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Bailey’s Taproom

Bailey’s Taproom had a little event today. I never really go to Bailey’s for their events because it’s a pain in the butt to park there, and because I really, really like BeerMongers.

This beer wasn’t good. Some collaboration between Upright and someone else.

Oh, I also opened a bottle of Hill Farmstead Jimmy. It’s a double CDA aged in french wine barrels. While tasty, I think I prefer my CDAs to be a little more basic.

Cascade Black Cap Raspberry: Very mild on the sour side for Cascade, but this beer is really damn tasty otherwise. A

Boneyard Bourbon Barrel Aged Suge Knite: Best beer of the day. Holy shit. One of the best barrel aged imperial stouts I’ve ever had. A+

If Fantasia is available, you drink that shit.

That was pretty much my philosophy at Burnside Brewing’s Night of the Living Ales. There was a keg of unaged Upright Fantasia that was blended with a spiced pear cider. It was freaking amazing. Soooo much peach flavor! Grade: A for sure, maybe A+

Vietnamese coffee!

Received a growler of Vietnamese Coffee Speedway Stout by Alesmith Brewing in a trade. As soon as I could I took the growler over to BeerMongers to share with some friends.

I really like the new glassware at BeerMongers. I think I’m going to have to invest in a set of them. Back on topic, this beer is really delicious. After it warms up it is just this huge monstrous coffee and vanilla bomb! Best beer I’ve had from Alesmith to date. A

As a palette cleanser I went with 10 Barrel’s German Sparkle Party Berlinnerweisse. It recently got a silver or gold medal at GABF so I had pretty high expectations. I was not disappointed. Super light and crisp with a moderate level of tartness. I wish this beer was available in the middle of summer though, I would have crushed many of these at BeerMongers if that was the case. A-

More Football and Beer

A couple of friends and I had another little tasting a while back watching the Florida vs. Carolina football game. I could get used to this kind of thing!

Yep, a mini-keg of Bell’s Two Hearted Ale. I haven’t had this beer since college! It was really nostalgic. A-

Cigar City Brewing Apple Brandy Hunahpu’s: One of the best imperial stouts ever! However, you can only drink a tasting glass at a time. This beer is too dense for anything more than that. Huge apple brandy sweetness, chocolate, coffee, with no alcohol burn whatsoever. A+

Landed a personal wale

Just got one of my most wanted beers! I now have 2 of the 4 beers in the series!

The beer in question is the Armand ‘ 4 Lente!

Some recent hauls!

Yep, more trading!

Hof Ten Dormaal Barrel Series

One base beer. Six barrel treatments. Let’s see how it went!

I wish the labels were cooler looking….Also, the cork and cage job on Brew #2 is retarded.

I have separate photos of all the glasses with the beers, but all the beers were mediocre. Not worth my time to post everything and thoughts. Relatively tasty, but not worth the effort to track down.

An overdue visit

…to the Barrel House!

Noyeaux on the left, Old Bing on the right. Old Bing was my favorite of the two, but both beers are A/A+ material in my opinion. Here are some descriptions of the beer I snapped off of the menu.


To Burnside Brewing for getting a gold medal at GABF for their Sweet Heat!!!

Brews for New Avenues

Dear god, I hurt so bad the next day from all the drinking I did during the event. Open bar for beer geeks is a terrible/amazing thing! There were cheese plates, a huge amount of charcuterie, and more beer than I could shake 10 livers at! And to think that it was all for a good cause!


Double Mountain Killer Green: one of the best fresh hop beers of the season! A

Cascade Honey Ginger Lime: This beer is wtf amazing. 3 flavors, but they all punch you in the face! I had 3 glasses of this beer haha. A

Deschutes Fresh Squeeze IPA: Best fresh hop beer of the year for me. I’m still eagerly awaiting fresh hop amarillo twilight though. A+

Some amazing brett beer from the Commons! I was about ten deep at this point….so I was just indiscriminately crushing brews

Silent auction lineup. I walked away $45 poorer but one bottle of Upright Fantasia Reserve richer! 1 of 24 bottles in existence (that are labeled that is)