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Going Away Party

One of my friends is moving back to California, so he proposed a bottleshare at his favorite beer shop. Why did it have to be a Wednesday at 7:30PM?


Short warm-up


Batch #6, really, really good. Probably the best batch of West Ashley I’ve had. Great balance between funk and apricot.


Gin bomb.


Couldn’t taste this one after the previous 2 beers…


Sour berlinerweiss from the Bruery. Not actually a berliner, but at a measly 8%, it is probably one of the Bruery’s lighter beers.


Eclipse Rittenhouse Rye: Better than Masterpiece.

IMAG3704 IMAG3705

I like the new Olde Hickory labels. The beer is also good.

IMAG3706 IMAG3708

New bottles from pFriem.




NOT GOOD. Veritas 013. As Uli said to me two years ago, “this beer should not have been sold”


Crooked Stave Batch 60: Like a super fancy Hose.

IMAG3711 IMAG3712

Firestone Walker does good sour beers, but should sell them in big bottles.




Actually pretty good!


Tastes like……Christmas.


Might be my favorite beer from Trillium so far! Very good in this sea of sours and stouts!


Why would you bury wizards?!




Addition of coffee ice cream is nice.


Troegs: This brings back lots of nostalgia for my college days when Flying Mouflan was still just Scratch #4


This is an old bottle, it’s very good, but a shadow of its former self.


I don’t even remember this beer.


This tasted like water. It was meh, like most Side Projects I’ve had. Perhaps I lack the nuance and sophistication required to appreciate these.


Toppling Goliath SR-71: Remember a little while back when I had the new batch of Assassin and said it was really, really good (which was way better than b1 btw)? This beer is not nearly as tasty. It spent too long in the barrels in my opinion, and the barrel character of the beer has basically eliminated any flavor of stout this beer used to have.


This was tasty! I still hate the name of the brewery though.


Ending on lambic. Time to go home and sleeeeeeeep

When making fun of North Korea, drink beer.

I’ve been wanting to watch the Interview for a while now, and thanks to North Korea, I can watch it from the comfort of my own home. Seeing this movie makes me want to revisit Team America: World Police because movies that make fun of North Korea are way more entertaining than they should be.


Pelican Mother of all Storms: Really delicious this year, seems to get more vanilla each time I try a bottle. I also noticed that the bottle now says that the beer is bottled in Tillamook instead of Pacific City, so I wonder if the original location is still brewing beer. Also, sweet reflection of my buddy’s bottle opener on the beer glass was not intentional, but awesome.


De Garde Corbeau Noir: Dark sours are really hard to pull off, and I think that as a style, it’s dumb. That being said, this beer is pretty good for a dark sour. More tart than the Origins Grand Cru I had the other day, but there is still enough malt to make this not taste like a vinegar bomb.


Upright Undercurrent: It’s been a very long time since I opened up some of my Sole Composition bottles, and I wanted to fix that. Undercurrent is a strong saison with currants(?) added, or something to that effect. It’s a nice, clean saison with some jammy flavors. Upright doesn’t really do anything that plays to the ends of the flavor spectrum, so everything is in moderation, but executed perfectly. A




De Garde Imperial Chery Blu Bu: This is a tasty beer, but not quite on the same level as Cherry Raz Bu. That being said, we thought that this beer could use a little more time in the bottle to allow the flavors to integrate and mellow out a little more. B+/A-


Upright Wedding Beer: This beer is Upright at it’s best, bright, citrusy, with a little bit of gin aromatics. I would put this in my top 10 saisons without a second thought. A+

Dude, I didn’t know they made cans that big.

Not even talking about boobs.


Oskar Blues Barrel Aged Ten Fidy: Wtf. It’s delicious, but wtf.



Firestone Walker Bretta Weisse: The weakest offering from FW’s sour program, but that being said, their sours are just as tasty as their stouts, and you should find some, and drink them. B+


New Glarus Very Sour Peach: This poured way darker than I was expecting a peach beer to. Smells fantastic, but it had more of a canned peaches taste than the fresh peaches that you get out of beers like Fantasia and Persica. Very tasty, but this suffers from a case of Mid-West overhyped syndrome. B+


De Garde 3S: Aging gracefully, with even more botanicals than before. As a plus, some of the off flavors have cleaned up, my last bottle had a bit of a chlorine aftertaste, but didn’t get that at all in this bottle. Yay! A

Upland Viola: It’s an Upland beer. Therefore….FUCKING SOUR.


Russian River Beatification Batch 2: This beer has seen better days. B-


Hill Farmstead Barrel Aged Everett: Regular Everett is my favorite porter around, so I had really high expectations for this beer, but they were not met. This beer is pretty boozy from the start, and has picked up some metallic flavor while it was being barrel aged. It’s really good, but I think I’d be happier with regular Everett. A

21 Beer Street

Never saw 21 Jump Street, so my friends made me watch. It was paired with alcohol of the beer variety.


10 Barrel Cherry Crush: This is good, but has a bit of medicinal cherry flavor to it. Definitely the weakest of the Crush beers that I’ve had so far. B


De Garde Imperial Cranberry Bu: Still just as good as I remember. Minimal funk, but tons of sourness and cranberry with a very smooth mouthfeel. A


Upland Lightsynth: This beer has that very signature “Upland” roughness. I can’t really pin it down, but it’s like a grainy acetic flavor. Don’t get me wrong though, this beer is tasty, but I think it also killed the skin lining my mouth. B+


Hill Farmstead Brother Soigne: Fucking dominates any of the Civil Disobedience beers. Hands down, and way easier to trade for. Nice and refreshing, with a light lime flavor blending in with the standard saison tartness and Hill Farmstead funk and dry finish. A+


Hill Farmstead Birth of Tragedy: So fucking good. It’s right up there with BCBVS as one of my favorite dark beers. This bottle was also carbonated! A+