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Brews for New Avenues

First of all, I would like to congratulate Brews for New Avenues for raising $150,000 this year! That’s more than all the previous years combined! There’s nothing like having a good time drinking incredible beer with all your friends while contributing to a good cause.


There was a line before the event started so we went down the street to Upright for a warmup pint. It was not the greatest decision I’ve made but it seemed smart at the time.


There were some excellent T-shirts in attendance for the event.


I like the new logo for this year!


The calm before the storm.


So many bottles for the VIP silent auction!!!

20160827_143359 20160827_143803 20160827_143816

Just a sample of some of the cool things available for auction. Unfortunately I didn’t win anything during the silent auction.

20160827_144147 20160827_152203 20160827_195412 20160827_143010

Seriously delicious beer.


Friends are eagerly awaiting the oyster hour.


Shigoku oysters from Taylor Shellfish. These are great, but I think I prefer Torkes from Nevor.


I was enlisted to help. It was great practice for me and I found my new favorite oyster knife. Dexter #22 forever!


Umm. Wut.


Live auction!


Goodnight folks. See you next year!



New batch of Upright Flora is very tasty. A-

Before Jetting Off Again

I have been extremely bad at staying in Portland over the last few weeks, and it isn’t going to improve. Since I hadn’t seen so many of my friends lately I had people over so we could hang out and catch up before I fly away again.


Hill Farmstead Brother Soigne: This bottle is a year and a half old, and I think it’s in its prime right now. Super clean, but the tartness has developed a little bit more. One of my favorites from HF.


Upright Old Tom Blend: Only 1 of 60ish bottles, and it is absolutely fantastic. Like Special Herbs without the spice, but with the gin finish turned up to 11. I’m a huge fan of this beer and it was definitely one of the best beers of the night.


Fanta Flora Blen F’n Diculous #3: Pretty good, maybe a little too sour, but good effort from Fanta Flora. Note: improve your damn spelling next time.


Central Waters Eighteen: This beer is really good. Boozy as is typical with Central Waters’ big stouts, but it isn’t thin like their beers. IT HAS VISCOSITY! YESSSSSS. Chocolate, coffee, and barrel.


Dark Horse Bourbon Barrel Plead the 5th: REALLY GOOD MMMM ROASTY!


Drie Fonteinen Straffe Winter: I don’t like faro beers, but this was actually decent. That being said, a regular lambic this old would have been out of this world, whereas this one was merely moderately tasty. Listen Drie Fonteinen, I’m really happy you stopped bottling faro beers.


de Garde Imperial Apricot Bu b1: One of the big boys, batch 1 Imperial Apricot Bu. At this age, it tastes like straight fou foune (a fresh bottle). Tons of apricots are still present here, and the funk that has developed over the last three years has kind of brought this in line with a super fresh bottle of lambic. So what I said about stone fruit beers from de Garde and how they don’t age? This is the big exception to the rule.

Special Herbs


Upright Special Herbs: This beer came out while I was out of town, so I made sure to pop into the tasting room the moment I got back home. This year’s batch adds a brandy barrel to the mix, and I think it’s a good thing. This beer seems to have a thicker mouthfeel than previous batches, but the spice, fruit, and gin barrel finish are still evident. On the other hand, there is a kind of bready finish that I’m not a huge fan of, but as long as you keep drinking this beer it won’t become and issue. Hopefully this taste isn’t present in bottles and if so, will clean up over time.


Two friends have now become roommates! We drank a bit even though my liver was broken.

I tried.

IMAG2744 IMAG2743 IMAG2745

Meet new friends? Drink beer.

Well, new to me anyway. A friend of mine had visitors this weekend and…..of course they’re beer geeks. So naturally instead of going somewhere we stayed inside and drank a bunch of beer that wasn’t local to Portland.


This beer was frozen upon arrival, but was pretty good. Put passion fruit in anything and I’ll like it.

DSC_16881 DSC_16891

I’m so happy Trillium cans now! They’re label art looks even better on cans than bottles if you ask me, and of course the beer tastes amazing.


I can’t believe our new-found friend brought a 6L Maman.


Just kidding, I was just using a tiny glass. This beer is my favorite stout of the year. God I miss regular barrel aged stouts. Fuck that adjunct business!!! Tons of dark chocolate, oak, some vanilla, caramel, with a nice spicy finish that comes from the rye barrels.


I’m not the only one that thinks so.


Fremont Coffee Cinnamon Bourbon Barrel Aged Abominable: My god that name is a pain in the butt to type out. However, now that it’s over, this beer is really good, and actually holds up in the company of our ghetto homemade bourbon county coffee stout and Maman.


JWB made a beer!


Upright Oregon Native: First time having this beer from the bottle, and I need to go and get more of this, it’s fantastic!!!!!!


This is the single cask still version of Oregon Native and, while tasty, needs bubbles.


Why not, I love this beer.

DSC_17121 DSC_17131

These beers? Less enjoyment.


I really do prefer using my DSLR, but taking photos, pulling them off of my camera, and doing a little post-processing can delay things.


Upright America: Fuck yeah.