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Bay Area Love

I like Sante Adairius, I like them a lot.


Let’s make some recycling!

Puzzle fighter, Super Smash Bros, and drinking occurred. I hurt the following morning.


de Garde Cherry Raz Bu b2: People were a little slow in arriving, so this beer was used to help stretch out the hammies for those who were already here. Tons of raspberry here, with just a hint of cherries. It’s extremely good despite being a little on the acidic side.


Casey The Low End: Something is a little weird here. It’s not nearly as sour or hoppy as other bottles I have opened. Not sure if this has to do with fresh vs non-fresh, or if this is a bottle variation issue. Still alright though.


Old Soul The Sauce: Soooo, this Sacramento brewery needs to spend less money on packaging and more money on the beer itself. That being said, it reminded me a lot of Cascade’s coffee blond beer, whatever that thing is called.


Cantillon Kriek 100% Lambic: Yeah…..I think this beer is a little bit better than the Flora Cherry I had recently. God I feel like such an asshole comparing American cherry sours to their Belgian counterparts, they almost always lose. This beer just has an incredible balance of fruit, oak, and funk.


Mikkeller Beer Geek Vanilla Shake: I wonder if they make a weasel variant of this, because that would just be fantastic. So much vanilla here, and it doesn’t taste artificial either!


Upright Provision: MY GOD UPRIGHT WHY DO YOU AGE SO WELL?! This beer was one of my favorites of the night, so subtle and well balanced. This might be my favorite biere de garde ever. I could crush the whole bottle to myself. Some aromatics, with figs, dates, and a tiny bit of tartness. OM NOM NOM.


So…..I must have switched glasses with someone at some point. Fuck.


Wait, I found my glass again! YES! This bottle of West Ashely is very similar to batch 2, with very little apricots, but incredible wine barrel finish with lots of funk.


Ale Apothecary Shirley, you can’t be serious: Ale Apothecary needs to dial back the booze, I just don’t want a 9% sour beer. I don’t. Other than that it tastes great, not a lot of funk, but tons of fruit. This beer is the polar opposite of the bottle of West Ashley we had.


Rare Barrel Map of the Sun: Definitely the most sour of the last three beers, but it strike the balance between the two, and it was fruitier than batch 1 Map of the Sun. Well done Rare Barrel, I might one day get over your shitty as name.


Casey Apricot Fruit Stand: Nice apricot flavor here, but the base beer is just too thin. Mouthfeel was lacking and there wasn’t enough of a backbone to support the apricots. Worst of the stone fruits so far.


de Garde Nectarine Bu: Okay, so this beer is more fruity than Map of the Sun, and just about as sour. I think this and West Ashley are my favorites of the stone fruits. Best thing to do would be to blend them and create a balanced stone fruit sour.


Nailed it. It was wonderful.


This bottle of 2013 Drie Fonteinen Oude Geuze was sublime.

2 box day

Nothing nothing nothing nothing, then boom! Two incredible boxes show up at my door. Let’s have a look at what’s inside!


SARA Lady in Grey, Jose Pimiento, Nonna’s Blend #9, Nonna’s Blend #8, Appreciation, West Ashley, and Cellarman.


Drie Fonteinen Oude Geuze and De Game Lambiek Special.

It’s a good day. Now time to clean up all the packing peanuts littering my floor.

No Rest for the Wicked

Well, maybe some rest, because I got a few hours of sleep before the marathon continued. Some people in the beer community opened a tap room in Oregon City recently, and hosted a bottle share to celebrate. If you’re ever in Oregon City, hit up Arch Bridge Taproom, it’s a great spot with a strong tap list!


De Garde Bu Weisse: A perfect way to ease my damaged liver into being a trooper.


De Garde The Lily: Oh dear, how this beer has developed since it was first released about 2 years ago. It was incredible fresh, then dropped off for a while, but this bottle and the last bottle I had have been absolutely incredible. If you can pony up to trade for one of these, do it, you will never regret it.


WTF is this?


Sante Adairius Nonna’s Blend #7: Is this better than Bernice? Yes. Is it better than Cellarman? Yes. Is it better than West Ashley? Yes. How about Flora? On par. I love this Nonna lady, she’s a wonderful person.


Side Project Brett Venture: I haven’t touched these beers in a long time, and I stand by my previous judgement: Pretty tasty, but super overhyped.


Oh, that’s quite a large bottle. I’m scared, so I’ll get back to this one.


Sante Adairius West Ashley: There we go, much less intimidating. I think this beer is from the same batch as the last bottle of West Ashley that I opened. It’s very good, but it doesn’t quite have that crazy wine and apricot flavor as the one I opened at John’s Market a few months ago.


De Garde Imperial Black Raz Bu: Yeah…..this beer is fucking incredible. Get in on that fruit bomb bandwagon!


Fantasy Factory IPA: I don’t even care what this beer tastes like. Best label ever.


Fremont Coffee & Cinnamon Abominable: This is better than Mother of All Storms. Jesus.


Against the Grain Bo & Luke: Apparently there are Bo & Luke variants, because this beer is smoked? Anyways, it’s really damn good, and isn’t overly smokey. I might have to track down the other variants, but I first have to figure out what those variants are…..

De Garde 2nd Anniversary

Saturday was De Garde’s 2nd Anniversary party, and it was really well run, but there was some more douchebaggery than normal as pretentious beer geeks from out of town had to pontificate on the rawrness of their beers.


De Garde Beaucoup Violet: Jammy jammm jamm.


De Garde Imperial Nectarine Bu


Cantillon Lou Pepe Kriek


Cigar City Grandmule


Hardywood Trickery


SARA West Ashley


De Garde Biere Noir


Last CBC Event

I was a little burnt out by the end of CBC week, but all I had left on my schedule was to make it through the Rare Barrel, Sante Adairius, and Almanac brunch at Hop ‘n Vine. So I was a trooper, and powered through it.


West Ashley, Map of the Sun, and Valley of the Heart’s Delight. Map of the Sun was the best beer of this pairing, partially because this latest batch of West Ashley is a huge letdown compared to previous batches. Valley of the Heart’s Delight was tasty, but loses points on such a ridiculous name.


IMAG0059 IMAG0058 IMAG0057

Other beers, dark sours all, and just not my thing.

Going Away Party

One of my friends is moving back to California, so he proposed a bottleshare at his favorite beer shop. Why did it have to be a Wednesday at 7:30PM?


Short warm-up


Batch #6, really, really good. Probably the best batch of West Ashley I’ve had. Great balance between funk and apricot.


Gin bomb.


Couldn’t taste this one after the previous 2 beers…


Sour berlinerweiss from the Bruery. Not actually a berliner, but at a measly 8%, it is probably one of the Bruery’s lighter beers.


Eclipse Rittenhouse Rye: Better than Masterpiece.

IMAG3704 IMAG3705

I like the new Olde Hickory labels. The beer is also good.

IMAG3706 IMAG3708

New bottles from pFriem.




NOT GOOD. Veritas 013. As Uli said to me two years ago, “this beer should not have been sold”


Crooked Stave Batch 60: Like a super fancy Hose.

IMAG3711 IMAG3712

Firestone Walker does good sour beers, but should sell them in big bottles.




Actually pretty good!


Tastes like……Christmas.


Might be my favorite beer from Trillium so far! Very good in this sea of sours and stouts!


Why would you bury wizards?!




Addition of coffee ice cream is nice.


Troegs: This brings back lots of nostalgia for my college days when Flying Mouflan was still just Scratch #4


This is an old bottle, it’s very good, but a shadow of its former self.


I don’t even remember this beer.


This tasted like water. It was meh, like most Side Projects I’ve had. Perhaps I lack the nuance and sophistication required to appreciate these.


Toppling Goliath SR-71: Remember a little while back when I had the new batch of Assassin and said it was really, really good (which was way better than b1 btw)? This beer is not nearly as tasty. It spent too long in the barrels in my opinion, and the barrel character of the beer has basically eliminated any flavor of stout this beer used to have.


This was tasty! I still hate the name of the brewery though.


Ending on lambic. Time to go home and sleeeeeeeep