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Wheaty Passionfruit?!

Beer: Wailua Wheat

Brewery: KonaBrewing

Location: Kona, HI

Style: Wheat Beer

ABV: 10%

Appearance: Light amber, with very little head that quickly fades to a small ring around the glass.

Smell: It smells funky, like it’s been skunked. Probably due to the passionfruit in the beer

Taste: Whoa, is this even a beer?! It tastes like wheaty passionfruit, I was told to expect this, but I was still not ready for it. It might be pretty good on a warm day at the beach after some surfing, but on a cold wet night in Portland, this is not my cup of tea.

Mouthfeel: Light-bodied with heavy carbonation. Kind of prickly

Drinkablility: I personally struggled to finish a 12 oz. bottle.

BA Grade: B-

My Grade: C-