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Just a few beers they said, take it easy they said.

What a bunch of god. damn. liars.


Other Half Brewing All Green Everything: Because starting a night with a huge triple IPA can only lead to good things. As a side note, this was really damn good.


Other Half Brewing Citra: After AGE, this kind of tasted like hoppy water. Delicious, hoppy water.


Jester King something with sweet potatoes, coconut, and chili peppers: Thank god you couldn’t taste those added ingredients, because then the beer would have been terrible. Thank you universe for rejecting their experiments, thank you.


Alpine Kiwi Herman: TASTES LIKE ALCOHOLIC SMARTIES. Childhood comes rushing back.


Cigar City Hunahpu’s: This is probably the smoothest year so far. Might not be as spicy as Mexican Cake or Abraxxas, but has the best balance of spice, cinnamon, and chocolate.


Cigar City California Brandy Hunahpu’s: This beer has faded a bunch, to the point where it wasn’t actually an improvement over the fresher Hunahpu’s we had.


Tired Hands Parasomething something: It has a flavor, it was pretty good.


de Garde Apricot Bu: Yep, still a metric fuckload of fruit. Also, quite sour, but that’s okay, since I’m far beyond the point of palate fatigue.


Upright shelf turds can be pretty good I guess.


GOTTA BUST OUT THAT SPECIAL HERBS! So good it blew my camera out of focus with its pure awesomeness. Believe it.


Green Man Bootsy: Beer was really sour, but that label art.


de Garde Currant Gin Bu: Probably still my favorite regular Bu from de Garde. So good and balanced, and there’s nothing else like it.

Too tired to keep going, it was 4AM and my body told me to go fuck off.

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When making fun of North Korea, drink beer.

I’ve been wanting to watch the Interview for a while now, and thanks to North Korea, I can watch it from the comfort of my own home. Seeing this movie makes me want to revisit Team America: World Police because movies that make fun of North Korea are way more entertaining than they should be.


Pelican Mother of all Storms: Really delicious this year, seems to get more vanilla each time I try a bottle. I also noticed that the bottle now says that the beer is bottled in Tillamook instead of Pacific City, so I wonder if the original location is still brewing beer. Also, sweet reflection of my buddy’s bottle opener on the beer glass was not intentional, but awesome.


De Garde Corbeau Noir: Dark sours are really hard to pull off, and I think that as a style, it’s dumb. That being said, this beer is pretty good for a dark sour. More tart than the Origins Grand Cru I had the other day, but there is still enough malt to make this not taste like a vinegar bomb.


Upright Undercurrent: It’s been a very long time since I opened up some of my Sole Composition bottles, and I wanted to fix that. Undercurrent is a strong saison with currants(?) added, or something to that effect. It’s a nice, clean saison with some jammy flavors. Upright doesn’t really do anything that plays to the ends of the flavor spectrum, so everything is in moderation, but executed perfectly. A




De Garde Imperial Chery Blu Bu: This is a tasty beer, but not quite on the same level as Cherry Raz Bu. That being said, we thought that this beer could use a little more time in the bottle to allow the flavors to integrate and mellow out a little more. B+/A-


Upright Wedding Beer: This beer is Upright at it’s best, bright, citrusy, with a little bit of gin aromatics. I would put this in my top 10 saisons without a second thought. A+