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New Beers from Upright!

Two new beers were released by Upright over the weekend. I have to say, I’m really digging their new label art!


Hearts’ Beat is a cherry sour, but made with very savory and sweet cherries, resulting in a cherry wine-esque flavor. Shades on the other hand, uses Rainer Cherries, and is a whole different animal, swinging with huge tart cherry notes.


Great beers, happy to have 3 bottles of each to myself!

Pre-Block 15 Release

Well we were supposed to play Settlers of Catan, but instead we watched climbing videos. Of course we watched climbing videos.


de Garde Nelson Hose: Still very tasty, but the hops are fading. People should really drink these fresh.


Barley Browns Pallet Jack: One of the best IPAs out there in my opinion, and those crowlers are sneaking into every facet of my life.


Cigar City Jose Marti: 4 year old barrel aged porter? It’s actually really tasty! Surprised I haven’t heard about this beer before.


Oskar Blues BA Ten Fidy: My last can, and it’s better than bourbon county…….:(


We had to do the comparison, and Bourbon County just comes across as overly sweet next to BA Ten Fidy.


Sante Adairius Joey F***ing Pepper: It’s no Fatali Four, but this beer is very, very tasty. I wouldn’t mind more peppercorns in this beer though.


Upright Brewing BA Flora: One of the best saisons out there. It’s not super aggressive in any aspect, but it has a fantastic nose and so much subtlety and nuance.


This wasn’t that good.


This one was. Vanilla milkshakes!

Another tasting

The day after the whale tasting…..we had another tasting because a guy was visiting from out of town.

Some guy decided to bring a vertical epic set. It all sucked.

IMAG3339 IMAG3340 IMAG3341 IMAG3342 IMAG3343 IMAG3344 IMAG3345 IMAG3346 IMAG3347 IMAG3348


Funky Buddha Last Snow: This is one the best smelling beer in the world. Tastes awesome too. A


Troegs Splinter Gold: Thanks to my college buddy for getting this to me. Not sure what the base beer is, but this beer is lightly soured. I like the creamy finish as well. A-


Upright Special Herbs: Fuck yea. A+


Alesmith Barrel Aged Kopi Speedway: Just as tasty as ever. A


Hangar 24 Pugachev’s Cobra: Most underrated stout imo. A


Block 15 Three Seasons Kriek: One of my favorite krieks, but it’s got nothing on that Cable Car Kriek from the other day. A/A+


Ancient Cascade Kriek: Surprisingly good. A


Upright Rose City Seven: Still love old Upright beer. A/A+


7venth Sun Mangrove DIPA: Extremely refreshing in the summer weather. A-


That’s a lot of bottles.


Hair of the Dog Cherry Adam: Still drinking well. A


Allagash 4: My palate was ruined.

Dem Special Herbs

Special Herbs – Upright’s gin barrel aged gruit with tons of spices added. This beer used to be part of Upright’s “Sole Composition” series, meaning that there was only about 160ish bottles. It blew my god damn mind. That Sole Comp bottle was so good that it’s still my favorite Upright beer to date. However, I’m happy to say that Special Herbs has been released again!


Upright Special Herbs: Extremely floral nose, with a nice hit of lacto on the beginning of the taste. Following up the initial sour hit is a ton of flowery deliciousness from the spices as well as the gin barrels used to age the beer. Oh, a bit of the floral/fruitiness comes from the old Fantasia barrels that were used to age a portion of this beer. There is a bit of a spice hit, which I attribute to the use of Sichuan pepper corns. God this beer is unique and incredible. There was a bottle limit, but I’m just going to go back again tomorrow to load up on more. I need to hoard this sucker like it’s my job. A+

Barrel Aged Flora Rustica

This beer is the best thing that Upright has made this year after Fantasia. I’m pretty satisfied that I have a case.


Mild tartness, with buckets of funk and floral notes! Decent barrel presence as well from the wine barrels that were used to age this sucker. A/A+

Blend Love

Had to crack a bottle from this year’s release to see what it’s like!


Mmmmmm…..creepy dude with a beard.


Pretty beer, nice ruby hue to it. Not a lot of fruit on the nose, and this batch is very, very dry. There’s some raspberry on the back end, but nothing close to what the old batch of Blend Love had. It’s very good, but I hope age will help this beer out, because the last batch was absolutely fantastic. B+/A-

Blend Love

Got lucky and got my 4 bottle allotment!


Gotta love pitchers of Blend Love! It’s not as good on draft as I expected, but that was true for last year’s batch as well. I hope this batch still has to huge fruity aspect in the bottle.


Little bit of Barrel Aged Seven batch 3: Still young, I’d give it 6 months or so to funk up more.


Blend Edmunds: Stupid good. I’ve missed this beer 3 times now! About god damn time I got to try it. It doesn’t disappoint. It was better than the other two beers by a good margin.