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Zwanze Madness

Went to get tickets for Zwanze over the weekend. It was a madhouse.


So crowded. At least the beer was good. By the way, the original bottles of Cuvee Armand & Gaston are waaaay different than recent bottlings. Much better and funkier.


September 23rd I’m coming for you.

Zwanze Day

I arrived at de Garde from Les Caves at about 12:30 to see a full parking lot full of bearded beer geeks. I should really try and grow a beard myself, but then I’d just look like a 15 year old opium dealer.


Oh, well that looks very tasty.


Cantillon Iris Grand Cru: First time having this beer, and I think I like regular Iris more?


de Garde Imperial Blu Bu: God damn this is tasty. Like pie.


Cantillon Zwanze 2016: I don’t get any vanilla in this beer, but it is very tasty nonetheless. Not as funky as I would have thought, might improve with some time.


de Garde Nectarine Premiere: Straight delicious, alcoholic, fruit juice. I may have blended some Classic Geuze into this… was awesome.


Cantillon Mammouche: I like this beer a lot, but it also meant that I had to walk around with this beer for an hour before drinking it so it could breathe and not taste like rotten leaves.


Shit, SCIENCE!!!!!


Cantillon Kriek: Absolutely fried palate at this point, so it tasted like beer. MMMMMM beer.


Look! It’s TREVOR!!!!!!!!! The man himself, and some Japanese tourist who looks very lost. I think he just wanted to ask for directions to Voodoo Donuts.