was good. I mostly got lime out of the beer though (B+)

Surly can do no wrong.

Troegs Mad Elf: I haven’t seen this beer in a year and a half, and it’s still damn good (B+)

Proper Send-off

Two of my friends moved to Baltimore the other day, so we decided to have a few a little beer tasting/party for them.

Things went well. Best beers of the night were Abyss, Black Butte XXIII, and Parabola. Barrel Aged Yeti suffered from a slight infection. Too bad.